Monday, April 15, 2013

Twisted Part 4

“Hey dude, would you like to watch movie tonight?” Troy asked Christian.
“m…me and you? Just us”
“haha silly of course with Anna and Trish, It’ll be a group date”
“haha yeah I know,(why can't it be just us) ok then, Ill ask Anna about it”
And later that day Christian texted Anna regarding Troy's invitation. Anna told trish about it and Trish insisted for them to go, but then Anna's doubting that her father would let her go out late for he was so strict.So Trish told Anna that she would personally ask her father in behalf of her which Anna agreed.They went on Anna’s house and Trish told Anna’s father their plan and he instantly permited the girls . The two, went upstairs at Anna’s room.
“Honey are we having a grandchild?” Anna’s dad said to his wife
“Honey!, relax they were just friends hahaha”
Meanwhile Christian was home too and he texted Anna.
“U going 2nyt? Ill pick you up on the old house, I’m bringing dad’s car”
“yeah, but wait, im with Trish , she’s here in my room talking shower”
“U bitch, he can’t see me here, remember our family’s dispute?” “it’s ok I can manage”

And Trish went out of the shower which was in Anna’s room too wearing nothing but a towel. Anna was stunned to see Trish wet and almost naked, her fair smooth skin and her great curves.
“hey Anna? What were you still doing there? Go on and fix yourself you wouldn't want to keep our boys waiting”
Though Anna like to see Trish take that towel off she can’t. Trish saw that Anna was suppose to wear the usual set of clothes she had in school and she told Anna not to wear it. Trish checked on Anna's closet and search for something else and there she saw a simple black dress and tho Anna don't like to wear it she can't refuse Trish, she even put makeup on her and of course Anna’s parents were speechless to see her dressed like that.
And then they went straight to the old house where Christian was waiting in his car.
“A..annie? you look.. Beautiful”
Anna punch him in his shoulder and said “ Yeah right”
“How about me Christian how do I look?”
“Perfect Trish , just so perfect, I like you lipst.. I mean lips”

They drove for a few minutes and have reached the cinema house where Troy’s waiting. Troy already purchased tickets and snack for the four of them.
“You look lovely Anna” Troy said
“Thanks buddy, so what’s the movie?”
“Scream 4”
“Okay shall we?”
Trish grab Anna and whispered to her “Anna, sit next to me okay, I know Troy’s plan” “plan?” “just trust me okay?”
Anna sat on the leftmost seat while Trish sat next to her and then Christian and lastly Troy who were quite upset of that arrangement.
On the middle of the movie Trish and Christian shouted and Trish grope at Anna’s arm and Anna told herself “So that’s the plan huh” while Christian pretend he was coughing.”Are you alright dude?” Troy asked “Yeah it’s just the popcorn”. The movie ended and Troy and Trish separately rode cabs while Anna and Christian drove home.
“Were you serious?” Anna asked.
“Serious about what?
 “never mind”
“No tell me”
“Amm I really pretty on this?”
“Surprisingly? Yeah”
And Anns just smiled.

The next morning went as usual but not until afternoon. Christian was left alone in the varsity team’s locker room. He saw there Troy’s used jersey and he hugged it while smelling the scent left from Troy. Then all of a sudden somebody grab the said jersey, It was Jack one of the member of the team and a close friend of Troy
“This is Troy’s why were you? ..ohhh I know you're gay right? and you like Troy don’t you?”  Jack said
“Please don't tell him about this”
“Why wouldn't I?”
“Please I beg you! I'll do everything just please don't tell Troy”
”Well, okay, if that's the case I'll consider!”


I forgot to include this on my previous post, I would like to thank SK for this love set of gifts

"This seems like a move cover"


  1. Oh, the story is getting more twisted haha!

  2. Some parts of the story sounds like off limits to kids if it were to get any further. Hahaha!!

  3. Oh nice gift from SK!! Sorry to tell you I have not mailed you your souvenir yet. Have been too busy to go to the post office, but I will do so sometime this week : )

  4. Ah man the story about these 4
    friends are getting twisted! I'm
    currious how it will end. Christian
    is gay, and Anna is a lesbian and
    Troy and Trish.....

  5. Huy Sana may SPG ha... kahit si Jack and Christian na lang... hihihihihi

  6. Ya...I would be annoyed with the seating arrangement in the cinema too...unless they're all gays! LOL!!!

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  10. you are most welcome for the gifts and you deserved it as the Champion, haha!! hope you'll like these "cheapskate" thing~~ :p

  11. till then have a great day and happy blogging..
    take great care and may GOD bless you :)

  12. waaaaaaaaaaaaah hurry for part 5... I wanna know what Jack want Trish to do.
    And wooow at the gift... parang movie poster nga :)

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    Wag naman sana malaswa yung ipapagawa ni Jack lols

    Chapter 5 na pleaseee???? :D

  14. interesting story..waiting for the climax..
    congrats for being the top in SK's blog!

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    simula na nang mas 'twisted situations'... get ready na ang main characters sa mga kaganapan.. looking forward sa mga susunod!!

  20. I understand you, but I hate the winter, haha :) I think, when is about 20 degrees, the weather is ok, not too hot and not too cold :)))

  21. This is a good read Mecoy! Galing mo! ^◡^


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