Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twisted (part3)

Anna was already prepared for school, when all of a sudden her father came into their house shouting.
“They were acting like they own everything! as if they were kings!”
“Calm down Honey, what’s happened?” said by Anna’s mother while giving a glass of water to her father.
“They were cutting my plants!”
“And who gave them the right to do that?” asked by Anna.
“They just bought that lot to Mrs. Calderon yesterday and now they were clearing it up, If I know they did that on purpose”
“There’s nothing we can do about that rotten family” her mother said.
Anna’s house was just in front of Christian’s, so the fight between these rival families was inevitable.
Anna was the only child to a family that belongs on the middle class, hi dad Roland was a market store owner while her mom, Tanya was a plain housewife. Meanwhile, Christian’s family was rich his father, Enrique was a bank manager while his mom, Della was a boutique owner. Christian also has a younger sister named Clarisse.
The history of the family feud they have was forgotten due to consistently avenging against each other but though, their families had been once close to each other.
Anna rode a bus but, there is only one seat left on it and unfortunately the seat was next to Christian’s and if she will wait for another one she will be late for her class so she just sat there.
“Family of fraudsters” Anna said.
“Crudes!” Christian replied.
“Coz we can, unlike your filthy family!.”
“We rather be filthy than to be evil like you”
“Whatever! Can we just pretend were not together?”
Few minutes passed a lady went off the bus and Anna transferred on her seat. She didn’t know that there was a guy sleeping beside her, which later leaned his head to Anna’s shoulder. Christian was laughing on his own because of that.
Later afternoon, Christian went on the school gymnasium for the try out, and there he saw Troy sweaty on his jersey and he told himself “He’s so hot”, Troy saw him and introduced him to their coach and Christian impressed them.
Meanwhile, Anna and Trish were on the canteen having some snacks.
“So Anna, any guy caught your attention yet?”
“Ahh me?, n-no one yet why you?”
“Well there’s this hunky guy on the back row, I think he’s interesting”
“Who, Troy?”
“No not him, I’m so over him, I was referring to that cute guy beside him”
“What? Christian? Oh no you don’t know that guy as much as I do, wait what do you mean over him?”
“You know him?”
“Yeah were neighbor ever since”
“Can you introduce me to him?” And Trish grabbed her hand tightly and gave her a cute stare.
After a while the varsity team went in the café together with Christian.
“Oh shocks there’s him go on call him!”
And without thinking she wave over Christian and said “Ichan!” tho she was smiling deep in her mind she knew she was on trouble.
“Annie?” Christian’s doubtful response
“I would like you to meet Trish, my new friend”
“hi there, Christian pleased to meet you” “pleased to meet you too Trish”
“ehem would you mind introduce me with you friend Christian?” Troy said.
“Oh Anna, I mean Annie here’s Troy our ace player”
“Hi there gorgeous” Troy said while shaking Anna’s hand”
“Fine, just fine dude” Anna’s rough response
“Enough flirting Troy we’ve got one last class to attend” Trish told Troy.
And they separated ways.
“Trish likes you dude” Troy told Christian, “Don’t be silly how can you tell?”
“I knew that girl, and I could tell she likes you, anyways who’s this Anna?”
“She my neighbor”
“You two hooking up?”
“Hell no dude why?”
“Great, I kinda like her, Can you help me through her?”
“hmm yeah” but deep in Christian’s mind he was jealous.
Anna and Christian was on the same bus again and Christian told Anna “We have to talk, maybe later on the old house” Anna agreed.
There this old house along their neighborhood when both of them used to play and later that night they went their to settle things up.
“What’s the meaning of that ‘ichan’ thing on the café?”
“I don’t know Trish told me so”
“You like her don’t you?”
“Yeah, got a problem with that? How about you? I know you’ve got a crush on that guy”
“But he likes you”
“Like duh! As if we can end up together! That gross”
“You know what I got an Idea, why don’t we used this in our favor?”
“What do you mean?”
“We’ll pretend that were helping them but the real thing is we will make them fall for us instead.”
“You know what that’s a great idea”
“So we got ourselves a deal!”
“But this doesn’t mean were friends!”
“Hell yeah”


I would like to thank Wenn for this lovely magnet and pen I really love it:)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Idol+ outreach + photo shoot + Ako si mecoy = random

Honestly, I'm not quite in the mood to post, but something tells me that I must haha,
for today I feel like to do a random post, I hope you guys don't mind.

.....American Idol 12
hmm have you been watching American Idol season 12 lately? if you do I bet you know that they were already down to the top 9 right?. A lot of changes has been made for the entire competition this year, for the first time they had this Las Vegas week and it was also the first time that they only had 10 finalist. And on my opinion the panel is really great, it was better than the previous ones which offers synonimous commentaries and boring conversations.
Well regarding the finalist I must say girls are on the top for these past few rounds and I'm wishing the show would have a girl winner this time, I'm so sick of the WGWG curse the show had for the past seasons.
I'm rooting for Candice Glover, her vocals were astonishing, but then Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller did pretty good too right?

Anyway just a little trivia about Candice, she and Jessica Sanchez as well as Deandre  were on the same  group in Hollywood week back in season 11 but unfortunately got eliminated.
Their theme for this week would be Lennon-McCartney song book and Jessica Sanchez will be their guest.

I'm asking some of my relatives if they has something to donate for these project, unfortunately I still got nothing, urgh there's gonna be something that I can do to help! I'm still quite uncertain about my attendance on it, tho I really wanted to.
You can still donate some extra bucks for the outreach,check my previous post for the details. Any amount will be a huge help.

.....Photo Shoot
I wanted to thank AXL again for inviting me to join their photo shoot last week? or is it last last week? haha. Here are some of my shots taken by mr. Troy Espiritu.

Well as you all know I'm a CAM WHORE and of course I enjoyed it a lot, and im looking forward for more haha

.....Ako Si MEcoy
For my filipino Blogger Circle I have already posted the first two chapters of my novel, Twisted(in tagalog) on my new blog and I might post the third part ahead there.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Please Help :)

Their skin were now wrinkled, 
Their days are now numbered.
For them, time was now over and done,
They were weaker and might soon be gone.
The sun is just about to set,
But it was never too late.
A day to make them feel happy and loved,
Before they meet up with the guy above.

PBO, Pinoy Bloggers Outreach, a group of Filipino bloggers that is aiming to make blogging more meaningful  by means sharing our heartfelt support to the less fortunate.

The group once had a successful outreach program last January at White Cross Children's Home, an orphanage you can visit here to check out the said event

And this march 30 we are set to do another outreach program at Bahay ni Maria Foundation, a house for elderly and also a home of abandoned and mistreated children. Check this link and know more about Bahay ni Maria Foundation

My fellow PBO members held a bazaar to gather funds for the said outreach and now I just want to spread the words and to somehow be a bridge for our distant colleagues, hoping to gain additional donations to be used for the said event.
You can deposit your donations here:

Bank: BDO 
Branch Address: cor. Colayco St., Libertad, Pasay City 
Account Number: 000060454474 
Account Name: Arline Matulac 
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Help bring smiles to the faces of these poor elders, and as the bible says

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me". Matthew 25:40

"And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased". Hebrews 13:16

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Twisted (part 2)

Christian was the first to enter the class,and he sat on the back most left seat beside the window, it was elevated and he could clearly see the people going in. At first there were these two girls who entered the room while chatting and then after them was a nerdie guy with thick eye glasses. After a while a pretty girl came in, she was waving and smiling over the two previous girls, she was Trish, short shagged hair, sexy body and the fame of being the campus's high school cheerleader, nobody doesn't know her name. And then there was Anna, on her sweatshirt, faded jeans and her pony tailed hair. She seemed to be stunned at Trish beauty for a moment, in fact she didn't even noticed the presence of Christian within the room. Anna sat on the seat after Trish, she's trying not to stare at Trish but yet her smile as she talks with her friend was irritable for Anna.
The room was almost full all the seats were occupied aside the seat next to Christian, The professor were already there too, fixing her things on the table. Then there was this guy running through the corridor who enters the room while catching his breath. He was Troy, the varsity player, he was tall and hunky, a well known campus heartthrob, he and Trish studied high school at St. Jude Thaddeus university the same school as they were now.Troy went straight to the vacant seat next to Christian.
Christian is fixing his hair and staring at a compact mirror but then, Troy speak up.
"Am I that late? did I miss anything?" Troy asked Christian.
"Ooh.. n..not really" he was stuttering because of the stare Troy is giving him.
Troy smiled and said, "Gheeeh, I thought I'd be in trouble at my first day haha".
Christian smiles and blushed.
 "Have you been drinking? you're face seems reddish"
But then, before Christian was able to response, the professor started the class.
After an hour the class ended, Trish stood up from her seat and accidentally dropped her phone which went to Anna's direction, Anna picked it up and gave it to her.
"Thanks, miss?" Trish said
"Anna, my name is Anna, Trish right?"
"Yeah how did you?"
"Well, who wouldn't have known the name of the campus sweet heart?"
"Silly! what's your next class?"
"Humanities, why?"
"Great!, same as mine, lets go".
Trish grabbed Anna's hand and they went out the room. Meanwhile Christian picked up his things and walk towards the door, but then he felt a tap on his shoulder.
"Hey dude, what's you're name?"
"Christian, why?"
"Im Troy, how tall are you?"
"hmm 5'11" I guess?"
"hmmm do you play basketball?"
"Yes, I'm a point guard back in high school, and why were you asking all this? "
"Our team needs new recruits would you like to try out tomorrow afternoon?"
"hmm I'll try".
Troy shakes Christian's hand and said, "See you there dude". And from that instant Christian felt something. Before Troy went out of the room he look back at Christian and said, "And.. oh please try not to drink before the try out okay?".
It's five in the afternoon and Anna and Christian was heading home, they rode the same bus, they saw and ignored each other, they were still so happy about what happened that they don't want it to be ruined by one another.


I realized that some of the scripts I had in mind were not applicable in English, so I have decided to retold this story in tagalog which will be on my new blog. This new Blog I did was merely the tagalog version of my blog,(not the same posts) so if you're sick of my English you can try to visit it sometimes( As of now I haven't post anything yet tho)
Ako si Mecoy

by the way I would like to thank Axl for the wonderful experience we had last march 8, looking forward to see our photos haha.
and also I wanted to give this picture greeting to Balut for her upcoming birthday haha

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Twisted (part 1)

It's the first week on June, and despite of the rainy days the school year has just begun. A lot of freshmen were on their first day, on a new school, and one of them is Christian. Christian is a handsome looking guy and with his height and nicely built body he sure is a boy next door type of guy. However he wasn't the guy, girls thought he is because deep inside him lies a woman's heart, yes Christian is a gay but due to a miserable event happened on the past he intend to keep it hidden.

Another student is on her first day of college life, her name is Anna. Anna was a certified head turner, with her flawless white skin, dark straight hair and angelic face nobody could resist her charm but ironically she is a lesbian and just like Christian she's discreet about it.

Christian and Anna weren't a stranger to one another, in fact the grew up on a same neighborhood, however, their families wasn't in good terms, and so are they. To their surprise they enrolled on the same college for the same course at St. Jude Thaddeus university and of course both of them weren't happy about it. They both knew each other's secret and having the thought of being on the same school and probably on the same class thrills them coz one might blow the cover of the other. Their college life has just started, could it be great? or perhaps a disaster.