Monday, June 24, 2013

What American Idol Should Do To Regain Their Ratings?

American Idol was undeniably one of the biggest and most anticipated reality-singing competition program ever aired on air, with a total of 12 seasons we are pretty much sure how far this show had gone since 2002. But as you all know, the show wasn't as successful as it was in the previous seasons, it's ratings was gradually declining from a season after another.In fact it had it's lowest viewership this season. Here's a chart I got from Wikipedia which clearly show, how the ratings had been from the first up to the latest season.

What could have caused this? well I don't wanna go further on that but instead I recommend  you to visit this post my brother did regarding that issue (Top Five reason why American Idol is losing the ratings).

Well, As the title goes, I prefer listing down the things which, on my opinion that may make American Idol soar in ratings rank again or at least somehow improve it.

•Mentors - Well, I guess the strategy of Idol for this year was to put the biggest star on the panel instead having them as guest mentors, which was for sure a major fail. I just notice, the mentoring system of Idol had become dull lately unlike previous season on which they get to show variety on that. Perhaps most of AI's budget was spent on giving viewers an interesting panel which actually turned out an eye-sore to us. If they would again do such, there's a higher chance people will look up to watching the show more often because there's always new each week.

•Performance Upgrade - I think, season 12 somehow had some of the best vocals the show ever had, but something ain't right when it come to their performances. Yeah, vocally it was mostly great but, the actual or the whole performance itself was kinda boring to watch, and so, I thought if they would focus on putting more creativity on that certain factor, there will be no boring and forgettable numbers anymore. I know it's a singing competition which must focus on the singing, but in a world where there is Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pink and so much more artists which gives audiences overflowing does of entertainment, I think Idol must also cope up on that.Enough with the smoke machine, spot light , stairs and splitting monitors on the background and come up with something new and current.

•Themes- As you all know, unlike other shows which gives contestants unlimited choices of songs to sing American Idol has this random theme each week, which I think was the best way to show their contestant's versatility. However, it is quite noticeable that Idol was running out of themes to use, most especially for this recent season which showcases themes that are too broad. Actually this goes with the mentors for whoever they may be, their songs will be on finalist's choices. Hmm, There's still a lot of artist to feature on the show, so Idol must also focus on this too.

•Selection Process - Yeah I must admit, season 12 offered a new twist on this process, when they introduce the Las Vegas week, but I somehow felt that it was just did to manipulate the result or maybe, such phase doesn't really differs on the other, all it does is prolong the process. They should come up with a better twist just to give their audiences something new something that would make upcoming season different from the previous.

• Judges - Honestly, I kinda like previous AI judges, for there's variety on their comments which I think makes them more interesting however, I think they somehow went overboard, the feud between Mariah and Nicki turned out to be quite annoying. So if that so, I think Idol must come up with a set of judges with a good chemistry yet still has variety.

Overall, what American Idol  mainly needs are Variety and  impressive Modifications most specially now that competitions had gone bigger and tougher. Well, these are just my opinion, I'm not an expert when it comes to such field, I'm just another avid viewer who was concluding things based on observations. Criticisms are well appreciated.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Twisted (Part 8)

The girls thought Leo fired his gun on them, but the next thing they knew Leo was lying on the ground.
Troy shot, Leo.
 “Anna! Trish! Are okay?” Troy asked them,
“Oh god, Troy? Is that you?” Trish asked
Trish runs towards Troy and cried, “Don’t worry babe everything is okay now.” Troy comforts Trish.
Christian also went in the room, seeing Anna who seems exhausted and was sitting on the floor.
“You okay Annie? Christian asked Anna,
Anna hugged Christian and does nothing but to cry as well.
Troy escorted Trish home while Christian brought Anna to the hospital and he even called Anna’s parents.
The next day both Anna and Trish didn’t attend their classes, while as for Leo; he was now under a hospital arrest. Though Christian was kinda worried of Anna, he has to tutor Troy again.
Saturday morning, Christian went on Anna’s house to see if she’s okay. Anna’s parents were surprised because it is the first time Christian went there since the family dispute was started. He went to Anna’s room and there she saw Anna sitting beside the window.
“Christian? What the? Did you? Ohh never mind, come in”
“Soo, what’s up?”
“I kissed her”
“whoa, really? On that night?”
“Yeah and I think she’s mad, she never called me since then”
“Well, perhaps she’s still  in shock”
“Sigh, but I bet it won’t be the same anymore”
“You know what, why don’t  we just forget about them just for this day”
Christian saw an old photo album on Anna’s table and started browsing through it. It was a photo album of their pictures back when they used to play with each other as kids.  And from a picture to another they started reminiscing their childhood. They laugh hard that moment and they realize the wonderful friendship which they had back then.
When Christian saw their picture on the old house that used to be their play ground he insisted for them to fix it again which Anna nodded.  They purchased some paints and gather materials and went straight to the old house. Their parents were puzzled and thought that there’s something going on between the two and even though there’s still a dispute they were both happy about it.
Anna and Christian enjoyed being together fixing their old hideout.
“You know what? You’re not bad after all” Christian told Anna
“What do you mean?”
“If I were a real guy, I think I would be in loved with you”
“re..really? but why?”
“Why not? You’re pretty, and you’re not like any other bitches out there”
“Well it’s weird but I guess I feel the same way to you”
“Anyway, our family would be migrating soon”
“Whoa! Really why? I mean when?
“Dad told me we will after this school year so that would be by the end of the month, but they will be there a head of me”
“How come you never told me this?”
“Well at first I wasn’t sure about it, and besides I can stay here if I want to, so perhaps that’s why”
“ I see, so how about Troy?”
“Don’t you think I have to confess to him too?”
“Well if you’re leaving perhaps it’s worth a try”
“Maybe after our finals”

Anna and Christian went home and saw both of their families were talking, at first they thought they were quarreling again but to their surprised they were both laughing.
“What’s going on here?” Anna asked
“Well, I think it’s about time for us, our families to be friends again” Anna’s father replied
“That ‘s cool but yet kinda weird” Christian told them
“Well both of you were okay now, and you two seems happy together, so might as well us right?” Christian’s mother replied
Christian and Anna stared at one another and started realizing that they were indeed back to how they were before.
Anna and Christian went in the school to attend their classes, and even though it’s their final’s test Trish didn’t showed up, and as for Troy, he is now about to prove the things he learned from Christian. Soon that day, the result of the test will be released and Troy and Christian decided to check it after their basketball practice.

 It’s quite late so Troy and Christian were the last to check their scores which was posted on a bulletin board ,They browsed their names and saw that Troy didn't just passed, but got one of the highest score as well. Troy was overwhelmed that he hugged Christian. But when Troy saw Christian was shocked he felt a bit awkward about it. They paused for a moment and stared at one another which pushed Christian to kiss Troy. The kiss lasted for a few seconds but Troy let go and punched Christian and walked out. Christian was left lying on the floor on tears.


I would like to thank Wenn for this cool items she sent me and my brother Bluedreamer for this cute twisted poster!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man Of Steel

As you all know, I recently joined another Nuffnang contest, which is for the special movie screening tickets of Man of Steel and luckily I won. The movie screening was held yesterday at Shangri-la cineplex hosted by Nuffnang Philippines and sponsored by schick. Since I won two tickets for the said contest and I went there with brother Bluedreamer (well he insisted for me to join the said contest in the first place).

As for the movie, it was beyond what I was expecting. The visual effects was stunning the actors were great and the fighting scenes were breath taking. Aside to these great points the plot line able to explain everything about superman, his origin and his purpose which I really liked about the movie.
The main actor, Henry Cavill, to my opinion did a great job. He's acting was quite great and his posture sure suits the role of superman( I actually envied his body).
As for Amy Adams, who played the role of Lois Laine, I think there are lot of actress to play the role better than she did, it's not because she sucks or whatever, I just didn't get to see enough of Lois Laine's character at her.
And of course what's a hero without a villain right?, Micheal Shannon who played the role of General Zod did the most excellent job in the movie. I'm really impressed how he gave justice on such character.

Russell Crowe(Jor- El) and Diane Lane(Martha Kent) also played their role interestingly.

Overall, the movie was entirely great. It wasn't fast phased and the action packed fighting scenes were just indescribable. On my opinion the weak point of this movie is it's lack of comical approach (unless at the ending) which most DC movies also has, unlike Marvel movies they always has this comical scenes which serves as Ice breaker. But this doesn't make the movie less than greatness, if I would rank it I would give it 9 out 10 stars. I would definitely recommend you this movie.

By the way, as all of Nuffnang contest, aside to the movie screening, we also get to have some freebies and here's what we got.

A bag of Schick razors with a shaving foam and a rubber wrist watch.I would also like to thank NuffnangPH and Schick.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twisted (part 7)

“Anna! Anna! Are you okay? Anna wake up”, a familiar voice waking Anna.
“Tri… Trish? What ha… ugh my head aches”
“Thank goodness, you’re just fine, I’m freaking out here” Trish replied
“Where are we?”
“I don’t know I woke up like this”
Anna and Trish were on a room which seems to be a stockroom and they were tide up together.
“My queen! You’re up!” a guy entered the room.
“Le..Leo?” Trish gasp
“You know him Trish?”
“Yeah he courted me last year but Troy and I were still…”
“SHHHH shut up! I don’t wanna hear that!”
“What do you want from us?” Anna asked.
“From you? None but as for her, my wife , she’s all I need”
“You’re crazy! I don’t like you asshole!”
“Eventually you will”

Meanwhile, Christian was about to go home from Troy’s house, Troy went upstairs to get his car keys and so Christian was left alone.
“So, are you my son’s tutor friend?”
“ohh good evening Mr. Cruz”
“You’ll get tired teaching that guy, he knows nothing aside basketball, he even fail to pass he’s entrance exams he took before saint Jude’s”
“ But sir, I think he can be great in academics too, I evaluated him a while ago and I know he can”
“hahaha well perhaps he will, ten years from now hahaha, I’m his father, I know him.
Troy heard their conversation but he hid himself.
“With all due respect sir, yes, you are the father and I’m just his friend, I may not know him as much as you do, but what makes us different is I have faith on him. Sometimes sir, it takes more than knowing, and most of the time, all you have to do is to believe. And as for a father, I think that’s merely what you have to do sir.”
“Dad, are you scaring my friend again?”
“No, Troy, were just introducing ourselves, nice to meet you Mr. Cruz.

Leo, took Anna away from Trish.
“What are you gonna do with Anna! Let her go! I’m all you need right?”
“Trish shut up! I wont leave you here”
“No, you know I can’t do that Trish, she’s in this now, but yet she has to be gone”
“What do you mean?”
Leo took his gun out and pointed it to Anna, “walk! Over there”
“Anna!, don’t hurt her please!” Trish started crying
“You’re even cuter when you cry Trish, don’t worry I’ll be back” Leo told Trish
“Don’t worry Trish, I’ll be okay”
Leo took Anna, on another room on which he is planning to shot Anna.  Anna was thinking of a way out of that situation and since her hands were tied, fighting back was not an option. The room has a huge glass window and Anna thought if only she could push that guy there she’ll get to save them both. but for her to do her plan, she has to divert Leo’s attention and so she acted as if someone on Leo’s back. Leo notice Anna’s gestures to he look back, and that’s when Anna Attack Leo with all her strength to push him towards the window. Leo falls from the window but before he, landed he was able to pull his trigger.

Trish cried harder because she taught Anna was killed, but to her surprise she saw Anna entering the room with wounded arm.
“Anna! Oh my god, I thought you’re dead, what happened”
“There’s no time for that Trish we have to escape from here”

Meanwhile, on Troy’s car,
“Thanks, for that Christian, thanks, for believing in me,”
“Troy, you’re special to me actually..” Christian is about to confess but his phone rang.
“Anna? Nice ti.. wha.. what? Where are you?”
“I don’t know, were on an abandon house and all I can see from here was an old wind mill”
“old wind mill?, Troy do you know where can we see that?”
“I think so, why what’s wrong?”
“Anna and Trish was kidnapped, we’ll have to save them”
Both guy rushed to get to where Trish and Anna was. Meanwhile, the two girls checked Leo’s body, but it was gone.
“You bitch” Leo said who was behind them  and he is pointing his gun to them.
 Anna hugged Trish and told her, “try everything to escape, I love you” and Anna kissed Trish.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

American Idol Season 13 Judges

American Idol sure offered a lot of surprises this season, new set of judges and a girl champion which has been far at reach seen the WGWG curse has begun. But inspire of these changes and the excellency of the finalist the show didn't soar that much as they does on previous seasons, in fact it had it's lowest rating ever.
And aside to the rating drop American Idol season 12 receive a lot of criticism. Most were saying that this season was "manipulated", has been quite predictable, lame and boring episodes and of course too much drama on the panel. As for me, I was in favor of Candice Glover being the champion, her vocal prowess sure deserves the title, what I didn't like is the show really change nothing, yeah we have new judges but the performance of the finalist and the theme used was kinda the same and quite boring unlike the previous seasons.

Well, as for the upcoming season we can again, expect a major change on the panel as all of the judges would be replaced including the longest judge idol ever had, Randy Jackson.
As early as now,  a lot of rumors were spreading of who would be sitting on the panel.As of now, the only confirmed judge was an American Idol alumnus, Jennifer Hudson, having a Grammy, an Oscar and a Golden globe she sure has what it takes to be there, and I also think it's about time for an alumnus to judge.There's a possibility that Keith Urban would come back for another season, and he said he was wiling to do so. Another rumors saying that Jennifer Lopez who had been a judge of AI for two consecutive years could also be back on the panel however, based on the interviews she had, she seems unwilling yet open for possibilities. Aside Jennifer Hudson a lot of American Idol alumni were also on the list of possible judges such as Adam Lambert, , Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood.

Regardless of who ever will judge, this upcoming season would definitely be a different one, better or worse? that's what were gonna find out next year.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Twisted (Part 6)

Troy asked Christian to help him with his studies and offered him to stay at his house, which Christian cannot afford to resist. After school they proceed on the plan, Christian was stunned to see how big Troy’s house was which clearly shows how rich they really are. They went straight to Troy’s room. Troy’s room was big yet the typical guy’s room and as Christian enters the room there’s a certain feeling suddenly occur, hot and thrilling moment, perhaps due to the fact that they were alone.
Troy started bringing his books out and from that instance the tutorial has begun.

Meanwhile, as for Anna, she accompanied Trish on her locker to get some of her stuff. Trish was surprised to see a bouquet of flowers inside her locker, and a letter was also included. At first Trish was giggling because of it, but then, when she opened the letter she was kinda bothered by what is written on it
“I want you, I need you. And I will GET you”.

Two hours had passed and Troy and Christian was still studying. Troy was surprised how fast he understands the lesson and of course it’s because how well Christian was teaching him. Troy asked one of his maids to prefer a snack for them, and that’s when they took a break. Troy asked Christian if he want to see Troy’s personal gym which Christian nodded.
They went on the basement where all of Troy’s equipment were placed. The place looks exactly like a typical gym, it even has it’s own shower room and Troy was proud to show his complete set of gym equipments.
“Wanna try those?” Troy asked Christian
“But I don’t have any extra shirt” Christian replied
“Don’t you worry I have a lot”
Troy lends Christian a pair of shirt and jersey shorts and they started working out.

Anna, was really worried for Trish, she even insisted to escort her home, but Trish refused and tell her it’s just nothing, she also told Anna they she’s been receiving such for quite sometime now. Trish bids goodbye to Anna, which was still worried. She watched Trish as she walks away, everything seems to be okay but then, a suspicious guy started following Trish. Anna went after them to make sure everything would be just right, but unfortunately they’re both gone. Anna panicked and started running around to search for Trish.

Troy and Christian was tired and exhausted, Troy asked Christian to use the shower room, but Christian insisted for Troy to go first. While waiting, as Christian hears the splash of water from the shower room, there’s something on his mind telling to peak but he manage to divert his attention by playing his phone. Christian didn’t even notice that Troy was done, until Troy tapped his back. Troy was half naked and wears nothing but a towel. All of a sudden everything seems to be in slow motion even the water dripping from Troy’s chess to his abs. The tension didn’t stop there because Troy removed his towel letting Christian saw the rest of him. Christian started having erection so he went straight to the shower room to hide it from Troy. Christian wants to see Troy’s naked body but he needs to control himself.

Anna, saw Trish and nothing happened to her, she run toward Trish and hugged her tightly.
“Anna? What’s wrong?” Trish asked
“I was worried; I thought something happened to you, I thought I’ll never see you again”
“Relax Anna, I’m okay don’t be para…” Before Trish finishes what she has to say a guy hit her from the back

“Trish! What have you done! Who are..”  Anna was as well hit by that mysterious guy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Do you know how it feels to be an outcast? that certain feeling that you were still alone even though you're surrounded with a lot of people, well, in my case, I had, and it feels like I still do.As they say we live in a small world, but if so, why do we still feel alone?.
Back in my high school days, I was a typical student (well, I think I was) who goes at school and come home right after. I had friends back then, actually all of my classmates treats me really well as if I was kind of respected. But that only happens at school after that, nobody even notice that I'm gone, nobody invited me to hangout after school, nobody wants to be with me, that's how I felt back then, nobody aside my two best friends. But even though I had them back then, something in me was lacking, I was longing for a different type of friendship I guess.
So after high school through my first job, I had my first ever cellphone, and from then I started joining texting clans, I even built my own. And I had met then the best of friends I had, some people that I can play jokes with, and that was the very first time I felt appreciated, that I was valued as a person, as me, as a real friend. But along the way something happened, my best friend died, and the other went on with their live and as for me, the feeling of being alone came back. Nobody ever made me feels that way since my best friend, perhaps that's why I cried the hardest on his funeral, I even cried louder than his girl friend. Weeks after, I was sick, perhaps due to depression, and from then I decided that I can't live like that, and so, I started wondering around again, but unfortunately I don't know where to start on my circle of friends then, so I started joining texting clans again. I flirt with a lot of girls back then, coz that's how I feel appreciated, until I met my girl friend but ironically, the girl I loved, never really made me feels that way and what's worst is, I keep distance to those people who makes me great which my girl friend was jealous of.
And it feels like I was back on the way it was before,but now I learned to accept the fact that people lives on with or with out me.