Monday, July 15, 2013

Twisted Finale

Familiar greetings, familiar scent a familiar place indeed. It feels good to be back in the place you used to live in, that was what Christian had in mind “It’s been four  years, I have waited too long to see her again”  Christian told himself. From the airport Christian went straight to Anna’s house.
“Mrs. Bella? Is Annie there?”
“Christian? Is that you? ”
“Yes its certainly is me mam?”
“oh god it’s been years, how your mom?”
“she’s doing great, better than our first year there, she had a hard time accepting my father’s death”
“oh that’s actually the last thing we've heard from you”
“well, it’s just that we've struggled a lot since then, anyway is any there?”
“Ohh I’m sorry she’s not here, perhaps she’s at her coffee shop, I’ll give you the address”
Christian went on the said coffee shop and there she saw Anna. She seems a little bit matured yet as pretty as she was four years ago.

Christian greeted Anna who was very surprised to see him and Anna run toward him and hugged him tightly.
“I missed you Ichan, why did you leave without saying goodbye”
“Well, I’m puzzled that time but now, I know what I really want that’s why I came back”
“Come on let’s go inside I’ll make you a coffee”
Anna and Christian just stared at each other, Anna even cried because she missed Christian so much.
“So what happened that day? What happened to you and Troy?”
“Well actually, I didn’t go to meet him, I decided not to”
“Huh, but why? I thought you did”
“I went back on our hideout I waited for you to come back, but you never did, so I knew, that you were with… Trish”
“But I’m also was there!, inside how come you never saw me?”
“The door was locked so I thought nobody is there, wait, why were you there in the first place?, Aren’t you suppose to meet with Trish?”
“Well, perhaps we had the same reason why went back there”
“Really, I’m so glad to hear that, actually you’re the reason why I came back, because since then up until now I still love you,” Christian hold Anna’s hand “We can..” he was shocked to see a wedding ring on Anna’s finger .
“You’re married? But with whom?”
“Honey!, I’m leaving!” a very familiar voice coming upstairs
“Christian? What brought you here dude?”
“We.. well, vacation”
“I’m gonna be late for work I’ll catch up with you later! nice to see you again dude, you got a lot of explanation to do but for the mean time take care of my wife”
Troy kissed Anna, and leave.
“B-but since when?”
“Were married for 2 years now, but we have been a couple a years after you left”
 “I see, well I think leaving back then was the most foolish decision I’ve ever made”
“Yes, but I guess it’s my fault too, if only I had the courage to stop you from leaving, perhaps we ended up together instead of us”
“You love him?”
“the only person I love left me four years ago”
“ButI’m here now we can still try this out”
“Our feelings may never changed but our situations did”
Christina started crying and Anna held his hand and say…
“There’s something I have to tell you”
 “Mommy, mommy! I’m home” a young kid run towards Anna
“Baby, how are you my prince?
“You have a kid?”
“ahm.. yeah “
“Hey there buddy, what’s your name” Christian asked the kid while wiping his tears
“I’m Ichan” the kid said
“Ichan?? That’s my name too” Christian look at Anna who was already crying “how old are you?”
“ four”

-In love there are people that are perfect together but aren't meant to be-

Finally, the last part thanks for all of you who really read my series. Anyway, I'm still very busy this past few days so if I were missing in your post, i'll catch up with you guys as soon as I got this all cleared.


  1. wow, the finale of Twisted!!
    and everyone seems to be twisted..
    we have got Anna, Troy and Christian..
    where is Trish??

  2. it's kind of fast forward here huh??
    Christian has left for 4 years..
    i don't remember i read this in the previous part??

  3. anyway, so it says Christian and Anna
    are really the two deeply in true love with each other
    and Little Ichan is actually their son..

  4. twisted, twisted and twisted
    hahaha!! but i really enjoy reading this a lot
    but it just ended today
    how i hope there's still more parts to twist
    part 2 perhaps?? :D

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    within that 4 years they were apart
    what happened to Anna and Troy??
    also Christian and Trish, where they've been??

  6. you are leaving a lot of curiosity here
    ah, that's very wicked of you, hahaha!!

  7. till then have a great week ahead
    happy blogging and may god bless you Melvin :)

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