Saturday, June 30, 2012

First monthsary

Its MEcoy's first month yehey!!! and i would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.I do appreciate every comment and every visit you have done in my blog.
But to tell you honestly this ain't the first nor second blog I had technically its my 4th I had 2 blogs at the same time on my first account.Back then I was known as Mr.Viruz my blogs are entitled HALL OF FAME and IN MY MIND, I'm sorry if I can't provide its links I myself can't remember it anymore.Then for my second account I change my "pen name" into Poor Prince and had another blog which is POOR PRINCE's JOURNEY.unfortunately I been busy then and soon I forgot my password on that account that's why I came up with this new one.
Well I'm feeling different about my blog now and that's a good sign right?
a month passed and I'm looking forward for more months,years more time with you guys.
again from the bottom of my heart thank you all I really do appreciate your support.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Versatile Blogger

As I was blog hoping yesterday I have no expectations at all I mean I do it all the time and I'm just having fun reading some random post of my fellow blogger.But then when I dropped to this blog entitled BALUT MANILA  I end up flattered and surprised .well she was telling about her very first blog award which is "THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD" which she received from a certain blogger.At  first I was like "oh great,its been a while since the last time I saw something like this" and I'm happy for her too but then as I scroll down I was shock to see my name included on her post . well due to that "award" rule which was written below my name happened to be on the list of awardees.Iam so so thankful of this award I know I still have a lot to prove and this award will serve one of my motivation.

The Rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who gave you this award.  Don’t forget to link his/her blog.
  2. Post seven random things about you.
  3. Give the award to 15 other bloggers you love and let them know you gave them this award.

so I don't wanna break this thing so here it goes:

  1. I don't know how to ride a bike
  2. I love pandas
  3. I'm a frustrated model
  4. Red is my favorite color
  5. I love anime
  6. Sometimes I don't wear any underwear(only at home of course haha and don't ask why)
  7. I have lots of stuffed toy
hhmm ok I guess thats it and now for the awardees check the list below:

again thank you to BALUT MANILA ♥♥♥

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LovE is about??

Love isn't about things that you like on a certain person, not the way he/she looks, speak or even how they treat you,love is about acceptance.
Love doesn't always means fun and happiness but it can also mean struggling and hurting
Love isn't about give and take relationship, its about sacrifices.
Love isn't about satisfaction but contentment.
Love isn't about winning its about taking the risks.
Love isn't something you just feel but something that you must share.
There's indeed so many ways to describe love but I still believe you'll only know its meaning when it already had you falling.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why So Obvious

2013 election is maybe a bit far from now but I guess politician can't wait that much for that time of the upcoming year.Everyday as I'm watching TV I get to see their ads not saying anything about their campaign or what ever it wasn't even considered campaign ads that were just commercials that was released some when near elections.I don't like to be judgmental But then I was like duh??why soooo obvious haha.

I remember one day as I was on a bus and on my way home I saw this poster of a free concert.

I really laugh out loud and wondered what that singer thought of this. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

REGADA cavite city water festival

Every june 24th we, cavitenios celebrate a special ocation so called regada.REGADA was derived from the Spanish word "REGAR" which means water or sprinkle.Other call it San Juan because its the feast of saint John the Baptist but here in cavite city we prepare to call it regada.
it is the time of the year when people get literally go wet and wild.Street dances, bunch of fun filled games and water all over the whole city.The government yearly closes the main road and build several pillars with water sprinkler across the street.People are armed with their water gun and the fire trucks are just around the corner that's time to time pouring water to the people who's undeniably having fun under the sun.
There's also this long parade composed of students in costumes representing school and there's also gays joining the parade adding the fun factor into it.Several bands are there to  perform
its sure is a celebration you must experience.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are You a Fan??

Studies shows that its normal for people to admire or idolize others who seems to be superior to them, someone famous and influential.This people are so called fans.Fans set their idols as role models some even mimic their idol and what they does.I myself is a fan of a lot of famous celebrities.I adore them for their craft.But nowadays fans weren't just fans or admirers they were called by their "idol"(mostly singers) on other terms or names and here are some:

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga aka the Mother Monster if that so you were under the Little Monsters

 Are you a fan of Katy         
                           Perry then you were a Katy cat

 or maybe you're a fan of Bruno Mars then you are now a hooligan 

you might as well be a fan of Justin Bieber then you are called Bielibers 

If you idol is Rihanna, then your Rihanna Navy 

 names for fans depends whom they were idolizing that's something fun.

But in my own belief no matter who's your idol is they must never change who you really are. 

You how about you?what are you supposed to be?

Friday, June 15, 2012

When do you ZIP it?

We bloggers might be one who believe the most on our freedom of speech we intend to say whats on our mind.
In my case I might be a silent type of guy but I always say things that I find necessary to say.
But I've notice something about myself just recent, I've been in relationship for more than a year.
Me and my girlfriend started a little rough we came to a point that we broke up for a while. there's no third party or what its just that we are two totally different person Im so sensitive and she's not she says thing whenever she feels like it without even thinking what will I feel about that.I know and it show that she love me so much maybe more than I love her but perhaps trusting isn't part of her vocabulary. I did everything just to gain her trust even to stay away from some friends she's jealous of but nothing works but I know she's trying at first every doubt she has will turn out a fight cause Its really getting in my nerves.She still sometimes doubts on me but I notice that we are not fighting like before its not like just I get used of it but maybe I learned how to just zip it so things wont be harder for us maybe And it makes me feel happy to see us being stable.

You, when do you think it's right to just keep things left unspoken??

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Independence Day Philippines

JUNE 12 1898 a historical date for Filipinos like me, it's the time where we are freed from the shadows of the past 333 years of Spanish colonization.And up to now we still celebrate and enjoy this freedom we have fought for.
June 12 is not just a day to celebrate our Independence day but a chance for us to look back and redeem our patriotism,loyalty and pride as Filipinos.
And today I feel like sharing this wonderful promotion video of the Philippines. enjoy watching

its sure more fun in the Philippines it only takes a heart to appreciate all this.
be proud
be patriot
be a Filipino

love our country for I believe
loving our country is loving ourselves.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


They say Motherhood is the most difficult job on earth to the fact that its has no salary, no day off and it has nothing but just pure love and caring of a mother.
A mother will always be there to guide us, to support us to give us advices on not just what is right but what is best for us. A mother is there to protect and nurture us
But what if your mother isn't how the usual mom a person would wish of having???
what if your mom differs to others
here's a tearjerker short film/commercial that tackles this issue.


it isn't about having the most beautiful or perhaps the strongest mother ,it isn't about having the smartest or the wealthiest mom.Mother never had and will never have any qualification.a mother will be a mother no matter what circumstances.Its all about the love And its more than words or anything in this world.
Our mom never fails to love us not now, not ever...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Name Is MECOY

since we all started a little connection through this blogosphere perhaps its about time for me to do a brief introduction of my self.Let's do this in a resume like format haha
•Name:MElvin Lumaban COYne
•Nick/Pen Name: MECOY(do I have to say where did I get this?? haha)
•Age:  21 turning 22 this 25th of July
•Location: From the small but beautiful city of Cavite Philippines
•Status:Single but if my girl friend see this she'll get mad so lets just say I'm Committed
•Educational Attainment: Unfortunately just a high school graduate
•Occupation: unemployed for years haha please don't ask me why
•Hobbies: I love watching Tv and movies as well,I love drawing, playing some online games like DOTA and dragon nest (just in case you know this games),I enjoyed hanging out with some friends, and of course surfing the net doing Facebook, twitter, YouTube and now blogging
•Likes:Movies, Anime, Music, Arts, sweeties(I guess I was born with sweet tooth)photography
•Dislike: Hmmmm boastfulness I can't think of any actually 
•Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter
•Others: Im a Leo, under the element of fire with a birth stone of ruby and my birth year is under the year of the metal horse. Im most of the time Prideful, short tempered, submissive though, loyal, and has a straight out look on thing I love to do.

hmmm I guess thats all for know I'm looking forward to get to know you all as time passes by.
till then thanks for reading.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Remembering The First Time I Went at School

The school days officially started today here at the Philippines. You can see children wearing their new uniforms.
Mostly (if not all) first timers are with their guardian some were excited some were afraid and some were crying.
It reminds me of my self back then, perhaps because my mom get us ready by means of enrolling us at nursery school (where we play and study at the same time) me and my elder brother never been a cry baby.But Honestly I don't remember much of my first days at school.
Hmmm my mom wasn't staying at school like some moms does as I've said we never been a cry baby or in other words we never had this thing so called separation anxiety.
But now I'll tell you my secret. I wasn't crying at school not because I'm brave or what,It's because I was bringing a friend besides me everytime I go to school.Its my dearest teddy bear.he's name is MICHEAL(his name was derive from one of the characters of peter pan) he's white with brown eyebrows that I have drawn.I secretly put him inside my backpack.I remember one of my classmate then saw Micheal and ask
"what's that a teddy bear?"
"nope that's was just my bag's design" I answered
whenever I remember that i cant help but smile
You how was you first time at school???

Friday, June 1, 2012

J.Holiday and J. Sanchez duet spoofed?

Few weeks ago american idol ended with a blast garnering over 132 million votes the highest numbers of votes the entire show has ever got. The result was just like as many were expecting, Philip Philips went home with the title.American idol held a great finale show they brought a lot of artist and the finalist themselves together doing duets (as usual).But the most loved performance I guess that night was a remarkable duet of two ladies with monstrous voices.Jessica Sanchez and grammy winner Jennifer Holiday did a duet of "And Iam telling you Im not going" and there's no doubt its a performance that had been the "talk of the town" after.

A performance made the whole Nokia theater on their feet.
They were in to it so much and singing the hell out of that song and that was showed on their facial expression.(Well Jennifer Holiday was from theater so that's already given.)

speaking those crazy facial expression soon after the show ended some people posted some funny captions from this performance and just few days ago somebody did a hilarious parody of this duet.
Have fun watching it.