Friday, June 1, 2012

J.Holiday and J. Sanchez duet spoofed?

Few weeks ago american idol ended with a blast garnering over 132 million votes the highest numbers of votes the entire show has ever got. The result was just like as many were expecting, Philip Philips went home with the title.American idol held a great finale show they brought a lot of artist and the finalist themselves together doing duets (as usual).But the most loved performance I guess that night was a remarkable duet of two ladies with monstrous voices.Jessica Sanchez and grammy winner Jennifer Holiday did a duet of "And Iam telling you Im not going" and there's no doubt its a performance that had been the "talk of the town" after.

A performance made the whole Nokia theater on their feet.
They were in to it so much and singing the hell out of that song and that was showed on their facial expression.(Well Jennifer Holiday was from theater so that's already given.)

speaking those crazy facial expression soon after the show ended some people posted some funny captions from this performance and just few days ago somebody did a hilarious parody of this duet.
Have fun watching it.


  1. Hahaha! I was laughing so hard watching the original and the parody. My God, Holiday's expression. Parang kakainin niya yung mic at lahat ng audience. Hahaha! This is the first time i saw that performance. Not really a fan of American Idol or any other talent shows.

    Paborito ko kasing series yung Impeachment Trial. hahaha! Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. hahahaha.ito yung nag spoof nung pagkapanalo nung Ms Universe ba yun na taga Africa dati?hhahaha.dami kong tawa.Si jennifer Holiday naman kasi kung makabirit para end of the universe na kinabukasan.lols

  3. ha ha ha this made my day! THANKS for sharing!
    I think this is the same person who spoofed on Ms. Angola in the Ms. Universe pageant yata yun. Go check that video and it's equally hilarious.

    THANKS for visiting my blog and for the follow. I will follow u back. Also good luck to your blog :) You may want to join my sunglasses giveaway here:

  4. Lol. mas nakakatawa ung spoof. dami ko tawa

    And oh, happy blogging.

  5. welcome sa blogosphere! thanks for the follow, I'll follow you back din :)

  6. You know what? I am one of the many that was really up on my feet after watching Jennifer holiday with Jessica but I just can't stop laughing at the way she performs really.

    nice post.


  7. Lol! kakaaliw and parody!!

  8. What a witty parody! The expressions were so good, right on the spot. Blog hopping here, thanks for sharing!