Thursday, August 30, 2012

richest of the rich

As I was watching TV news last night I saw this report about Forbes' list of highest paid celebrities.I stopped and wonder how was it living as them.Fame and wealth sure comes together most of the time anyways here are the people listed on it:
1. Oprah -$165million -Well she's been the queen of the list for four years imagine that?
2. Micheal Bay -$160million -The director of world wide hit Transformer and my favorite.
3 Steven Spielberg - $130million -The legendary director also one of my favorite
4 Jerry Bruckheimer -$115million - well I don't know him but i googled him and i found out that he's the producer of "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series.
5 Dr.Dre - $110million - At first I also don't know him but thanks to wiki I found out that he's a rapped and one of the founder of Beats.
6 Tyler Perry - $105million -Actor, author, screen and playwright, producer, director, songwriter(now you know why he's on the list)
7 Howard Stern - $95million -the next "america got talent judge" replacing Piers Morgan
8 James Patterson - $94million - an author
9 George Lucas - $90million -creator of "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones"
10 Simon Cowell - $90million -no words is needed lol

also on the list was our very own Manny Pacquiao(16th)

P.S. happy 3rd month to my blog hooray 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cover Artists on YouTube

Im a huge fan of cover songs on YouTube actually aside blogging that's what I surf on net And Hearing this marvelous group of people is just so amazing I mean they sung the hell out of somebody else's song and sometimes do better versions of it.below are some of my favorite cover artists that you might also know and I also include my favorite among their cover

•BOYCE AVENUE - An american rock band composed of three guys brothers actually namely Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano.They were probably the most famous among all cover artist and also my most favorite.
What i choose from them was "teenage dream" by Katy Perry(its really hard to pick among their covers for they were all damn good)

•SAM TSUI - 23 year old singer from Pennsylvania,US.He is best known on his medley and mashups but for now i choose his cover of 'If I Die Young" by Band Perry I just find his version better but the original were great though.

•CHRISTINA GRIMMIE - 18 year old singer/pianist from New Jersey US.Besides her faces I loved her voice well i first noticed her on a colaboration cover of her and Sam Tsui of "Just a dream" by Nelly and from then I was hooked by her covers.I choose her cover of "I Wont Give Up" by Jason Mras coz this song means a lot to me :p

•JESSICA SANCHEZ - yes before American Idol she did a lot of cover songs on YouTube(well the only difference YouTube and American idol has was the judges hoho).Theres no doubt on her vocal prowess the world witness how she can hit a is her cover of Beyonce's "Love on Top" its a pretty hard song i must say.

•KARMIN- Engaged couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan who is known for their rap/ pop song covers.
Amy was the vocalist/rapper.They've done some Nicki Minaj,LMFAO,and my favorite Chris Browns's "Look At Me Now".

•LEROY- Leroj Bejarano sadly I know nothing about him and thers no information on the net too all I know that he's one of my favorite his voice was just so amazing. here Adele's "Some one Like you" the best male version I've heard honestly.

well these are just few artists and there's a whole lot more of amazing talents that can be found on YouTube wandering around doing all they can to break into to music industry and waiting for their time to shine.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Nicki Minaj on American idol season12

American Idol fans sure are excited about who's gonna be on the judges panel. I myself was also eager to know who's gonna be.As you know I been tracking this for a while and here my series of post regarding this.
After the official signing of Mariah Carey  for the said show there has been a bunch of names coming out,huge stars like Kanye west, Charlie Sheen, and a whole lot more.But now the biggest and the loudest name on the list was Nicki Minaj.This voluptuous lady rapper has been one of the most adored artist lately from her super hit "super bass" to her smashing single "Starships" and now her "Pound the Alarm" sure showcases her talent.

here's the report coming out online

"Despite no official confirmation from “Idol” or FOX, one source said the outlandish “Super Bass” singer is “100% confirmed” while another told the mag Nicki is “definitely doing it.”
In addition, a source who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Associated Press that a deal between Nicki and “Idol” was in the works."
well at first I was expecting a guy to join Mariah for there never had female majority on the panel.I guess it would be great seeing Nicki on the judging you know X-factor hired some young pop superstars  so hiring Nicki could be a great move for American Idol.
you whachha think?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

what a bored frustrated singer does

Its a shame to share this to you guyd haha this was probably the craziest thing I've ever done in my entire life.first Im a huge fan of music second unfortunately I can't sing and third I was really boreeeed when I did this.enjoy watching or should I say enjoy laughing hahahahaha.

DAFAQ! haha I feel sorry for those who thought it was my voice and  I can't blame those who disliked and reacted badly about this.haha Im just one hell of a crazy guy hahaha

by the way Eid Mumbarak to al

Friday, August 17, 2012

Otaku Me[Part two]

above were some classic and popular animes I've seen.okay here's come the second part

•Hell girl jigoku shojo
it is about a girl named ai enma who is known to be the hell girl she helps people asking for revenge in return as the person who is seeking revenge dies her/his soul must be drag to hell just like the enemies they had avenged. hell girl has a site which is only active at midnight this is where they summon hell girl as a person deals with a contract with her she will  give that person a doll with red string the contracts will be finalize as they pull the red string out of the doll.with the help of her teammates namely Ren Ichimoku,hone onna, wanyudo, ai's grandmother they did a lot of work for others.on later parts of hell girl ai enma's story were was born in 1600's in a small town.some other kids saw her touched a butterfly who seems to be dead but soon moved which the cause of the rumors about her that she was an evil spirit.
the town has this ritual called seven sending where they will sacirfice a young girl to the god of was chosen for the ritual at first her cousin sentarou tries to protect her by hiding her to the forest. but in the end the villagers found out about it and bury ai alive the last thing she saw was sentarou holdin a shovel helping the village people kill her.but later that nigth ai breaks out of her grave and took her revenge by burning the whole village.

•Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler]
the story is about a master of a famous clan the Phantomhive at england named Ciel phantomhive who died but was revived because he sold his soul to a devil who soon be his personal butler. the devil butler named Sebastian Michealis.sebastian will help ciel in revenge for what happened to him and his parents.the conflict started as some other devil butler and angels appeared.

•Lovely Complex
-a romantic comedy series.its about a love story between two who were known as comic duo.the girl named Riza Koizumi was taller than the guy named Atsushi Otani which had been their issue with each other. with the help of their friends and the love they felt for each other the story had a happy ending

•Ouran HighSchool Host Club
another romantic comedy series its about Haruhi Fujioka who just got an scholarship on a prestigious Ouran Academy. On her first day at school a lot of unfortunate things happened to her first bubble gum stocked on her hair so she has to cut it short second she accidentally breaks an antique vase that belong to a host club which cost 8 million yen.the whole club compose of 6 handsome male with distinct personality namely tamaki suou[the leader],kyoya otori[the genius],hikaru and kaoru hitachiin [the twins],Mitsukuni'honey'haninozuka[the cute kid] and Takashi 'mori' Morinozuka.well they all thought that haruhi was a boy so in order for her to pay she has to be a part of the the end haruhi and tamaki had there happy ending.


romantic comedy again its about this boyish short girl named taiga aisaka who have this long term crush on a guy named yusaku kitamura but ironically refused kitamura's confession of love to her.ryuji takasu enters at the story at first he and taiga were mortal enemies but soon been really close until they both fall in love with each other which concludes the story

note: this are not so popular animes and its the last don't worry :p

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Otaku ME[part 1]

I love Anime so much I grew up watching some amazing series.well aside to the classic and ever popular anime above i would like to share this short list of anime i love the most.

•Anohana : [the flower we saw that day]
- the anime that made me cry hard. the story was about childhood friends drift apart after one of them Meiko "Menma"Honma died in an accident.ten years passed and each were on their separate paths. Jinta yadomi the group leader of the said lost friendship live as a recluse because he blame himself for the deadth of menma.until one summer day the ghost on menma appeared and ask jinta for his help to grant her wish so she can pass on into after first nobody believes in him for he's the only one that can see menma. alot of issues thats been a huge conflict to the story.i would like to say that's it is a happy ending coz thats the way it should be but I literally cried hard beacuse of how it is a must watch.

-it is actually a classic anime. its story started when a guy name Hideki Motosuwa found a "persocom" an android used as a personal computer.the adroid soon name chi her data were deleted. alot of things happened to them a lot of characters that soon reveals the mystery of chi.well hideki soon fall in love with chi but as they go deeper to chi's history conflict grew a lot bigger but in the end it was resolved by the power of love off course and I think chi made all persocoms have true feeling like human.

•Durarara DRRR
it is a pretty cool is a story of different people lives in one city who has a greatness on their one.there's this headless sexy rider/vigilant with her headless shadow horse that transformed into a motor cycle. a local legend called "the black rider" named celty sturluson. her quest is to find her head which she can't even remember.also this three students namely mikado ryugame, masaomi kida and anri sonohara who has their own dark secrets. mikado were the leader of dollars clan and masaomi were a member of yellow scarves one of the colorgangs. and anri were a sword master. also there's these rival duo izaya orihara and shizuo heiwajima two super strong guys that added flavor to the story.

•Highschool of the Dead
-well its an apocalyptic zombie story happened in japan.a sexy anime i must say not for youngster hoho.hmm a bunch of sexiest and coolest girls were stuck with a guy named takashi komuro for survival. alot of boobies bouncing here hoho henatish anime but i find it in a cool kind of way

Monday, August 13, 2012

Die young? or Grow Old?

I know death isn't the greatest topic to discuss right? but sometimes I just can't help but to imagine what is it like to be dead well it's not that I would want to try it or what lol but there were just some point most often when im alone that Im having that thought.And from that I came up with a question that is really bothering which is better to Die young or to die old
I can say if smile is the universal language then death is the universal fear i mean duh?? who's isn't afraid to die but in my case aside of death I'm also afraid of growing old, being wrinkled, weak and a burden.Perhaps because of how i saw my grandmother suffered a lot or Maybe i don't wanna be left behind I mean it'll be devastating to see your love ones one by one die.So i thought I'd rather die young.But then to die young isn't  a good idea too. life has a lot to offer, you'll never be too old to enjoy life right?? and if I die young i'll be missing all of that.
you which do you think is better??

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunny Side Up

Iam so glad that heavy rain is done already i had enough of it and perhaps my fellow kababayans too hope their lives will go back in normal, i mean i wish the floods go dry soon.this unusual weather condition had really cause us too much trouble.some places were ruined and it took few lives.
but as they say there'll always be a brighter side of every story.heroism is showing up at every Filipinos during times like this, and also i think there were fewer casualties this time which i think a good thing.also it was said that after every storm there comes out the sun shining like nothing happened i believe no matter how rough it has been, no matter what it took from you, there will always be another chance for a new beginning a new chance to make things once again but this time better.

here are some great heroic photos i googled 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rainy Days

its really raining hard outside, in fact its flooding some where else thanks god our place were quite safe.
as I was watching news earlier its really disturbing to see some people are having hard time right now but in times like this  heroism and unity comes out even from a stranger.
Lets pray for their safety.
I also wanna share this photos from some fb friends well it wasn't as worse as other.hope sun will shine tomorrow but according to news it'll rain until Thursday.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

fun time

Of course you have seen this stuff its been circulating on social networks especially facebook. this hilarious faces created by whoever never fails to make me laugh and most of its comic strips are really relatable.
well here are some of those "relatable comic strips" that i found enjoy!.