Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Name Is MECOY

since we all started a little connection through this blogosphere perhaps its about time for me to do a brief introduction of my self.Let's do this in a resume like format haha
•Name:MElvin Lumaban COYne
•Nick/Pen Name: MECOY(do I have to say where did I get this?? haha)
•Age:  21 turning 22 this 25th of July
•Location: From the small but beautiful city of Cavite Philippines
•Status:Single but if my girl friend see this she'll get mad so lets just say I'm Committed
•Educational Attainment: Unfortunately just a high school graduate
•Occupation: unemployed for years haha please don't ask me why
•Hobbies: I love watching Tv and movies as well,I love drawing, playing some online games like DOTA and dragon nest (just in case you know this games),I enjoyed hanging out with some friends, and of course surfing the net doing Facebook, twitter, YouTube and now blogging
•Likes:Movies, Anime, Music, Arts, sweeties(I guess I was born with sweet tooth)photography
•Dislike: Hmmmm boastfulness I can't think of any actually 
•Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter
•Others: Im a Leo, under the element of fire with a birth stone of ruby and my birth year is under the year of the metal horse. Im most of the time Prideful, short tempered, submissive though, loyal, and has a straight out look on thing I love to do.

hmmm I guess thats all for know I'm looking forward to get to know you all as time passes by.
till then thanks for reading.


  1. lapit na pala bday mo master eh..
    ei cavite ka lang lapit lang..
    tara gala mo ako diyan pag bumalik ako ng cavite hahaha...
    ayos yung nickname ha..
    from first to last name pinagsama...

  2. saan ka b sa cavite axl?? haha wa mxado magnda dito cavite city dulo na ksi whahaha

  3. sa las pinas ako..
    may kaibigan lang ako sa cavite?
    dulo.. sa cavite city mismo?

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere mecoy & advance happy birthday! ヅ

    By the way, please stop by our blog soon and we'd love it more if we can follow each other. ت

    Also, please click on the REWARDS button on the left side of our blog for you to earn points and avail the gift certificates from the merchant of your choice.

    Thanks! Kita-kits! ヅ

  5. it was nice knowing you dito sa post mo. ayos! :D

  6. welcome to the blogosphere MeCoy! Natawa ako sa explanation sa status haha :) thanks sa post na to, we got to know you a bit more :)

  7. Uy, bagong salta. haha.
    Sana lagi ka makapag-post, 'yung iba kasi gagawa ng blog tapos papabayaan lang. :|

    Blonde yata buhok mo dun sa isang picture, tunay? :D

    Thanks sa pag-visit sa blog ko last time. :)

  8. oh okay at leats I know something about you, hehe

    I can go to cavite if i wish though, let's meet up sometime hehe


  9. @^_^ wReY and R0bbY slamat sa greetings
    @bino hehe tnx
    @zaizai haha ganun tlga world war pag nanyari un
    @J.A. Guevarra ill try ehehe wifg un nkita ko kaya trinay ko
    @T.R.Aurelius i set natin yan someday

  10. nice meeting you MEcoy. I am Balut twin to Penoy lolz.

    few advises:
    keep blogging kid and
    at wag na wag ka ng sasakay sa mga rides ng mga peryang palipat-lipat ne? ha ha

    salamat sa pagdalaw mo sa blog ko :)

  11. Hi Mecoy! Salamat sa pagbisita at pag-follow ng blog namin. ϡ

    P.S. Bisitahin mo ulit kami para makita mo yung DIY Skull Leggings namin! ϡ

    - wrey aka GFC follower #16

  12. Glad to know you more.. I like your fashion sense :)