Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are You a Fan??

Studies shows that its normal for people to admire or idolize others who seems to be superior to them, someone famous and influential.This people are so called fans.Fans set their idols as role models some even mimic their idol and what they does.I myself is a fan of a lot of famous celebrities.I adore them for their craft.But nowadays fans weren't just fans or admirers they were called by their "idol"(mostly singers) on other terms or names and here are some:

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga aka the Mother Monster if that so you were under the Little Monsters

 Are you a fan of Katy         
                           Perry then you were a Katy cat

 or maybe you're a fan of Bruno Mars then you are now a hooligan 

you might as well be a fan of Justin Bieber then you are called Bielibers 

If you idol is Rihanna, then your Rihanna Navy 

 names for fans depends whom they were idolizing that's something fun.

But in my own belief no matter who's your idol is they must never change who you really are. 

You how about you?what are you supposed to be?


  1. I am ME. I listen to their music but never a follower. Never follow what they are doing nor idolizing. Hehehe.. May masabi lang hehe

  2. i'm listening to their music but i'm not actually an obsessed fan hahaha

  3. I'm a proud fan of Lady Gaga because I'm a firm believer in real talents and real music artists and not glitter-ass-autotuned girls and dickheads na look-alike ni Charice. Oh by the way, Charice is real talent, it's just that sometimes she acts like that Canadian dickhead. hahaha!

  4. not even one of them... hehehe... nice post tho...


  5. I love Lady Gaga pero hindi ako little; big monster ako :)

  6. I am a fan, but I'm never obsessed with them, except for one though, pero mostly...., they serve as inspirations to all that I love doing :))

  7. i used to idolized those pop stars last time.. but now as i aged, i think i see this in a different perspective.. no more idolizing but just like what they sing.. :)

  8. very true, they must not change who we are.. indeed we grow and most of the time our idol changes as well, hahaha..

  9. some fans have gone really crazy and almost insane.. i really think we have to be rational and think before we act..

  10. proud rihanna fan since 2005 :)