Thursday, June 6, 2013

Twisted (Part 6)

Troy asked Christian to help him with his studies and offered him to stay at his house, which Christian cannot afford to resist. After school they proceed on the plan, Christian was stunned to see how big Troy’s house was which clearly shows how rich they really are. They went straight to Troy’s room. Troy’s room was big yet the typical guy’s room and as Christian enters the room there’s a certain feeling suddenly occur, hot and thrilling moment, perhaps due to the fact that they were alone.
Troy started bringing his books out and from that instance the tutorial has begun.

Meanwhile, as for Anna, she accompanied Trish on her locker to get some of her stuff. Trish was surprised to see a bouquet of flowers inside her locker, and a letter was also included. At first Trish was giggling because of it, but then, when she opened the letter she was kinda bothered by what is written on it
“I want you, I need you. And I will GET you”.

Two hours had passed and Troy and Christian was still studying. Troy was surprised how fast he understands the lesson and of course it’s because how well Christian was teaching him. Troy asked one of his maids to prefer a snack for them, and that’s when they took a break. Troy asked Christian if he want to see Troy’s personal gym which Christian nodded.
They went on the basement where all of Troy’s equipment were placed. The place looks exactly like a typical gym, it even has it’s own shower room and Troy was proud to show his complete set of gym equipments.
“Wanna try those?” Troy asked Christian
“But I don’t have any extra shirt” Christian replied
“Don’t you worry I have a lot”
Troy lends Christian a pair of shirt and jersey shorts and they started working out.

Anna, was really worried for Trish, she even insisted to escort her home, but Trish refused and tell her it’s just nothing, she also told Anna they she’s been receiving such for quite sometime now. Trish bids goodbye to Anna, which was still worried. She watched Trish as she walks away, everything seems to be okay but then, a suspicious guy started following Trish. Anna went after them to make sure everything would be just right, but unfortunately they’re both gone. Anna panicked and started running around to search for Trish.

Troy and Christian was tired and exhausted, Troy asked Christian to use the shower room, but Christian insisted for Troy to go first. While waiting, as Christian hears the splash of water from the shower room, there’s something on his mind telling to peak but he manage to divert his attention by playing his phone. Christian didn’t even notice that Troy was done, until Troy tapped his back. Troy was half naked and wears nothing but a towel. All of a sudden everything seems to be in slow motion even the water dripping from Troy’s chess to his abs. The tension didn’t stop there because Troy removed his towel letting Christian saw the rest of him. Christian started having erection so he went straight to the shower room to hide it from Troy. Christian wants to see Troy’s naked body but he needs to control himself.

Anna, saw Trish and nothing happened to her, she run toward Trish and hugged her tightly.
“Anna? What’s wrong?” Trish asked
“I was worried; I thought something happened to you, I thought I’ll never see you again”
“Relax Anna, I’m okay don’t be para…” Before Trish finishes what she has to say a guy hit her from the back

“Trish! What have you done! Who are..”  Anna was as well hit by that mysterious guy.


  1. woot woot, the long awaited part 6 of twisted is finally here today..

  2. the story is getting more and more saucy, more and more raunchy, and more and more steamy huh?? hehehehe..

  3. i like this part 6, the way you told the story.. it's a parallel plot switching between Christian & Troy and Anna & Trish.. cool~~

  4. wow, Christian and Troy were seeing each other naked.. what's going to happen next?? getting more exciting huh??

  5. and the story ended up at Anna and Trish being hit by a guy from behind.. who would that be?? this is so suspending.. :p

  6. have a great and god blessed day to you, take the best of care and enjoy blogging always~~ :)

  7. Wow. Mukhang intense na to ah! Galing mo mecoy:)

  8. Finally! part 6! OK Let me read first : )

  9. Wah! Getting more and more X rated! LOL! How far are you going to go? : D

  10. Oh! Who's that mysterious guy?! Faster give me Part 7!!! : )

  11. Part 6 na?
    may na-skip yata ako teka babalikan ko muna ha ha

  12. Ibang klase, saan ba papunta itong kuwento na toh, rated ....... Great job and will wait for seven.

  13. wala man lang SPG... pwede ba next time, focus ka na lang sa story ni troy and christian...hehehe... nakakabitin naman...

    may erection moment ha... hahaha

  14. Ahhh I really want to know who wrote that
    letter to Trish! And poor Christian :P
    maybe he shoudn't went to Troy's house!


  15. you are so skilled!! can't wait to keep reading :)

  16. hahaha akala ko nakaka loka na ang wag mong buhayin ang bangkay series ni Khants, e nakakaloka din pala to MEcoy! Pero syempre naaliw ako sa pagbabasa..continuation na, bilis! hehe

    happy weekend MEcoy! :)

  17. Waaah, abangan mo na daw ang memo ng MTRCB hahaha...

    *phew* its getting intense na lol

    and anu kaya ang nangyari kina Anna at Trish?

  18. Ooooo...this is getting sexciting indeed!!! So anything happened between Troy and Christian?

  19. grabe ang twist!!! di na ko magugulat kung may lalaki hahaha

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    1. Sorry took me so long to come and comment. Was out of town n the Internet line yhere crawl slower than tortoise.

    2. *biting nails* so what happens next? Faster write more pls

    3. Suggestion.

      I think you should out link of previous part at your side bar so that new readrrs can find part 1..2...etc easily .

      Or mabye in each subsequent posts put lonks for previous posts like what sk did for his tokyo trip.