Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twisted (Part 5)

Anna saw Christian writing some notes on the bus on their way school.
“hey you already passed your research on that right?”
“Then why are you doing it again? Om sure Mrs. Calderon wont reject you research”
“I just wanna do you it, that’s it! Why do you even bother asking?”
“Chill dude”
Anna was pissed because she thought they were already in good terms but then it seems it’s not. From the moment the bus stopped, Christian rushed in the school though they were 15 minutes early and Anna was a bit puzzled about it. The same scenarios happened for the whole week and aside to that Christian was going home late. Until one day Anna tried to follow him and investigate. Anna saw Christian lending Jack the notes he’s been doing everyday and Jack give Christian some additional notes.
Few minutes after Anna confront Christian.
“So what’s with Jack?”
“huh? What are you talking about?”
“Is he your new guy? What about Troy?  What about our deal?”
“I know what I’m doing just don’t get in the way okay?”
“You slut!, why is he easier? Or maybe you had him already huh?”
“How dare you! How can you even think of that!”
“Well most gays act that way!”
“FYI miss doubtful! He knew my secret and I was doing this bullshits to keep us safe! I never though you were that narrow!”
Anna wants to apologize but Christian leave. Anna felt guilty of what just happened and so she’s thinking of what can she do to make it up for her mistakes. Anna went to the gym to talk to Jack, she waited for him to be alone so she could make her moves.
“Hi handsome”Anna told jack
“Who? Me?”
“Yeah, Jack right? I always wanted to talk to you”
“huh whoa, wait, you’re Troy’s girl right?”
“No, im not, Troy and I,..were just, friends, wanna know why?”
“hmm why?”
Anna went closer to Jack and whisper, “Because I like you, and I would love to have fun with you”
“whooa that’s hot! The let’s have some fun”
“Okay then, follow me”
Jack and Anna went out of the campus and Christian saw them. He thought that Jack knew about Anna’s secret too and he knew, if so, Jack would ask her conditions and he’s afraid that Jack would ask for Anna’s body.
Anna and Jack checked in a motel and there, Anna made her plans.
“So how are we gonna start babe?” Jack asked Anna while taking his shirt off.
“Ahh ahh not so fast Jack , let’s make this night eve more fun okay?”
“O…okay? So what are we gonna do?”
“You’ll be my slave and I’ll be your master, you like that?”
“I’m yours babe”
“But first let me tie you in this chair and blindfold you”
“Was this necessary?”
“Trust me babe, this gonna be your best night”

And Anna do so, and then she called some of her gay friends who was in the next room to finalize the plan.
“now  I’m gonna lick you all over, you like that jack?” Anna told jack while taking some pictures while her gay friends do s he say.
“Wait can you take this blindfold off? I want to see you naked”
“As you wish Jack”
Jack was shocked to see two gays were on her side while Ana standing in front of him taking pictures.
“What’s the meaning of this?Anna!”
Then all of a sudden Christian breaks in to the room and hugged Anna. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What did Ja.. Jack?”
“chill dude, relax everything went on the plan” Anna told Christian
“So you’re in this together huh! You’ll gonna pay for this! Especially you Christian! Troy will know your dirty little secret” Jack said.
“Ahh ahh tha won’t gonna happen if you don’t want this pictures o be seen by the whole campus haha”
“You wicked bitch! Shame on you!”
“Okay girls take care of my baby okay?”
“Anna! Don’t leave me here!”
“I think you over done it Anna”
“No Ichan he deserves it”
“Anyway thanks Anna”
“And I’m sorry for what I have said last time”
A day after, Troy approached Christian and told him that Jack said Christian helped him in his project and since Troy is having a hard time wit their lesson he asked Christian to be his tutor. Christian accepted his offer but to his surprise Troy asked him to come by to his house and do the tutorials. And Christian think it’s a prefect timing for them to be tighter. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Twisted Part 4

“Hey dude, would you like to watch movie tonight?” Troy asked Christian.
“m…me and you? Just us”
“haha silly of course with Anna and Trish, It’ll be a group date”
“haha yeah I know,(why can't it be just us) ok then, Ill ask Anna about it”
And later that day Christian texted Anna regarding Troy's invitation. Anna told trish about it and Trish insisted for them to go, but then Anna's doubting that her father would let her go out late for he was so strict.So Trish told Anna that she would personally ask her father in behalf of her which Anna agreed.They went on Anna’s house and Trish told Anna’s father their plan and he instantly permited the girls . The two, went upstairs at Anna’s room.
“Honey are we having a grandchild?” Anna’s dad said to his wife
“Honey!, relax they were just friends hahaha”
Meanwhile Christian was home too and he texted Anna.
“U going 2nyt? Ill pick you up on the old house, I’m bringing dad’s car”
“yeah, but wait, im with Trish , she’s here in my room talking shower”
“U bitch, he can’t see me here, remember our family’s dispute?” “it’s ok I can manage”

And Trish went out of the shower which was in Anna’s room too wearing nothing but a towel. Anna was stunned to see Trish wet and almost naked, her fair smooth skin and her great curves.
“hey Anna? What were you still doing there? Go on and fix yourself you wouldn't want to keep our boys waiting”
Though Anna like to see Trish take that towel off she can’t. Trish saw that Anna was suppose to wear the usual set of clothes she had in school and she told Anna not to wear it. Trish checked on Anna's closet and search for something else and there she saw a simple black dress and tho Anna don't like to wear it she can't refuse Trish, she even put makeup on her and of course Anna’s parents were speechless to see her dressed like that.
And then they went straight to the old house where Christian was waiting in his car.
“A..annie? you look.. Beautiful”
Anna punch him in his shoulder and said “ Yeah right”
“How about me Christian how do I look?”
“Perfect Trish , just so perfect, I like you lipst.. I mean lips”

They drove for a few minutes and have reached the cinema house where Troy’s waiting. Troy already purchased tickets and snack for the four of them.
“You look lovely Anna” Troy said
“Thanks buddy, so what’s the movie?”
“Scream 4”
“Okay shall we?”
Trish grab Anna and whispered to her “Anna, sit next to me okay, I know Troy’s plan” “plan?” “just trust me okay?”
Anna sat on the leftmost seat while Trish sat next to her and then Christian and lastly Troy who were quite upset of that arrangement.
On the middle of the movie Trish and Christian shouted and Trish grope at Anna’s arm and Anna told herself “So that’s the plan huh” while Christian pretend he was coughing.”Are you alright dude?” Troy asked “Yeah it’s just the popcorn”. The movie ended and Troy and Trish separately rode cabs while Anna and Christian drove home.
“Were you serious?” Anna asked.
“Serious about what?
 “never mind”
“No tell me”
“Amm I really pretty on this?”
“Surprisingly? Yeah”
And Anns just smiled.

The next morning went as usual but not until afternoon. Christian was left alone in the varsity team’s locker room. He saw there Troy’s used jersey and he hugged it while smelling the scent left from Troy. Then all of a sudden somebody grab the said jersey, It was Jack one of the member of the team and a close friend of Troy
“This is Troy’s why were you? ..ohhh I know you're gay right? and you like Troy don’t you?”  Jack said
“Please don't tell him about this”
“Why wouldn't I?”
“Please I beg you! I'll do everything just please don't tell Troy”
”Well, okay, if that's the case I'll consider!”


I forgot to include this on my previous post, I would like to thank SK for this love set of gifts

"This seems like a move cover"

Friday, April 12, 2013

Unto the Lord

I turned my back on you,
And embraced the darkness within me.
I was lost in obscurity,
And I was departed from your glory.

My body is in the process of decay,
Which caused me an interminable agony.
Illness were brought by my undelectable doings,
And for that, I deeply feel sorry.

But in the midst of my solitude,
And  in the depths of my despair;
I never felt neglected or alone,
Because you always been there.

I fell in the abyss of my grave,
I was tormented by my sins,
But then you lend me your pious hand,
And delivered me from my sufferings.

I grievously confess my sins unto you,
I am heartily sorry for having offended thee.
My heart was pierced with contrition,
I have learned my lesson, so please forgive me.

I profoundly thank you my Lord,
For you endowed me with your love and glory.
Salvation in granted through your incomparable passion,
And I honor you in your divine sovereignty.

To you, I surrender my body and soul,
Infuse it with your most precious vestal blood,
And fortify me with your ever sacred heart.
All praises is unto you, my father, my savior, my GOD.


Well this is actually my official entry on ate Joy's letters to God contest. I just want to share that for the past three days nothing not even a word was coming out of my mind for this but then I prayed to God to give me additional wit to have this done and instantly within two hours I manage to composed it. Coincidental  nah it's answered prayer. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reality Knocks

Well it may have not shown on the way I act, but for the past two months or more my mind suffered a devastating agony. I was tormented through a collision of fear, anxiety and doubts. But then I was thankful because God never, not even for a single moment let me down! and now I could barely say I'm pretty much ok.

Anyway I don't wanna whine here because as you can see, my blog was never intended to promote negativity. Today I just wanted to share some few stuffs I learned, it may not make sense for you but I'll share it anyway haha.

Sometimes the less you know, the easier life would be- 

Well if you don't know you were about to die or severely sick, you wouldn't stress yourself due it; or if you don't know you're being cheated it wouldn't hurt right? the lighter the things are the easier for you to go along.

The closer at death you are, the more eager you are to live-

As Morrie said "once you learn how to die, you learn how to live". If you feel like dying, that is when past and future will haunt you, for the things you failed to do and for the thing you wouldn't be able to.

Disappointment in yourself, was even more hurtful than unto others-

Hmm how Am I gonna say this, in this world most people would really disappoint you, your lover, friends or even family can do or should I say, will do! but what hurts the most is when you found out that it is you who were really disappointing. I believe the last person for you to rely on was no one but yourself so if you fail everything does. Maybe you're kinda wondering why this? well I backread some of my post and most, if not all had disappointed me haha.

Regrets can't undo things, but can lead to a new beginning- 

As the saying goes, "regrets is always at the end" which I bet, no one wouldn't agreed right?. But the thing is when you regret things, that's when you're starting to realize your fault and learning from it, it may be too late for undoing things but never for redoing it rightly once again.

Sincerest Prayers can change everything-

I think there's no word needed for this, Lord is great, he listens and responds with his eternal love for us.

That's all for now folks! have a great and GOD blessed day!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First love

From the moment I first saw her,
I knew we are destined forever.
Her smile, her kiss, her everything,
It makes me feel I could do anything.

She gave me courage and made me stronger,
Her love yielded me to become better.
She had been my source of strength,
A true angel heaven has sent.

Her voice was a melody in my ears,
I feel the safest when she was near.
She comforts me in every way,
I’ll do anything just for her to stay.

She’s been a sister a friend and a lover,
But she was best known as my mother.
She gave me life through her sacrifices,
And gave a love that was indeed the purest.

As of now all I can say is I love you,
And thank you for everything that you do.
Neither you nor I, can’t last forever,
But I knew you are my happy ever after.

(Now this seems like a grade school poem)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I ♥ Lola Olen

It only takes a heart to love and it only takes an effort to care, and that is what happened last March 30th when our group, PBO(Pinoy Bloggers Outreach) held our second outreach program at Bahay ni Maria, a home for the aged and abandoned youth at Calamba laguna. Personally, I was pretty much excited about this, since elders has a huge influence on my life. I woke up early, which it too rare for me haha and then did some preparations and went to church to ask GOD for some guidance throughout the event.
It takes quite some time to reach the place, and the hot weather makes the journey even worst but then what I had in mind is my interaction with the elders. Honestly I was expecting myself to cry during our conversations, but then, unfortunately a certain group had a program ahead of us and they took most of our time too.
So as we were waiting for our turn, I mingle with some fellow bloggers. Aside to the outreach program itself I was as well excited to meet this bloggers that inspired me to stay on this field; I mean if it wasn’t for them I would probably be gone long time ago.
When our program started, I tried to talk on various elders, I help feeding some too which reminds me of my duty back in those days when I had to take care of my granny. But then , the interaction I had with lola Olen was the most memorable of all.
 Olen Francisco Ernia

Well, the conversation starts usual, I asked her what she wants, if she had eaten of if she wants to drink, but then she said she’s full already. I was avoiding to ask for some information regarding her story and her family, because I know that would make her feel sad and that’s not the aim of the event we had so I just plainly asked her if she’s happy but her response just bothers me, she said on a sad tone “Masayang, malungkot” (happy and sad) and she started stating her health problems, and from that I almost cry, the good thing is a dance number somehow divert the sad aura we had back there. She told me that she’s having a hard time pooping and in the middle of the night she’s coughing continuously that she can’t sleep. She even coughed several times during our conversation. Well since I saw that the conversation was being quite a torture to her I divert it by asking her about her favorite music, and since I knew a lot about old song because of my father’s everyday playlist I had some things to share too.
When ate Mitch talks to lola Olen that is when we get to know some of her background. She told us that she don’t have a child because her husband who died a long time ago was barren. She also mentions names of her relatives and I promise her that I’ll be searching for it online. She even told me not to say to those people that she asked for me to find them, as if she’s scared that they might get mad of her or something.

Aside to lola Olen I also met this lady named, Rina, she has some mental issues I guess, She gave me one of her drawings actually she gave us all, in return I gave her a rosary I bought in baclaran. She told us that she will pray for us and she wished for us to visit again. Rina asked me if ever I’ll go back there again I might bring her a notebook, for her to draw and since I do have a notebook on my bag I just gave it to her and her smile just blow me away.
The event ended and goodbyes were the hardest thing to say on these elders and on my case most especially to lola Olen. We wave goodbyes to them with a promise that we would come back again, I just wonder how many times they heard this promise before us.
Later that night, we went on a private resort or whatsoever it was called for our group’s bonding moment, which was really enjoyable.

I would like to thank, all my fellow PBOers for letting me to be a part of such meaningful event despite of me not being so helpful in terms of fund raisin haha. And I am so glad to meet you all.

(Photos were stolen from Zai ang Glenn)