Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Dear GOD,

My LORD you gave me everything, from the moment I woke up at each morning till I sleep at night.
You're blessing each and every day with your glory and love, making each day brighter and warm, and
 filling it with endless joy and unfailing hope.
You are a great provider, a tremendous healer, and an almighty creator.
There is no evil can go against your power and you name is above all.

Despite of me being a sinner ,
you still embraces me like a father to his long lost son.
You see no fault, and you see no flaws
you're giving everyone bare truth and fairness,
you forgive a lot and  love the most

I know there are words could be enough,
but today I wanted to thank you with all my heart
I thank you not only in the healthiest time,
even in sickness which taught me the greater value of life.

I thank not just for prosperity and your generosity,
but even more in my shortcomings, lost and most needy times.
It made me realize and appreciate even the tiniest things I always had.
And it also made me stronger .

I thank you my LORD, for each day,
no matter how bad or good it may had been,
for it molded me for who and what I am.

I thank you the most for my darkest days,
because it brought me closer to you and
it is when I feel your unconditional love even more.

Your love means everything to us, 
and through faith and obedience I just hope,
That I may somehow give it back to you.
My Father, my Savior and my only LORD
thank you and I love you.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weird Things About me

Heeyah! how is it going with you guys? it's been quite a while since the last time I posted isn't?.
Well as I have said on my previous post, I was planning to do several post on my drafts but unfortunately it's been quite a lazy, rough and busy week, and in the end I would probably do as I do on my previous post to think of anything(mostly nonsense) to post.
So as for today, I feel like sharing the weird things about me, somethings I do which appears to be not normal to others.

But first I want to thank this blogger friend of mine ever since, the gorgeous runner miss Balut ( I just wish i know her real name) of Balut Manila , Blogger runner and The Lucky Blog for this wonderful gift she sent me. Meet Po Kungpa, the latest addition to my panda family.

 I also got this panda hat and a lovely photo of Balut with a lovely message included.
Thanks a lot Balut I really love it.

Some of the weirdest things about me:

I seldom wear undies at home- Well some of you might know about this as I have included this trivia on one of my post. The reason behind it? actually I don't know I feel much comfortable without it -at home- haha.

I don't want my coffee HOT-  Coffee is a must on our breakfast and the weird thing about me was I want my coffee to be serve hot but yet i'll wait for quite a while to cool it down, then drink it.

I talk with my stuff toys - yeah! I do, I actually consider them my children and I often talk, hug and kiss them. And there are some moments that I would not sleep as long as I don't have them (especially mike my eldest). haha and the weirder thing is I sometimes dub them haha.

I talk to my inner self-  If ever I'm on a decision making, or just thinking of something one of my way to see things at all sides is to talk and debate with myself. One is saying the good effect the other was saying the worst case scenarios.

I hate hearing heat beat and ticking of the clock - It irritates me, for me it was the sound of death or something.

I hate the smell of meat- wet section in the market is a place that I try dodging as much as as possible, I just hate the smell of fish, chicken meat and most especially pork.

I feel quite odd when somebody is giving me a treat- Tho I so love free items, whenever somebody treats me, I feel shy and small.

My imagination is quite over the top- I don't know if it was such a good thing but my imagination let me have imaginary scenarios. Okay this is how it works, if there is such happening around me, there would be some things that were already happening on my mind, some things that were unusual and mostly involves skillful fighting hahaha. In other words I literally day dream a lot.

I used to hurt myself when I mad- ok this is by far the weirdest thing I notice on myself, back on those days when I was still living with my aunt and I spend most of the time alone whenever I'm pretty much upset and mad I used to bite, slap and pinch myself hahaha to the point that I was having some mild bruises haha. For a moment I thought I have some sort of disorder but then as of now I learned to control myself.

This are just some of the things I find weird I know there's still a lot but this is all for now
God bless us all!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920

Today I feel like sharing to you guys, one of the hottest and the newest smartphone released by Nokia,
It was Nokia Lumia 920, I may not be gadget techie or I may not have the latest and the trendiest gadgets in town but this phone takes no knowledge to be adored by many.

Lets start at the appearance of this phone, I personally find it cool and hip, it may be a bit biggie but still quite handy and the colors that were available were vibrantly appealing. It was 2.7 inches in width and 5.1 inches in height which makes it more easier to use and as for gamer like me, it was a good thing.

And now the features, well cameras is something we blogger should always have and Nokia Lumia 920 is pretty much handy in such functions. It has a camera that was powered by PureView technology with Carl Zeiss lens that can give you blur free videos and pictures even if camera is shaking or at dim light.

The touch screen features of this phone were also uses an advance setting that would respond quickly and sensitively on your finger tips, even when they are covered up. It was said the world’s brightest, fastest and most sensitive touchscreen ever.

It also has this unique feature called Nokia City Lens that allows you to discover some of the cool places on your city just by looking at your camera. Which I think quite advisable for travelling.

It also enables you to stream music unlimitedly and it comes with Microsoft office, power point, excel, outlook and word documents and it was on window 8 platform.

An lastly the coolest thing about this phone was its wireless charging, through the help of  Nokia charging plate there will be no need of plugging it in which was less hustle. It also has this JBL speaker that can be used through Bluetooth and also has a built in wireless charging.

Nokia has proved to everyone its reputation throughout the years and this Nokia Lumia 920, is just another addition to their innovative products.
It was now available at Nokia shops and Abenson appliance centers nationwide so go on and grab yours, it was indeed worth more than it's price

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rest mode!

Perhaps, most of my filipino followers knew this blogger meet up I attended last sunday right?
Well as you all know one of my goal this year was to personally meet various bloggers and February 10 is the day God has given for this to happen.
It was a meet up set by Jay of "About Jay journey" at  ATC and since I'm one of the winner on his birthday contest I'm required to be there and among my Filipino blogger circle he is the guy Iam looking forward to see the most. I'm quite nervous about this, since it was my first time meeting them and since I didn't know the place at all, I tried asking people around and checked routes online to assured myself on which way to go. I went to the location 2 hours ahead of time as I always do whenever I was travelling at places unfamiliar to me.
It wasn't just me and Jay we have some other bloggers with us too, and one of this is Bino, a blogger that I have been following for quite some time now and the one who wrote various novels which I've enjoyed reading ever since, at first I was intimidate by him because I see him as a high profiled blogger but then everything turned quite good between us and thru our conversation it feels like I knew him better. I also met Pao senpai on this day, and since I'm quite an art lover, seeing his artworks impresses me and the mere fact that he thought himself all this techniques he used for his crafts he inspired me to do so and that is also why I call him senpai his aura is very light and easy to blend with thou his quite silent most of the time I enjoyed being with him too. And last but definitely not the least was Senyor Iskwater aka Christian, the life of the party, he makes us laughed all the time and he was so honest and through his words I learned a lot and made me realize a some of things. I adore his humor and he's words of wisdom.
The fun thing about this meet up was the fact that I experienced some things I never get to do or things I seldom experienced.Thou it was pretty normal to them for me it's been quite luxurious thanks to the generosity of Jay. We eat and drink a lot at places I never include on my list or in other words this were some stuffs that was unusual to me, I mean I'd rather buy on vendors along the street or to go at cheaper resto than to go on such places haha. We also went bowling which I really enjoyed it was my first time and I did my first strike haha. To be honest I feel odd when someone's treating me but the weird thing is due to the light and happy aura we had I never felt off during this.

(Courtesy of Bino)

We also had this "first impression thingy" which I enjoyed too and from there I learned a lot that made me a bit conscious on what to post or the contents to tackle here in my blog, which is a good thing to me, I was planning to give you some post which is more worth reading and my previous post was actually the first.

Anyway, back to the topic, we just talked laughed and talked until morning. On my way home I went on baclaran church to thank God for giving me a new set of friends. Some people that i'm looking forward to see again.

Jay, gave us a bag of various stuffs each, and here's what I got

( reddish eye due to lack of sleep haha)

A cute hat which I don't know what it is called, my prize, a book that I've been reading this past few days actually I'm almost near to the half of it, an unique bottle opener and a ref magnet which I placed on our computer, and those yummy chocolates it was plentier but I ate some before I get to take a shot of it haha.

I wanted to thank Jay, Bino, Pao and Senyor for everything, for a wonderful day, for inspiring me and for a closer friendship I think we now have.

Finally I reached home at 9:30am which means I have one hour to take a nap, because I promised God i'll attend a healing mass on our church here and since I believe worshiping God is something must never be compromised I manage to do it. The whole mass was solemn and touching you can see a lot of sick people praying for their health we even saw this old lady who resembles a lot with my grandmother who is gone now and it almost made me cry.

After having lunch I slept for four hours and later that night I went up late to finished my blog hopping.

By the way I may not have posts for several weeks, but I was planning to do a lot of articles I have in mind on my drafts .Still expect me to be on your blogs at each and every post okay?haha.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Essence of prayer

Do you believe in miracles? is your faith enough? is God answering your prayers?
Well today I feel like to talk about the essence of a prayer, what does it has to have and how it has to be done. I may not know a lot about bible or any religious information of such topic, but I guess, all it takes to know is a heart full of faith. Lets start first on knowing the meaning of a prayer, if you'll google it here's what you gonna get,

I myself prays a lot and each prayer I feel a step closer to him and for me, prayer is merely a conversation of us, humans to God. Within it, we talk to him about some matters, we sometimes whine about life, we thank, we apologize and mostly we ask for a lot of things.

Now, how do we suppose to pray? do we have to do rituals? pray the rosary? or cast the "our father" prayer? we sure has a lot of ways to pray, some would visit churches and walk by their knees, some were having offerings, some pray on saints, some often go in religious events and some just talk, but what is the real process of praying? well I bet we may find  millions of suggestions with various people but for me? there is no such standards or anything about prayer as long as you does it full heartedly and with devotion and strong faith it was heard.

What are the things it must have or the content of a prayer?, on my opinion there are three basic things a prayer has to have which is the following

Gratitude- There are tons of things we have to be thankful about, no matter how rough our lives been there will always be. The fact the we are still waking up each morning was already a blessing given by God and so are the rest. And prayer is the best chance to show appreciation to God and it must definitely be included on prayers.

Apology- There are few things that we are very much certain here in our world and one of that is the fact that we are all sinners. We do a lot of thing in our daily lives and mistakes and sins were all a part of it. God is a forgiver but how can we claim forgiveness if were not asking for it?. You have to confess to God all the sins you have done and even there nothing particular you just have to say sorry. But along with this apology it would not be whole without repentance. Change and condemnation of sin has to come after each apology otherwise it was useless.

Wishes- It was quite saddening because we remember to pray when we are in need of something, we pray when were worried, when were sick, or whenever things got rough but when everything turned okay we forget. Wishes is also a must have within a prayer. According to the bible, Mathew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given to you: seek ans you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you". God may have know everything but we just have to have the initiative and you just have to be certain and confident of having your wish because doubting it would also mean doubting God.

However, prayers must not be spoiled with wishes cause it would seems like you are shopping a lot of items but yet your cash isn't enough. I believe that gratitude and apology must always be the center of each prayer.
And keep in mind that some wishes ain't bound to happen for God has better plans for you, you just have to trust him with that.

Overall, Prayers are meant for us to keep in touch with our almighty creator and it was intended for us to change for the better, to live our lives according to the word of god.
We may know him in different names, we may have different views about our connection with HIM and we may be in different religions but one thing is for sure, There is really some one up there guiding and loving us.
don't live life with just kindness, live it through the word of GOD; don't just pray, ACT and finally don't just believe, have FAITH

That's all for now God bless us all:)