Friday, June 21, 2013

Twisted (Part 8)

The girls thought Leo fired his gun on them, but the next thing they knew Leo was lying on the ground.
Troy shot, Leo.
 “Anna! Trish! Are okay?” Troy asked them,
“Oh god, Troy? Is that you?” Trish asked
Trish runs towards Troy and cried, “Don’t worry babe everything is okay now.” Troy comforts Trish.
Christian also went in the room, seeing Anna who seems exhausted and was sitting on the floor.
“You okay Annie? Christian asked Anna,
Anna hugged Christian and does nothing but to cry as well.
Troy escorted Trish home while Christian brought Anna to the hospital and he even called Anna’s parents.
The next day both Anna and Trish didn’t attend their classes, while as for Leo; he was now under a hospital arrest. Though Christian was kinda worried of Anna, he has to tutor Troy again.
Saturday morning, Christian went on Anna’s house to see if she’s okay. Anna’s parents were surprised because it is the first time Christian went there since the family dispute was started. He went to Anna’s room and there she saw Anna sitting beside the window.
“Christian? What the? Did you? Ohh never mind, come in”
“Soo, what’s up?”
“I kissed her”
“whoa, really? On that night?”
“Yeah and I think she’s mad, she never called me since then”
“Well, perhaps she’s still  in shock”
“Sigh, but I bet it won’t be the same anymore”
“You know what, why don’t  we just forget about them just for this day”
Christian saw an old photo album on Anna’s table and started browsing through it. It was a photo album of their pictures back when they used to play with each other as kids.  And from a picture to another they started reminiscing their childhood. They laugh hard that moment and they realize the wonderful friendship which they had back then.
When Christian saw their picture on the old house that used to be their play ground he insisted for them to fix it again which Anna nodded.  They purchased some paints and gather materials and went straight to the old house. Their parents were puzzled and thought that there’s something going on between the two and even though there’s still a dispute they were both happy about it.
Anna and Christian enjoyed being together fixing their old hideout.
“You know what? You’re not bad after all” Christian told Anna
“What do you mean?”
“If I were a real guy, I think I would be in loved with you”
“re..really? but why?”
“Why not? You’re pretty, and you’re not like any other bitches out there”
“Well it’s weird but I guess I feel the same way to you”
“Anyway, our family would be migrating soon”
“Whoa! Really why? I mean when?
“Dad told me we will after this school year so that would be by the end of the month, but they will be there a head of me”
“How come you never told me this?”
“Well at first I wasn’t sure about it, and besides I can stay here if I want to, so perhaps that’s why”
“ I see, so how about Troy?”
“Don’t you think I have to confess to him too?”
“Well if you’re leaving perhaps it’s worth a try”
“Maybe after our finals”

Anna and Christian went home and saw both of their families were talking, at first they thought they were quarreling again but to their surprised they were both laughing.
“What’s going on here?” Anna asked
“Well, I think it’s about time for us, our families to be friends again” Anna’s father replied
“That ‘s cool but yet kinda weird” Christian told them
“Well both of you were okay now, and you two seems happy together, so might as well us right?” Christian’s mother replied
Christian and Anna stared at one another and started realizing that they were indeed back to how they were before.
Anna and Christian went in the school to attend their classes, and even though it’s their final’s test Trish didn’t showed up, and as for Troy, he is now about to prove the things he learned from Christian. Soon that day, the result of the test will be released and Troy and Christian decided to check it after their basketball practice.

 It’s quite late so Troy and Christian were the last to check their scores which was posted on a bulletin board ,They browsed their names and saw that Troy didn't just passed, but got one of the highest score as well. Troy was overwhelmed that he hugged Christian. But when Troy saw Christian was shocked he felt a bit awkward about it. They paused for a moment and stared at one another which pushed Christian to kiss Troy. The kiss lasted for a few seconds but Troy let go and punched Christian and walked out. Christian was left lying on the floor on tears.


I would like to thank Wenn for this cool items she sent me and my brother Bluedreamer for this cute twisted poster!


  1. wow... may kissing scene na...hihihihi... cute ng artwork...

  2. hmmm, i have actually thought so earlier
    must be one of the guys who shot Leo from behind

  3. so now it's Anna & Christian, and Trish & Troy
    not so about Anna & Troy and Trish & Christian huh??
    or is it now Anna & Trish and Troy & Christian
    confusing relationships.. hahaha!!

  4. great to know that Anna and Christian are getting along well now
    and even greater news, both their families..

  5. hmmm Anna kissed Trish and Trish didn't appear in school
    Christian kissed Troy, punched and laid tearing on the floor
    it's getting more and more twisted!!

  6. wow, your cousin bluedreamer is surely very talented
    that poster looks awesome!! so professional
    but wait!! 3 girls and 1 guy??
    that's not your twisted with 2 girls and 2 guys right??

  7. wow, you have received the souvenirs from Wenn!!
    i also received the teabags, honey drops and keychain
    very nice and awesome!!

  8. BTW, have you received my "snacks bento"??
    it has been sent a month ago
    and i checked philippines post, it should have delivered..
    just worry about whether you got it..

    1. FYI, it's a registered mail with tracking number RR148567549MY if you ever need it..

  9. have a great weekend ahead Melvin..
    happy blogging and take the best of care
    may god bless you always

  10. May violence, may love story, may drama, at may suspense. Kumpleto ang rekado, more, more!

  11. Huwaw, nagiging exciting na ang mga pangyayari. Kaso lang, pareho na sila ni Anna at Christian, di na sila pinapansin nila Trish and Troy >_<

  12. interesting storyline..
    and I like the artistic looking!

  13. Ok I'm getting more and more confused with the relationships between these four!

  14. So how many more parts to this Twisted series? : )

  15. Didn't know Bluedreamer is so talented! Nice poster! : )

  16. AHHH the kissing scene, its finally here!
    The poster version is really well drawn!
    And nice that you have Pickwick tea over
    there :P tho I know you don't like tea.

  17. Haiyar!!! No happy ending kah?

  18. hi mecoy! musta?! sa wakas, nakapagblog hop na ulet ako. ingat and God Bless!

  19. I wonder .......ano kaya ending? Tsk, tsk. I hope it would be as I thought:)

  20. medyo nagulat ako sa kissing scene ha. lol

    1. ako din nagulat sa kissing scene ha ha ha!

      Sinuntok talaga ha? Hindi ba kinurot? ahi hi hi :P

  21. Parekoy ndi ko to nasubaybayan akoy iyoy paumanhin .....

  22. Hi :) I hope you are well!!!
    Sorry, that I don´t answear always... I really have not time, but I try :D
    Thanks a lot for your great comments and compliments, dear!!
    xoxo from Munich

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  24. Wow....bluedreamer hv good talent

    1. Are you going to make this into a book? Then maybe can consider this as yhe cover of yhe book.

      Ahem ahemmmm hope when it's published I can have an autographed copy ...wimk wink