Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twisted (Part 5)

Anna saw Christian writing some notes on the bus on their way school.
“hey you already passed your research on that right?”
“Then why are you doing it again? Om sure Mrs. Calderon wont reject you research”
“I just wanna do you it, that’s it! Why do you even bother asking?”
“Chill dude”
Anna was pissed because she thought they were already in good terms but then it seems it’s not. From the moment the bus stopped, Christian rushed in the school though they were 15 minutes early and Anna was a bit puzzled about it. The same scenarios happened for the whole week and aside to that Christian was going home late. Until one day Anna tried to follow him and investigate. Anna saw Christian lending Jack the notes he’s been doing everyday and Jack give Christian some additional notes.
Few minutes after Anna confront Christian.
“So what’s with Jack?”
“huh? What are you talking about?”
“Is he your new guy? What about Troy?  What about our deal?”
“I know what I’m doing just don’t get in the way okay?”
“You slut!, why is he easier? Or maybe you had him already huh?”
“How dare you! How can you even think of that!”
“Well most gays act that way!”
“FYI miss doubtful! He knew my secret and I was doing this bullshits to keep us safe! I never though you were that narrow!”
Anna wants to apologize but Christian leave. Anna felt guilty of what just happened and so she’s thinking of what can she do to make it up for her mistakes. Anna went to the gym to talk to Jack, she waited for him to be alone so she could make her moves.
“Hi handsome”Anna told jack
“Who? Me?”
“Yeah, Jack right? I always wanted to talk to you”
“huh whoa, wait, you’re Troy’s girl right?”
“No, im not, Troy and I,..were just, friends, wanna know why?”
“hmm why?”
Anna went closer to Jack and whisper, “Because I like you, and I would love to have fun with you”
“whooa that’s hot! The let’s have some fun”
“Okay then, follow me”
Jack and Anna went out of the campus and Christian saw them. He thought that Jack knew about Anna’s secret too and he knew, if so, Jack would ask her conditions and he’s afraid that Jack would ask for Anna’s body.
Anna and Jack checked in a motel and there, Anna made her plans.
“So how are we gonna start babe?” Jack asked Anna while taking his shirt off.
“Ahh ahh not so fast Jack , let’s make this night eve more fun okay?”
“O…okay? So what are we gonna do?”
“You’ll be my slave and I’ll be your master, you like that?”
“I’m yours babe”
“But first let me tie you in this chair and blindfold you”
“Was this necessary?”
“Trust me babe, this gonna be your best night”

And Anna do so, and then she called some of her gay friends who was in the next room to finalize the plan.
“now  I’m gonna lick you all over, you like that jack?” Anna told jack while taking some pictures while her gay friends do s he say.
“Wait can you take this blindfold off? I want to see you naked”
“As you wish Jack”
Jack was shocked to see two gays were on her side while Ana standing in front of him taking pictures.
“What’s the meaning of this?Anna!”
Then all of a sudden Christian breaks in to the room and hugged Anna. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What did Ja.. Jack?”
“chill dude, relax everything went on the plan” Anna told Christian
“So you’re in this together huh! You’ll gonna pay for this! Especially you Christian! Troy will know your dirty little secret” Jack said.
“Ahh ahh tha won’t gonna happen if you don’t want this pictures o be seen by the whole campus haha”
“You wicked bitch! Shame on you!”
“Okay girls take care of my baby okay?”
“Anna! Don’t leave me here!”
“I think you over done it Anna”
“No Ichan he deserves it”
“Anyway thanks Anna”
“And I’m sorry for what I have said last time”
A day after, Troy approached Christian and told him that Jack said Christian helped him in his project and since Troy is having a hard time wit their lesson he asked Christian to be his tutor. Christian accepted his offer but to his surprise Troy asked him to come by to his house and do the tutorials. And Christian think it’s a prefect timing for them to be tighter. 


  1. Oh dear!!! Is this going to be rated X??? @.@!!!

  2. unti unti ng nagiging hot ang kwento hehehe

  3. haha buti na lang hindi mo na dinetalya ang ginawa kay Jack! Baka ma rated SPG hehe :)

  4. the story is getting interesting..

  5. hahaha, i think Twisted is getting more and more "rated" already huh?? look at that kinky idea Anna has against Jack, muahaha~~

  6. hmmm, so Jack is threatening Christian to do all his work huh?? and great, Anna has helped Christian settled the thing.. and they have since become even better friends!! :)

  7. oooh.. you are really a good writer huh!! you have lots of ideas in your mind, i have never expected Anna to have done such thing to Jack.. wow!! future Nobel Prize winner in the making~~ :p

  8. and hey, Troy is inviting Christian to his house.. wonder what is going to happen next.. you always have some surprise for your readers, looking forward to the next part.. :)

  9. till then have a great day and happy blogging..
    take good care of yourself and may god bless you :)

  10. mukhang mapapahaba pa ang series na to a.

  11. haha... so cute :D
    Thank you so much for your nice words! <3 Always!! :)

  12. interesting turns in story

  13. Maybe it is not for grandmas eyes? Hi hi

  14. Lol cheeky Anne and I think this Jack
    deserved it altho it's pretty harsh still :P
    Well atleast Christian and Anne are friends!


  15. Wow! The story is getting hotter and hotter! Haha!

  16. Are you sure your blog is not read by minors? LOL!

  17. Interesting thing that Anna did. Where you get this idea from? LOL!

  18. Oh no! Christian and Troy next in your steamy "X rated" story! Better put up a warning in your next post! : D

  19. Waaah! nagiging sexy and wild na ang mga kaganapan hahaha :))

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments :) You are the best!

  21. Ang dami ng twists, very interesting!

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    1. good plot

      as for words...must be more daring in using words. "And Anna do so, and then she called some of her gay friends who was in the next room to finalize the plan." sound so sobber. Not "high" enough.

    2. try reading some erotical books . Can help with words on how to describe the situation

    3. meantrime a great weekend to you

  23. Kawawang Jack nilapa ng mga gay friends. Sana naenjoy nya na rin.

  24. Napa Oh my Gawd! ako hahahaa... pero natatawa ako sa ginawa nyo...perfect revenge

  25. oh no, it's getting really twisted? and rated? haha..grabe mga estudyanteng yan ah...

  26. kawawang jack. hehehe. ang galing naman ni anna. so quiet na for sure yang jack na yan.

  27. interesting tong serye mo. maka back read nga.

  28. nice one!...hehehe astig naman ni anna...:)