Saturday, June 9, 2012


They say Motherhood is the most difficult job on earth to the fact that its has no salary, no day off and it has nothing but just pure love and caring of a mother.
A mother will always be there to guide us, to support us to give us advices on not just what is right but what is best for us. A mother is there to protect and nurture us
But what if your mother isn't how the usual mom a person would wish of having???
what if your mom differs to others
here's a tearjerker short film/commercial that tackles this issue.


it isn't about having the most beautiful or perhaps the strongest mother ,it isn't about having the smartest or the wealthiest mom.Mother never had and will never have any qualification.a mother will be a mother no matter what circumstances.Its all about the love And its more than words or anything in this world.
Our mom never fails to love us not now, not ever...


  1. Maganda mga ganitong short films na pinapalabas sa GMA noh? :)

  2. I love this short film! Thanks for sharing!

  3. all mothers are unique in substance and personality
    but they all have one thing in common...
    they have one thing in common: ARUGA :) hihi

    they'll never give up their children no matter what :)

  4. Indeed, that was a very nice clip of how mothers love their children. And most of the time, we, their children, take it for granted.

  5. thanks for sharing these...

    you bet... isipin mo na lang kami... 8 kids. my mom was 37 when my father died. panangay namin 18yo bunso 1.5yo... she is the best...

    again, thank you!...