Friday, June 15, 2012

When do you ZIP it?

We bloggers might be one who believe the most on our freedom of speech we intend to say whats on our mind.
In my case I might be a silent type of guy but I always say things that I find necessary to say.
But I've notice something about myself just recent, I've been in relationship for more than a year.
Me and my girlfriend started a little rough we came to a point that we broke up for a while. there's no third party or what its just that we are two totally different person Im so sensitive and she's not she says thing whenever she feels like it without even thinking what will I feel about that.I know and it show that she love me so much maybe more than I love her but perhaps trusting isn't part of her vocabulary. I did everything just to gain her trust even to stay away from some friends she's jealous of but nothing works but I know she's trying at first every doubt she has will turn out a fight cause Its really getting in my nerves.She still sometimes doubts on me but I notice that we are not fighting like before its not like just I get used of it but maybe I learned how to just zip it so things wont be harder for us maybe And it makes me feel happy to see us being stable.

You, when do you think it's right to just keep things left unspoken??


  1. sabi nga nila may mga bagay sa talaga na minsan kailan mong magsalita para malaman nila kung anu ang iyong saloobin, pero on other side minsan kailan mo tumahimik para kusang mawala ang isang issue.

  2. When things get really rough and you think it will already start a big fight, it's time to cool off. Take things slow and have a heart to heart talk, settle things and differences. Di dapat nagsasalubong ng init ng ulo dapat yung isa tatahimik talaga at pag medyo ok na, saka na lang uli pagusapan o ayusin ang dapat ayusin.

  3. sometimes, the greatest weapon in a battle, is no other than retreat itself....,

  4. Haha, ewan ko ba kung kailan tama, depende kasi sa kausap 'yan.
    Pero para sa'kin, pagdating sa nanay ko, "It's BETTER to just keep things left unspoken." Hahaha.
    Armalite 'yun eh! XD
    Hindi ka pa nakakapagsalita, durog na pagkatao mo. >:]

  5. It will pass and things will fall in their right places.

    At the end of the day, just follow your <3.

    Rizza (beingwell)

  6. Keeping things left unspoken may temporarily clear out the storm.. But what happens after that? Nothing.. It may help to cool things down first, but then it still is necessary to talk about them, to figure out the bottom of the conflict, to resolve and not to dodge them..

    Just a thought! :)

  7. ang isang relasyon, hindi lang isa ang gumagawa. bigayan yan. hindi magwowork kung isa lang ang laging nagdedesisyon at isa ang sumusunod. yun lang ;D

  8. I think it's always proper to think about something before you say it, kung tingin mo nakaka offend, but you really have to say it, you can deliver it in a positive way. nasa pagkakasabi lang.

    at least sabi mo nga, di na kayo nagaaway gaano like before. that's great! :))

  9. yeah, I agree. Give it a rest for awhile and then talk to each other about it in a calm and gentle manner. Proper communication is one of the keys to a stronger relationship. Besides, this kind of ordeal will make your bond with each other tougher when handled appropriately.


  10. Hello. Thank yo for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Now, let us go to your problem.

    I will tell you frankly that your girlfriend is insecure that's why she is always jealous. Maybe the problem is not trust but her self esteem.

    Observe her and know more about her. Does she think she's ugly? If so then show to her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

    Love is not all about rainbows and flowers and joy. Part of it is sacrifice and suffering. If you truly love her then you must be more patient with her.

    I also suggest that you talk to her heart to heart so that you will know her worries and you can also share your own thoughts about your relationship.

  11. hmmm paano mo naman masasabing stable kayo if parating sa lahat ng pagkakataon eh ginagain mo parin ang trust na dapat ibinigay na niya sa iyo noon pa...? just wondering lang....

  12. hmn... alam mo MEcoy kaming mga babae eh mahilig talagang magsalita lol.
    pero wag naman sanang sobra to the point na insensitive. pag nag-a-armalite (credits to commentator J.A. Guevarra) eh wag mong sabayan ng machine gun at walang mangyayari sa inyong dalawa. hayaan mong maubusan ng magazine lol saka mo kausapin.

    pag sobra at lagi ang arguments about petty things hindi na healthy yun, baka mapagod ka rin :(

  13. maswerte ang mga bloggers kasi naeedit nila ang mga post nila unlike sa mga nasasabing salita . wala ng edit . wala ng bawian.

    kelan nga ba dapat magsalita?

    siguro kung pakiramdam mong handa na siyang makinig :)

  14. I would rather have a discussion about politics or religion, pero to argue with a girl? Hello? Magpatalo ka na lang. Wag ka nang umimik dahil sila ang mananalo, at sila pa rin ang dapat manalo. Hehehehe...

  15. i think being a blogger, we really need to judge and justify ourselves on things we are saying..

  16. as blog is a very open platform, what we say is seen by many others.. so it's really important that we learn to be smart in whatever we are trying to say..

  17. being moderate and keep your own privacy is the utmost importance.. we just do not want to be too controversial right?? :)