Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twisted (part 7)

“Anna! Anna! Are you okay? Anna wake up”, a familiar voice waking Anna.
“Tri… Trish? What ha… ugh my head aches”
“Thank goodness, you’re just fine, I’m freaking out here” Trish replied
“Where are we?”
“I don’t know I woke up like this”
Anna and Trish were on a room which seems to be a stockroom and they were tide up together.
“My queen! You’re up!” a guy entered the room.
“Le..Leo?” Trish gasp
“You know him Trish?”
“Yeah he courted me last year but Troy and I were still…”
“SHHHH shut up! I don’t wanna hear that!”
“What do you want from us?” Anna asked.
“From you? None but as for her, my wife , she’s all I need”
“You’re crazy! I don’t like you asshole!”
“Eventually you will”

Meanwhile, Christian was about to go home from Troy’s house, Troy went upstairs to get his car keys and so Christian was left alone.
“So, are you my son’s tutor friend?”
“ohh good evening Mr. Cruz”
“You’ll get tired teaching that guy, he knows nothing aside basketball, he even fail to pass he’s entrance exams he took before saint Jude’s”
“ But sir, I think he can be great in academics too, I evaluated him a while ago and I know he can”
“hahaha well perhaps he will, ten years from now hahaha, I’m his father, I know him.
Troy heard their conversation but he hid himself.
“With all due respect sir, yes, you are the father and I’m just his friend, I may not know him as much as you do, but what makes us different is I have faith on him. Sometimes sir, it takes more than knowing, and most of the time, all you have to do is to believe. And as for a father, I think that’s merely what you have to do sir.”
“Dad, are you scaring my friend again?”
“No, Troy, were just introducing ourselves, nice to meet you Mr. Cruz.

Leo, took Anna away from Trish.
“What are you gonna do with Anna! Let her go! I’m all you need right?”
“Trish shut up! I wont leave you here”
“No, you know I can’t do that Trish, she’s in this now, but yet she has to be gone”
“What do you mean?”
Leo took his gun out and pointed it to Anna, “walk! Over there”
“Anna!, don’t hurt her please!” Trish started crying
“You’re even cuter when you cry Trish, don’t worry I’ll be back” Leo told Trish
“Don’t worry Trish, I’ll be okay”
Leo took Anna, on another room on which he is planning to shot Anna.  Anna was thinking of a way out of that situation and since her hands were tied, fighting back was not an option. The room has a huge glass window and Anna thought if only she could push that guy there she’ll get to save them both. but for her to do her plan, she has to divert Leo’s attention and so she acted as if someone on Leo’s back. Leo notice Anna’s gestures to he look back, and that’s when Anna Attack Leo with all her strength to push him towards the window. Leo falls from the window but before he, landed he was able to pull his trigger.

Trish cried harder because she taught Anna was killed, but to her surprise she saw Anna entering the room with wounded arm.
“Anna! Oh my god, I thought you’re dead, what happened”
“There’s no time for that Trish we have to escape from here”

Meanwhile, on Troy’s car,
“Thanks, for that Christian, thanks, for believing in me,”
“Troy, you’re special to me actually..” Christian is about to confess but his phone rang.
“Anna? Nice ti.. wha.. what? Where are you?”
“I don’t know, were on an abandon house and all I can see from here was an old wind mill”
“old wind mill?, Troy do you know where can we see that?”
“I think so, why what’s wrong?”
“Anna and Trish was kidnapped, we’ll have to save them”
Both guy rushed to get to where Trish and Anna was. Meanwhile, the two girls checked Leo’s body, but it was gone.
“You bitch” Leo said who was behind them  and he is pointing his gun to them.
 Anna hugged Trish and told her, “try everything to escape, I love you” and Anna kissed Trish.



  1. wow, part 7 of twisted!!
    now, this is becoming more and more exciting..
    and you really have got it twisted huh??

  2. i think you named it Twisted
    because you are thinking of putting in
    lots of unexpected twist and turns in the story
    right?? :)

  3. hmmm, i was expecting something to happen
    between Christian and Troy in the gym after shower
    hahahaha~~ :D

  4. hmmm, i see this part is more focused on the girls
    Leo?? hmmm, has he appeared in earlier parts before?

  5. again, leaving us at suspense and anxiety!!
    the BANG in the ending i mean..
    who would have been shot, and who made the shot??
    looking forward to Twisted Part 8..

  6. have a great day and happy blogging Melvin
    take the best of care and god bless you

  7. Wow! Sounds like I'm watching some kind of TV show drama! Haha!!

  8. Oh NO!! WHo got killed? Anna or Trish or maybe no one?

  9. This is like a cliffhanger in a soap opera! LOL!

  10. Part 7 seems full of exciting action, Part 6 full of suggestive raunchy scenes. Haha! Wonder Part 8 will be full of what? : D

  11. Keep it coming and Happy Blogging! : )

  12. I like how Christian defended his friend, very noble. And as always, more to come eh.

  13. Naku...may suspense thriller part pala ito... inaabangan ko ung Rated SPG part nila Christian and Troy...tskk

  14. Omg I hope Anne and Trish will be alright :c
    This Leo is an evil guy! Xx

  15. At last dumating na kasunod:) Parang thriller na.

  16. Now who's Trish? Forgot already... Old man mah!!! LOL!!!

  17. Woah.
    That escalated quickly. HAHAHA!

    Christian got so bitchy with Troy's dad, srsly? HAHA.

    What did Christian say when he was on the phone with Anna?
    Nice TI...MING?

    Oh well, "Nice ti...ts" came first in mind. Though it made no sense.
    Well, I think I'm just highly perverted.
    Meh~ XD

  18. ganun? sinong tinamaaan bilis na lolz :p

  19. sobrang twisted! may i love you na sa girls lol

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    Mababaril kaya si Anna?