Monday, June 4, 2012

Remembering The First Time I Went at School

The school days officially started today here at the Philippines. You can see children wearing their new uniforms.
Mostly (if not all) first timers are with their guardian some were excited some were afraid and some were crying.
It reminds me of my self back then, perhaps because my mom get us ready by means of enrolling us at nursery school (where we play and study at the same time) me and my elder brother never been a cry baby.But Honestly I don't remember much of my first days at school.
Hmmm my mom wasn't staying at school like some moms does as I've said we never been a cry baby or in other words we never had this thing so called separation anxiety.
But now I'll tell you my secret. I wasn't crying at school not because I'm brave or what,It's because I was bringing a friend besides me everytime I go to school.Its my dearest teddy bear.he's name is MICHEAL(his name was derive from one of the characters of peter pan) he's white with brown eyebrows that I have drawn.I secretly put him inside my backpack.I remember one of my classmate then saw Micheal and ask
"what's that a teddy bear?"
"nope that's was just my bag's design" I answered
whenever I remember that i cant help but smile
You how was you first time at school???


  1. I can only remember my first day in my new school in elementary. We came from manila and I had to transfer to a school in gensan. I can only speak tagalog then and no bisaya. Everyone's curious about the tagalog girl who is too shy to talk to anybody. At the end of the school year I got the "magalang" award because I'm the only one who uses "po" and "opo".. hahaha!

  2. .............and I suddenly miss school days.we used to complain about how difficult our studies are pero ang sarap pala maging student kesa sa salary man minsan.allowance lang inaantay.hahaha

  3. ako umiyak ako dati sa school lol. sungit kasi ng teacher

  4. i love going to school... kuno! hehehe... i enjoyed it coz' i love interaction...


    ps... thanks for the birthday greetings... enjoy!

  5. namiss ko bigla ang schooling ahahaha...

    wala ako maalala yung 1st day ko sa school...

  6. Love this entry. Ako naman ayoko talaga mag aral, umiyak ako nung ipina-enroll ako kinakabahan ako masyado. Then umiyak din ako nung first day of school yoko bumangon para punta sa school. Kinabukasan convince ko pinsan kong 6 palang para mag enroll din para classmate kami. Pumayag naman sya at inenroll nga kaya pumasok nako. Kaso section 2 sya, section 1 ako toinks. Hay memories saya!

  7. ako dati hinahatid sundo ako pero never akong nagsama ng guardian sa school, hehe