Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As we all know the first month of the year is soon to end, and before we know it, were on the last quarter already haha you how time flies so fast right?
Having said that how's your year so far? have you done anything on your new years list? well in my case I haven't done anything yet haha but I'm still positive about it.
My goal this year was generally intended for the betterment of my blogging and myself of course. Most this "goals" are somethings that I failed to achieve last year or some things that I wanted to do or have this year.
 I must say last year wasn't the best year for Mecoy to bloom haha a lot of things that I could have done back then was never even got a step closer to reality. The good thing is god is great and he always gives us another year which also means another chance for us to do it right.

The first on my goal is to make  my blog more productive, I want to make my every post more sensible and to share things that you, my readers, could enjoy.
I was also planning to create a comics/manga blog on which I'll be featuring my own story, I was working on the plot and the characters as of the moment and practicing my drawing skills. It may not be great but if I manage to do it, it'll be a huge accomplishment for me.
Aside to my blog of course I would love to enjoy myself this year,I want to give myself a treat buy things that I've always wanted to have and do adventurous things that will really boost my year to the fullest.
I was hoping to finally pursue my dream to do some cosplaying, as you all know I'm an anime lover and for us, OTAKUS, cosplaying is the ultimate leisure. Meanwhile on the normal side of me I would love to purchase some cool stuffs that could make me feel Gwapo(handsome) hahaha . But above all my ultimate goal this year is to have a healthier and hunky body. Lastly this year I was also planning to have a baby.

And for me to accomplish this goals that I just mentioned I would be needing a lot of stuffs to effectively have this done. And where in the world could I get to see each and every of this "stuffs" that I was talking about all at once? Sulit.com.ph of course,I know that this needs no introduction for my fellow Filipino bloggers Its the Philippines's leading online classified ads what could you ask for more. Here you can see all the things you want and need which can be purchased safely and at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Without further ado here is my "10 SULIT MUST-HAVE’S to start your 2013 right".

•Blogger Must have's

1. Mac book AIR-  Well, computer is the main tool of blogging of course and having a good and reliable computer is something that will definitely make everyone's blogging experience more convenient and productive.FYI, I was using a desktop computer ever since and when I'm out with friends of course it can't be carried haha so I was thinking of having a laptop and I searched for some recommendable brands online and Mac book AIR is on the top of the list. I must admit I know nothing about gadgets but as I saw this Mac Book I think it would be a perfect blogging tool. And as I told you most everything is on sulit.com and undoubtedly I found this second hand Mac Book AIR it was more than half the price of brand new and still seems on pretty good condition.

2. Iphone 5- Mobile blogging is also recommendable for bloggers as well. It was the coolest and hippest way to do your blogging on a much convenient way. As for some travel bloggers this is something that could be helpful. Iphone 5 is I guess the hottest out of smart phones and I found this ad on sulit.com of course, which offers a brand new I phone 5 at almost half the price as well.

3. Wacom Bamboo Pen Touch - As I told you, I was planning to do a comic blog this year and I estimated the episodes that my story would take and its 107 and if each episode has 10 pages it'll be 1070 pages of all therefore I'll be needing a thousand plus papers for it and tons of ink just by thinking of this numbers I think it would be a tough challenge. Good thing artistry is on a higher level nowadays and for aspiring modern artist like me this pen mouse would be a better tool. It comes with a pad that can be used as touch pads which was really cool. You can draw directly on your computer using this and guess what on sulit.com.ph it can be bought for only 5900 php(USD 145.14) quite reasonable right?

4.Canon PowerShot SX40 - Blogging is used to express our thoughts and through words you can talk with your readers but it would be nicer for you to let them see your visions as well, thats why Cameras were also a must have for a blogger. As you have noticed my personal pictures here were kinda blurry it's because I was just using an Ipod camera for it and I must say it wasn't recommendable for us to use. I also search for the cheap but good cameras to buy and this is what I found. I know nothing bout cameras but I guess this was good enough.

•My own Must haves

5.Ab machine- The most difficult muscle to develop I guess were the abs and I desperately want to have those 6 packs yummilious abs hahahaha. I found this Abdomen exercise machine on sulit.com  on a very reasonably price.

6.Personalizes Jacket - The fun thing about sulit.com.ph is they not only selling things but they cater other services posted by advertisers. And I found this tailoring shop that offers customized and personalized varsity jackets and having this excluded you on the synonymous trending style.

7.Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings-I so love this type of shoes, it was so cool and hip. I would definitely boots my outfit and sulit.com.ph has this item as well and you can buy this at a lower price.

8. Akatsuki Costume- As I mentioned above I was planning to do cosplay this year and one of the easiest character to cosplay is Itachi Uchiha, the coolest Akatsuki ever! and as expected Sulit.com.ph has cosplay stuffs available to purchase.

9. Sharingan contact lens - Itachi Uchiha's cosplay won't be complete with out this eyes, the iconic sharinggan and I found this very cheap yet nice contact lenses at Sulit.com.ph as well.

•A baby

10. Chow chow- haha perhaps you're intrigue by the last item on my goal which is to have a baby this year. Well I didn't  literally  mean a baby, I was actually thinking of a pet. There's this certain breed of dog that I saw on a mall way back then and I fell in loved with it and since then I was always dreaming of having it. Aside to the material items Sulit.com.ph also sell some pets and I think It was safer to purchase here.

Sulit.com.ph sure has a lot of things to offer and it was the best partner for you to start your year not just right but with an extra blast!

I know Filipino nuffnangers knew about this advertisement post. It's been a while since I joined a nuffnang contest and I guess It would be a great thing for my blog to have an entry for this. Entries will be judged according to the following criteria: 
50% – creativity of blog post
50% – number of comments

And I was asking for your support on this all you need to do is provide all the following information:

  1.  full name, 
  2. Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, 
  3. list of the ten items with the link.

Five lucky readers of the winning blogger will each get P10,000 worth of Sulit.com.ph GC’s!
best of luck for us:)
by the way you can learn more about Sulit.com.ph on their Facebook fan page and through their twitter account


  1. wow dami ha. good luck talaga sayo. lol (crossfinger)

  2. ah ito pala yung na-tweet mo :)

  3. wow, you really have a long list of resolutions and must-have's huh?? all the best of luck to you to accomplish the list and to own all the must-have's!! :)

    1. you certainly are doing very well in blogging.. see you have made so many blogger friends, and even received so many awards and presents from them!! you just make so many people envy~~ :p

    2. become a hunk?? hahaha, i guess first of all health is more important.. you don't necessarily need to be a hunk, unless you want to be able to attract many girls and have a lot of babies?? hahaha.. just kidding.. :)

    3. good luck to whoever taking part in that giveaway contest!! and hoping your resolutions will be accomplished perfectly too.. have a great day and happy blogging.. :)

  4. nice post i am sure its same with everyone new year resolution

  5. naku gudlak sa iyo... gusto ko rin ng mga gusto mo...

  6. sayang nakablock yung sulit.com sa office...

  7. Haha you nearly scarded with having
    a baby on your wishlist :P A
    Wacom tablet is on my wishlist as
    And you totally should open a manga
    blog! I love reading manga's c:
    please don't forget to msg me if you
    made one!


  8. Maghihirap naman ako niyan kung ganyan kadami bibilhin ko..lol..
    All in all..karamihan ng gusto mo gusto ko din..
    Pero i'm not aiming for an expensive one..

  9. wow ang mamahal naman ng mga like mo! :) hehe.
    sabagay, ma-achieve mo din yan, kaya go lang go! hihi

    hihi. balitaan mo kami kung may baby ka na :)

  10. sana ma kuha mo lahat ng yan, hehe

    good luck!


  11. Wow! So many goals and resolutions to aim for this year? Good luck to you!! : )

  12. What? You plan to have a baby this year? Do you plan to get married first? : D

  13. You want to be a hunk with abs? haha!! It's easy to have abs actually - you don't need those ab machines. You just need to cut down the fat covering your abs that's it! : D

  14. I wish you will get what you want this year! Good luck and work hard to achieve them! : D

  15. And I'm looking forward to more cosplay from you haha! Happy blogging! : D

  16. Good luck sa lahat ng goals mo. Dami mong must have. Sana'y makuha mo to lahat. Kala ko totoong baby talaga. Kaya naisip ko na sana wedding muna, hehe. Minsan iniisip ko din na magcosplay. Parang enjoy kasi e. Looking forward sa comics/manga blog. :)

  17. Very cool blog. Interesting posts. ;)
    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
    Yours. Have a nice day. !

    Follow me on facebook fanpage and blog
    I'm very concerned about this, please. :)

  18. What bargains! I wont be able to get a Mac Air for that price even if it is second hand. Just be wary when you buy things from the net. Best of luck this year! Looking forward for the manga!

  19. Gosh! I don't have any of the bloggers' must-haves that you listed. "sulit" in the Malaysian language means "secret".

  20. Good luck to you! Hope you get it!

  21. Very creative post. this us indeed thinking out of the box

    1. What does sulit means in your country? Over here it means "classified/confidential"in Malay language.

    2. So many items. well hope can get good price

    3. Once again, best of luck and hope you win big.

  22. thank you for sharing this mecoy...have heard of sulit.com.ph website but I never got the chance to really access the site and see some things...those must haves are really something...go for the cosplay...and good luck on your future post...will be watching out for it...:)


  23. well these all look like great products! and at first the baby was a bit of a shocker, but that doggie is so cute so go for it!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  24. Good luck to your wishes and plans:) nice to have goals in life:)

  25. Cool ng Sharingan Contact Lens! Naruto Shippuden rocks! Patingin pag meron ka na, in complete costume! hahaha

  26. hey im filipino too!

    I just posted a new OOTD post. What do you think?

    i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  27. good luck MEcoy! hope you win the 10k! :)

  28. Mahilig din akong mag window shopping sa sulit.com.ph. Dito ko nabenta yung Dragon Nest character ko dati. Gusto ko din ng Wacom tablet para rekta na ang mga drowings. Hussle ang pa scan-scan pa then edit.

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  30. what you said were so true..I wish I have a smart phone so that I can do mobile facebook and blogging..

  31. Korean? HAHA. Hindi naman.
    Yay.. Such a big prize!! Good luck!!! Keribels mo yan c:

  32. sana lahat ng plans mo matupad. ilang taon kana bah mecoy? at gusto mo na talagang dagdagan population ng pinas:-)

    1. hahahaha ang kulit mo phioxee!!! hahahahahahaha ayaw mo niyan!!! dadami tayo dito hindi tayo mauubusan tulad ngayon sa china na late na nila narealize ang one child policy nila at yang culture nilang mas priority ang lalaki sa kanila, o diba narealize nila ngayon na wala na palang partner ang mga babae kung puro na sila lalaki doon. konek? hahahaha para lang may makwento at mdaldal hahaha

  33. nice post... I also like those items... specially the sharingan contact lens... hahahah :D

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  35. Wait another three more months iPhone 5S will be out!!! =]

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  37. My year started off on the wrong foot but I'm currently stable, just going through the motions. How wonderful is that you plan to have a baby, it's the most wonderful decision of all! I understand your wishes towards your blog, sometimes I wonder if I'm just sending random messages out there and wasting time. Still, we keep on doing it and blowing off steam. Kisses

  38. ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang gastos maging blogger mecoy!! hahahaha musta na, ngayon lang ako ulit nakagala sa mga blog ninyo pasensya na naging busy ako talaga sa buhay hehehehe

  39. Nice, you're planning to have a baby! (naka-highlight pa talaga) Teka baka chow-chow? I do hope you get at least 50% of your goals...
    Ngapala, I'm looking forward to see your comics : )

  40. Allyza Kibranza Crisostomo

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    haha tagal kong ginawa tong comment na toh XD, nagta-time out sa sulit ung net namin XD...

    anyway goodluck... gusto ko sana sumali pero... hahaha wag na XD

    hihi excited ako sa comics mo :D

  41. Aha ha gusto ko ring sumali dito but wala pa akong time to do the draft :( Suportahan na lang kita! Good luck MEcoy!

  42. Milton Coyne

    My 10 Sulit Must Haves
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  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  46. good luck to all the contestant hahaha

  47. Venos Monato
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  56. Great list!

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