Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twisted (part3)

Anna was already prepared for school, when all of a sudden her father came into their house shouting.
“They were acting like they own everything! as if they were kings!”
“Calm down Honey, what’s happened?” said by Anna’s mother while giving a glass of water to her father.
“They were cutting my plants!”
“And who gave them the right to do that?” asked by Anna.
“They just bought that lot to Mrs. Calderon yesterday and now they were clearing it up, If I know they did that on purpose”
“There’s nothing we can do about that rotten family” her mother said.
Anna’s house was just in front of Christian’s, so the fight between these rival families was inevitable.
Anna was the only child to a family that belongs on the middle class, hi dad Roland was a market store owner while her mom, Tanya was a plain housewife. Meanwhile, Christian’s family was rich his father, Enrique was a bank manager while his mom, Della was a boutique owner. Christian also has a younger sister named Clarisse.
The history of the family feud they have was forgotten due to consistently avenging against each other but though, their families had been once close to each other.
Anna rode a bus but, there is only one seat left on it and unfortunately the seat was next to Christian’s and if she will wait for another one she will be late for her class so she just sat there.
“Family of fraudsters” Anna said.
“Crudes!” Christian replied.
“Coz we can, unlike your filthy family!.”
“We rather be filthy than to be evil like you”
“Whatever! Can we just pretend were not together?”
Few minutes passed a lady went off the bus and Anna transferred on her seat. She didn’t know that there was a guy sleeping beside her, which later leaned his head to Anna’s shoulder. Christian was laughing on his own because of that.
Later afternoon, Christian went on the school gymnasium for the try out, and there he saw Troy sweaty on his jersey and he told himself “He’s so hot”, Troy saw him and introduced him to their coach and Christian impressed them.
Meanwhile, Anna and Trish were on the canteen having some snacks.
“So Anna, any guy caught your attention yet?”
“Ahh me?, n-no one yet why you?”
“Well there’s this hunky guy on the back row, I think he’s interesting”
“Who, Troy?”
“No not him, I’m so over him, I was referring to that cute guy beside him”
“What? Christian? Oh no you don’t know that guy as much as I do, wait what do you mean over him?”
“You know him?”
“Yeah were neighbor ever since”
“Can you introduce me to him?” And Trish grabbed her hand tightly and gave her a cute stare.
After a while the varsity team went in the café together with Christian.
“Oh shocks there’s him go on call him!”
And without thinking she wave over Christian and said “Ichan!” tho she was smiling deep in her mind she knew she was on trouble.
“Annie?” Christian’s doubtful response
“I would like you to meet Trish, my new friend”
“hi there, Christian pleased to meet you” “pleased to meet you too Trish”
“ehem would you mind introduce me with you friend Christian?” Troy said.
“Oh Anna, I mean Annie here’s Troy our ace player”
“Hi there gorgeous” Troy said while shaking Anna’s hand”
“Fine, just fine dude” Anna’s rough response
“Enough flirting Troy we’ve got one last class to attend” Trish told Troy.
And they separated ways.
“Trish likes you dude” Troy told Christian, “Don’t be silly how can you tell?”
“I knew that girl, and I could tell she likes you, anyways who’s this Anna?”
“She my neighbor”
“You two hooking up?”
“Hell no dude why?”
“Great, I kinda like her, Can you help me through her?”
“hmm yeah” but deep in Christian’s mind he was jealous.
Anna and Christian was on the same bus again and Christian told Anna “We have to talk, maybe later on the old house” Anna agreed.
There this old house along their neighborhood when both of them used to play and later that night they went their to settle things up.
“What’s the meaning of that ‘ichan’ thing on the café?”
“I don’t know Trish told me so”
“You like her don’t you?”
“Yeah, got a problem with that? How about you? I know you’ve got a crush on that guy”
“But he likes you”
“Like duh! As if we can end up together! That gross”
“You know what I got an Idea, why don’t we used this in our favor?”
“What do you mean?”
“We’ll pretend that were helping them but the real thing is we will make them fall for us instead.”
“You know what that’s a great idea”
“So we got ourselves a deal!”
“But this doesn’t mean were friends!”
“Hell yeah”


I would like to thank Wenn for this lovely magnet and pen I really love it:)


  1. Huwaw... So jealous pa ha... hmnnn... hindi pa rin ako maka-relate... sana may encounter si Christian sa isang guy ha... ung medyo SPG...hihihi

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