Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween O,...,O

Well yesterday it's me and girlfriend day, that's why my blog hopping is a little late. Anyways tomorrow is the fifth month of my blog and this is by far the longest I had and I bet you will all be seeing much of my nonsense posts haha.
Early this morning I felt bored there's nothing to watch my siblings are using the computer and there's nothing else to do. But since I need to have a post today I started to think of what could it be since it's Halloween It has to be related to that topic. Then I got an idea to monsterfied myself but how can I do that? I dont have any makeup to use or mask to wear so what I did is simply browse our kitchen there I saw some things that can be used.
Now I have flour, a maker and few paints I started mixing it up. I put few drop of water on the flour to make it paste like(but not to much) then I mixed some red paint on in. and this is what I got. 

(Before the T-Viruz infection lol)
Then I started putting it little by little on my face. This would feel icky but for BLOGSAKE I did it after all when its dry It wouldn't bother you much anymore. and now this is the finish product hope you like it hahah.

Better with this effect haha

sometimes it fun to think out of the box and be creative on spicing up your day. Happy Halloween bloggers

By the way happy birthday to Zai(October 30) and Kulapikot (November 1)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Liebster Award

(I don't know what's the difference with this two haha)

Liebster is a German word that means “dearest” or “favorite”.  Other meaning may include sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kinda, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.   

The award recognizes new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers (or friends) who deserve recognition and support for their contribution in the blogosphere.  

in order to accept this prestigious award, one must abide by the list of rules which are: 
> Each person must list 11 things about themselves. 
> Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you must create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award. 
> Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post. 
> Go to their page and inform them of the nomination 
> Absolutely NO tags back. Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Okay this was given to me maybe a week ago from Achieviner of Chateau De Archieviner and also Xoxo_Grah Of Chicturista passed me the same award for maybe three days ago. I feel sorry I failed to post it earlier but now, since I'm free to post anything I'll do this as they say it's better late than never right?

Okay here it goes:
11 things about me(first seven was from my Versatile Blogger award post)
  1. I don't know how to ride a bike 
  2. I love pandas
  3. I'm a frustrated model
  4. Red is my favorite color
  5. I love anime
  6. Sometimes I don't wear any underwear(only at home of course haha and don't ask why)
  7. I have lots of stuffed toy which I consider my children
  8. I am short tempered, Hot headed and have no patience at all haha
  9. I'm envious and I often jealous
  10. I hate confrontation or explaining why i'm mad it makes me even angrier:P
  11. I'm a frustrated singer but I never sung in public I'm just preventing apocalypse haha

These are from Achieviner:
1. What is your most like entry in your blog?  I don't know maybe my "Nicki Minaj on American idol season12 " post. Nothing is really special about this, it's just that, out of all my posts this was the one that gathered the biggest pageviews a total of 23,954. 
2. What is the secret behind your blog name?  Well I don't even know if it was a secret at all, Mecoy: (ME)lvin (COY)ne haha make sense right
3. If you have one question to any bloggers what is it? hmm what can it be? hmm "What good can your blog do to others?" haha what a weird question isnt'?
4. What do you wish you had more time for? hmm more time for my Girlfriend I guess.
5. How old did you wish you were? haha well I wish I was still on my teenage era hahaha.
6. What do you enjoy doing when you’re bored? YouTube ,movie Trailers, music videos or cover song and Ellen Degeneres that what i usually watch on YouTube
7. What's the most daring thing you've done? Daring? hmm nothing yet actually I grew up with a conservative family haha but If not wearing undies at home counts for this and is daring enough well that would be my answer
8. Would you rather be rich and unhappy, or poor and happy?  Poor and happy, what's the good of being rich if I was not happy at all. But come to think of it why wouldn't I be happy being rich after all.
9. Who would you die for? My family or my girlfriend haha who else would it be
10. What would be your legacy?......How I wish I can answer that by now.
11. Describe me (Archieviner) in one word. Achiever hahaha well that suits him the most he describe himself that way hahaha. But seriously he's Awesome.

Well Xoxo_Grah don't gave us a set of question. I would love to extend my deepest gratitude to this two amazingly awesome blogger fellas love yah:P

Im too lazy to pick 11 bloggers out of a huge list I don't know who got this already so maybe lets just make this easy. For those who haven't got this award I'm passing this to you hahaha (im lazy and playing it safe)
I guess thats all for know have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love Junk

Me and my girlfriend had been in loved for almost 20 months and its been a hell of a journey. Of all the relationship I've been through this is by far the longest and the most real. I had a total of 4 relationship so far and I have a feeling that this would be all you know what I mean hoho. 
Well this somehow has something to do with my topic, Yesterday as I was cleaning my closet I found a bag full of treasure. No it wasn't gold or something it wasn't even valuable but still that's how I consider those stuffs. Its just that I am a "pack rat" I keep everything that might reminds me of events or place I've been or even person that had been a part of my life. So today I feel like sharing this to you hope you like it.
First would be this love letters and other stuff I got from my third girlfriend.
some promise just never last:|

Then this cute pandas I got from a girl that I hooked up.We may not end up together but we had fun being together back in those time.:3
Lastly this bunch of stuffs that my current girlfriend gave me ♥___♥ 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Friend that got away

As a saying says Friends are the family we choose for ourselves which I really believe.They were the one to whom we tell our secrets, from them we ask advises, we trust them, we love them.Today I feel like sharing this tragic moment in my life tragic that up until now grieves me.I once had this friend named Adrianne Leoncio we are really close to each other, we go out a lot together almost everyday actually, we have the same type of taste at anything (even with girls). He is really the best friend I've ever had, he never fails to make us laugh, he is some sort of torch in our circle of friends he's the one that make us together as one the leader of the team Ican say. But sadly he's gone, gone for good gone for nothing its been almost 2 years since he died this exact day I can still remember how we shed tears for losin such precious person.

his death wasn't something we expected, I mean, it wasn't an accident, disease or what, its suicide. Well sometime love kills but he took it literally .Back then, he's been asking me out for maybe a week before he died but unfortunately I couldn't make it, because my brother is under observation due to he's flu(we thought its dengue) little do I know he is in serious depression(we advises him through phone though).Sadly before i make it up to him he did that ridiculous thing I won't go further to details because its really hard for me and also for the respect for him and his family. Up until now there's this one phrase he said that keeps boggling me,As we were walking we saw this two old man walking and out of nothing he told me "we'll be like that when we grow up":( I took it as a joke that time but now it is something that makes me reminisce how great the friendship we had truly are. I just want to thank him for all the laughter he brought in to my life and for the friendship that is worth forever to cherish. Where ever you may be, all I wish is for you be happy and please drop all the naughtiness  God wont be pleased by that haha and  lastly till we meet again.

his last post on Facebook

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jessica Sanchez on Glee 4

Rumors about this are spreading like T virus lately, that American Idol season 11 runner up, Jessica Sanchez would be included in the upcoming new season of the hit musical comedy drama, Glee. It has been a month or more since I first heard about it, No confirmations nothing but mere rumors. But last October 15th  announced that Sanchez has closed a deal to recur on Glee 4. There are no further details about the character that she will be playing but it is for sure a reoccurring character which means multiple episodes.
I'm been quite a  fan of the series though I missed a lot of episodes. On my point of view Jessica's talent was undoubtedly superb and over the top which was this show is all about. I'm quite excited to see her on the said show I guess just like Sunshine Corazon( Charice Pempengco- back in the days she was still admirable Jessica's character would be a huge threat to the New Direction.

Oh by the way, its also been said that Bette Midler will also be a part of the show.
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Monday, October 15, 2012


Well if you uses Facebook you probably have seen this ad. For me this was kinda moving and the message it shares was just so true. We tend to connect and communicate with some other even how self centered you may be you still reach out to others. Its true that this things that connects us no matter how far we are from each other reminds us we're not and will never be alone.

But recently as I was browsing online I found this parody version of this ad which is really hilarious. Try to watch this and enjoy:P

Just keeping things light:P. Have a great week ahead and happy blogging everyone

Friday, October 12, 2012


How can you define a happy and healthy relationship? is it enough that you are contented? is enough that you are both happy when your together? or is it enough that you just love one another?. For me in any relationship all efforts counts, every words will make a sense and any feelings must always be valued. But what if no matter what you do or how hard you exert an effort to reach out and to make him/her feel your love nothing seems to matter at all.

This is how I feel right now, I've been in a relationship for one year and eight months and all this time I never felt so appreciated. I know that my girlfriend isn't that showy on the way she feels not unless she's doubting or mad. I'm quite a sensitive guy, very actually. I love her so much, that in every thing I do if it wasn't for her, she'll always be in consideration. Everything she do or say matters to me in fact even just a single pick up line will means a lot to me you can't even imagine how I giggle whenever she does that.

I was too short tempered guy I used to get mad at her as I have said, I was too sensitive even with her words but I was trying my very best not to. I can say that I'm quite romantic I do things just to make her feel loved and most of the time I am being so corny. This is how I love a girl  I invest a lot of effort for them. But lately I felt tired of doing this things, which I don't even know if it matters to her. I don't want to open this up to her because once I do everything will be unnatural anymore she'll do things because she have to not because she want it.

I can't say I'm still happy for what we have now, all I know is I love her so much that I couldn't afford to lose her. I don't know if I was just acting too sensitive or if I was really taken for granted. Now I'll still want to take this journey with her and I'll do everything to make it last even more.

This has been too EMO haha have a great weekend everyone god bless and take care lots of love♥___♥

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OOOOPs I accidentally deleted my thank you post for Kojie.san|men haist I can't retrieve it

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy Me: Kojie.San Men's Club Product launch and Movie Screening

Well back to my Busy Me series, actually this post is supposed to be two posts but I have decided to cut it and make it as one haha my readers might get bored because prolonging such post with the same event hahaha. Still this is in connection with my Kojie.san|men experience, as you all know I won tickets for special movie screening of Taken 2 and also an invitation at Kojie.san|men's product launch which has been my greatest blogging experience so far.

Ok lets start with the product launch but let me warn you first, because there'll be limited,blurry and crappy pictures haha  just don't have any good camera by now, poor me:/. Product launch was held last October 3 at Seventh High club, The fort. The venue is quite far from where I live in so I leave the house 3 hours ahead of time I was also allowed to bring one person with me so I brought my dear friend Darren(some of you might remember him)

We meet up at a mall in Bacoor and headed to the venue it takes almost one hour to get to Bacoor traffic sucks but it get worst as we get closer to the venue haha in the end, we made it to the 7th high club 1 hour late shocks!.

Because we're late we missed Nicholiala's( Famous radio jock) hosting and I guess the introduction of the product. But still we had fun watching Jobert Austria, Long Mehija and most especially the hilarious Alex Calleja (few great comedians).

Great Foods and Cocktails were served at the event, too bad I don't really drink.There's a lot of fun contest that night one of it is this crazy mechanical bull ride haha host was first to try it, they ride the bull with this gorgeous and sexy models haha. A Nuffnanger won the said contest I think his name was Marvin cheers to him.

 Later that night things get wilder because of this sizzling hot girl group, Mocha girls. We, the boys were drooling over their gorgeous body while singing and dancing sexy hahaha.

They also hosted some silly green game where they gave a copy of playboy magazine (how I wish I got one haha) also I guest the biggest prize on that night which is an I pad whoooa haha.
Overall the event was cool too bad I didn't get a chance of knowing some other blogger there. Me and Darren both get a bag full of Kojie.san|men products.

Now proceeding to the next event, which is the movie screening. It was held lst October 5 at Edsa Shangri-la, Manila. The movie was "Taken 2"( I read a lot of good feedback for this movie so im expecting a lot). I was also allowed to bring one person here and since I had Darren at the product launch I asked my cousin Bluedreamer(you might know him too) to go with me.

 Before the movie started there is host at the front calling for some volunteers for their little game when no one's responding they started calling names from the list of attendees and surprisingly they called mine and I was like "What the F!" hahaha.
The host started asking a simple question "Lalake ka ba?" (are you a male?) I was worried cause I can't think of a good answer maybe because I'm nervous haha but when the mike was on me I answered "Mas Lalake kaysa sa kanila" ( more manly than them) What? then the crowd laugh so I guess I answered it right haha.

 Each of the blogger that joined was given a bag of  Kojie.san|men products. Plus at the registration area me and blue were also given one bag of products each( now you know why I have plenty haha). We enjoyed the movie so much it was just great. I thank god for all this blessings

Ok I guess this post was too ling already have a great day everyone happy blogging.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank You Kojie.san|men and Nuffnang

I'm sorry I just have to pause my "busy me" series for this. It's been a while since I started receiving various items, Freebies, prizes and some cool special movie screenings from my blogging and for me, it is quite flattering. Remember my vanity post which is also my entry for the "Taken 2" special movie screening contest by Nuffnang and Kojie.san|men? here's the link if you want to check it out. Fortunately I manage to get into the first 60 list of entries so I won two movie tickets for that I'm pretty happy enough but, surprisingly I was also included in the top 20 best entries which granted me a special invitation at Kojie.san|men' club launch at 7th high club the fort. Wait for the rest of my Busy me series for further details regarding this events all I can say for now is, it had been really really great so watch out for that alright?

For now I would want to extend my deepest gratitude for Nuffnang Philippines and of course  to Kojie.san|men's club for the spectacular events that they held and for the giveaways I've got from them which is the coolest thing I've got from my blogging. More than the wonderful action packed movie we watched its the Kojie.san|men's product makes this experience even more memorable as I've told you before I'm kinda vain so this amazing products suits me. I got plenty of it that for a sudden I felt like "what am I a retailer or something?" hahaha

Before I only use one kind of spray for my body and at most point I felt bored with it. I also switched brands time to time just to feel different and confident but the brands turned kinda monotonous so switching  doesn't even make sense anymore. But now that I've got this four variety of deospray from Kojie.san|men it wont be as boring as before. individually each smells pretty awesome and quite different from one another it's indeed way better than my previous brand. This items makes me more confident and it is sure to suit me at my different moods.

This soap I've got from they was also cool, It smells good I have used it already and its pretty good It made me felt light and clean. This lotion I've got yesterday from them I tried using it after taking a bath it wasn't sticky like my previous brand which just runs out( perfect timing is it? lol).

For all the men out there I personally recommend this set of products its quality is indeed a guarantee. Go on own your self any of their products and Preserve Mankind hoho.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Me: Cosplay Mania 2012

What a week it had been how are you blogger friends? me? whew I've been too busy this week going here and there and more to come this week hahaha. Well I'm not complaining I was actually thankful for the blessing God is giving me. With no further ado here is the first among a series of post.

Last year I attended a great event the greatest event I've been by that time the event was the Cosplay mania 2011 I guess that was around first week of October last year I had so much fun I'm an anime fanatic so this kind of event was some sort of heaven to us hahaha. I went to that event with my cousin Christian and his bunch of friends we had a great time taking pictures, naming cosplays, and watching them ramp. I wished that I cosplayed too that time but I guess I'm too shy for that hahaha anyways here are some photos of cosplay mania 2011 day 1

Well this year cosplay mania is back and of course I wont let this opportunity to pass haha. And so I went on the first day of cosplay mania 2012 at SMX convention center Mall of Asia again I was with christian but now we brought our other cousin Bluedreamer and Mirasol. By the way my cousin Mirasol cosplayed an anime character and she's cool I felt somehow proud to see her on cosplay hahaha.

The event went good and just perfect there's a huge difference from the previous cosplay mania event first there are celebrities went on the event and bigger cosplayer guest. Tv5 network was one of the partner of this year's cosplay team so they brought some actors to the event like the former Rustom Padilla, Ms. BB gandanghari and some various tv5 stars which I honestly don't know they all went on their costumes from the fantasy series they were in to. Also Dereck Ramsey was they to introduce his new TV project  Kidlat.
Last year there is also some foreign cosplayer guests but I forgot their name hahaha but this year it was Kaname, Reika well I bet you don't know them at all hahaha.

Here's the photos we took at the event it was mine, christian and blue actually. Sorry it was blur and crappy we don't have good cameras. hahaha.

Here Mirasol my cousin