Thursday, December 6, 2012

BlogShift: Gaming

Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 

Okay we are now on my third blog shift posts I hope you have enjoyed my recent literature and fashion genre themed post :P.
This tine I will be trying the genre of GAMING, yeah I know it was something most of you might find unlikable haha.
I've been quite a gamer over the years I started playing online and lan games after my high school years in which MMORPG( Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) was such a huge hit. The first games I tried playing were FLYFF( FLY For Fun) which is a great 3D RPG game and DOTA (Defense Of The Ancient) an interactive kind of  game. But just last year I tried a new game which seems to be like FLYFF but more on the complex way and today this is what I feel like to review and share.

This game was entitled DRAGON NEST, a 3D MMORPG develop by Eyedentity that were franchised by Shanda and Cherry credits for the south east Asian gamers.

Dragon Nest is not like any other MMORPG because It uses a non-targeting combat system which means full control of your character's movements. This game requires teaming up and travelling into dungeon your your character to progress and also the fact that the entire game has a story to tell which each character will have to deal with throughout the gaming process. A girl named Rose was kidnapped by Velskud a evil warrior who desires for the power of the ancients which only Rose can activate. You would have to talk at various NPC( Non-Player Characters) and enter several dungeons to be able to progress in your quest to save rose. There are movie like clips that will be showed in the entire quest progress which will vary defending of your choice of characters such as the following:

Gender: Female
Description: She is an innate archer and a novice scout who was sent to go through more training in the world. Although she stays away from her hometown, she sticks to her own cultures. Actually, she loves peace, but to fight against destructive dragons, she chooses to step forward and be a prominent female warrior.
Archers excel at using bows and attacking from afar in the back. Relying on fast movement and diverse long-range attacks, they can keep enemies away from them. (It is recommended to newbies)
Features: A long-range class with high attack, high dodge and low defense
Their basic attack is a single arrow or a double arrow using crossbow and they can attack while moving.
Have diversionary and long-range powerful attack skills
Have melee skills based on legs
Have various dodge skills, but are weak in defense and stamina
Primary Weapon(s): Shortbow, Longbow, Crossbow
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Quiver
Job Advancement:
Archer -(lvl15)Acrobat-(lvl45)Wind Walker/ Tempest
            -(lvl15)Bow master-(lvl 45)Artillery/Sniper

Gender: Male
Description: Born in a village, he lives a mercenary life based on his excellent abilities and a weapon in hand. He is a frank and righteous man, never knowing how to cover up his feelings. Due to a confiding nature, he gets hurt sometimes, but he can recover and stand up again quickly. He is a true indomitable hero.
Bearing strong melee attacks, warriors always stand in front of teammates and beat back their enemies with powerful strength and abundant energy. (It is recommended to newbies)
Feature:A melee class with tall stature
Their basic attacks are based on various weapons and skill combinations and combo attacks can be launched.
Have stronger attack but weaker defense compared with Clerics
Can initiate fast attacks to change positions
Some weapons and skills can be used to attack enemies in a certain range (half long-range)
Primary Weapon(s): Greatsword, Axe, Hammer
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Gauntlets
Job Advancement:
Warrior-(lvl15) Mercenary- (lvl 45)Destroyer/ Barbarian
            - (lvl15)Sword Master -(lvl 45)Gladiator/ Moon Lord

Gender: Female
Description: She is a talented girl with outstanding magic ability in Magic Organization. Though she left her parents from childhood, she is hopeful about the future and somewhat too confident. She inclines to depend on whoever recognizes her ability, but her pungent words often make her misunderstood. In fact, she is also kind, gentle and lovely.
Sorceresses can use mighty magic to attack multiple targets at the same time but they have weak defense. As long as they are besieged by enemies, they are likely to fall in danger. (It is recommended to senior players.)

Feature:A long-range magical attack class
They have a shorter range but a wider attack area than archers
Have various assistant magic spells and AOE skills.
They have targeted attacks and can choose different assistant magic and AOE skills in accordance with different monsters.
The unique class with AOE skills
Primary Weapon(s): Staff
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Grimoire, Orb, Puppet
Job Advancement:
Sorceress-(lvl15) Elemental Lord- (lvl45)Elestra/ Seleana
               -(lvl15) Force User- (lvl45)Smasher/ Majesty

Gender: Male
Description: He comes from an aristocratic family and becomes a cleric upon the advice of his family. Due to his noble status, he never uses bad language or does impolite actions, but he is often misunderstood by others. Because of his proud nature, he cannot bear being laughed by the opponent. Generally speaking, he pays little attention to most things, but he will rise against religious organizations sometimes. In terms of doing good deeds and helping the weak, he never loses to others.
Clerics have high defense and healing magic to cure teammates. They have a variety of assistant skills to protect teammates and deal with various situations. (It is recommended to veterans)

Feature:A melee magic attack class
Have a high probability to stun enemies by combo attacks.
Use a shield to attack and have a chance to block the enemies’ attack.
The unique class with healing ability, but with weak dodging ability
Have melee attacks and long-range magical attack
Primary Weapon(s): Mace, Flail, Wand
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Shield

Job Advancement:
Cleric-(lvl15) Paladin- (lvl45)Crusader/ Guardian
               -(lvl15) Priest- (lvl45)Inquistor /Saint

Gender: Female
Description:"Girl genius, quackum enthusiast, time traveler—these are all perfect ways to describe the Academic (also know as the Academic). She comes from 50 years in the future, a time when the heroes are all gone and Vestinel’s evil influence has corrupted the land. After her time machine crashes near Mana Ridge, she’s left stranded in the present with nothing to rely on but her wits and Alfredo, her giant robot butler. Now she’ll stop at nothing to save the Prophet and set right what once went wrong."
The crash turned her body to one that is of a 12-year-old's, but it is hinted during The Lie Detector Quest that her true age is 23 years old. She has the capability of creating two different minions the slimes and ducks.

Features: Academics use a variety of attacks that hit a wide area from mid- to long-range
Academic are flexible heroes with skills to deal damage, heal, and defend their allies
Their low Strength and Vitality are offset by strong Agility and Intellect
Primary Weapon(s): Cannon, Bubble Blaster

Auxiliary Weapon(s): Powerglove

Job Advancement:
Academic-(lvl15) Alchemist- (lvl45)Adept/ Physician
               -(lvl15) Engineer - (lvl45)Shooting Star/ Gear Master

I play this game together with my friend Darren( I hope you can still remember him), My character was a sorceress and I named her FOUKONA While Darren's was an archer named ELPRUP.
Both of foukona and ElpruP were on the current maximum level which is 50, foukona advanced into smasher

job while ElpruP advance into Artillery job.
I must admit I'm no good at this game haha my hands were a bit slow haha anyways you can download this game at Cherry credit's official web site click here to view.

Well that's it for now:) stay tuned for the next category of my Blog shift special series.

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  1. Sorry Mecoy, but I can't relate that much to these games. I played one of these games once but I find it boring..hehehe..I'm more of an outdoor person doing sports activities and other outside stuff. hehehe! But nice info btw!

    1. I "second the motion" from Jay's comment! Hindi ako maka-relate and so do with doing outdoor activities instead. When Farmville was new and everyone goes gaga sending invites, I replied

      "If I have spare time I'll work on a real farm and plant real crops and all, than to waste my time on a virtual farm"

      No offense to Farmville lovers but for me it's a waste of time, energy and money (electricity, etc).

      But thanks for sharing the info MEcoy. Online gaming is one good leisure as long you know your limits and it will not cause you to be unproductive with life like those people who died while gaming :( Jeez!

  2. di ako nakarelate kasi di ako gamers hehehe pero naaliw ako kasi nagka idea ako...

    Buti naka post ka nito ^^

  3. ay gusto ko yung DOTA, pero hindi game, yung books. hahaha. mas maganda sa book mecoy kesa sa games ;-)

  4. never heard of it before, the game must be big in Asia, but didn't make much of a splash in America.


  5. the last game that I played was RAN Online. Tried all the classes: swordsman, brawler, shaman, gunner and archer

  6. Sorry pero di ako makarelate. pero ang cute ng mga character ah. hehe. Di ako mahilig maglaro online. Last game na nilaro ko ay counter strike. haha. loser ko! dyuk!

  7. natry ko din yan. pero di ko feel ang controls. gusto ko yung typical lang na click-click tapos press-press sa keyboard for shortcuts. hahaah.

    Ragnarok-Gunbound-Tantra-Ran-yan ang mga fave ko.

  8. PC games are for all ages. I knew someone way back in Phils, highschool teacher and was competing with his students to win over a certain prize haha, sounds gambling huh!?

  9. oh, so you are having this BlogShift theme in every post now?? hahaha, luckily there is an F in your BlogShift huh, else guess what it becomes?? kekeke, just kidding~~

    1. hmmm, games and anime!! this is really something that i am not good at.. i don't know any of those characters that you have featured here, so ignorant about them and so sorry about that.. :p

    2. i don't usually play this kind of games.. those that i play are more of puzzle games, words games and with cute cute characters.. i find these games more relaxing and light compared to those strategic war games..

  10. wow, it's friday again!! hope you have a great weekend and take good care melvin.. :)

  11. Last OL game i played is O2Jam :)

  12. Ooppss. gaming... dito hindi ako gaanong maka-relate.. Sa Farmville at Zombies lang yata ako na-addict then the other games, I'm not really familiar... But then, I really appreciate the images.. the characters, the cartoons. Dyan, na-aapreciate ko talaga ang creativity ng mga artists sa ganyan! Have a great weekend MeCoy!

  13. Ok ang mga dungeon ng game na ito because you can set the difficulty to easy, normal, hard, master and the abyss kung ang avatar mo ay malupet at malakas na. Medyo expensive ang mga armor at costume pero maganda naman dahil 3D sya kaya astig. Halos walang pinagkaiba ang graphics nya sa RAN OL yun nga lang dito ay para kang naglalaro ng PS na keyboard ang gamit mo. Dapat ay magaling kang mga taggle ng skill bar para sa mga moves ng avatar mo at dapat ay mabilis din ang kamay mo para magawa mo ang mga combo skills or move ng mga avatar. Di ko na nalalaro ang Acrobat ko nahihirapan kasi ako gamitin ang mga combo. Mababa pa rin yung level ng elemental lord ko at balak ko din gumawa ng destroyer ehehe. Mejo may pagka gamer din ako. I like this post ehehehe.

  14. Very nice, and thanks for adding their stats to your blog :]

  15. Dragon Nest? I use to play XD then I quit because the game set up is kind of dizzy and not suitable for me XD

  16. sometime i do wish i can gaming all day ~

  17. The sorceress is so pretty! <3 I always have this thing of playing mmorpg online but I never did. just offline.

  18. I used to play online games, they are really fascinating, esp these games including magic and stuff, though I always remain as an underdog lol.

    check out my latest outfit post 'Body Electric'

  19. I'm not a into online gaming, but we have this play area set up called "game depot" where you can play several games on(ps3, xbox..etc)

    Maybe I will introduce this game of yours: Dragon Nest, try to make our games online.

  20. I have a friend who son is a real gamer. Every few months will upgrade his PC for better speed, memory and etc

  21. I heard gaming can make money is it? Heard some company will ask gamer to test out their products and very lucrative money from there