Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Twisted (part 2)

Christian was the first to enter the class,and he sat on the back most left seat beside the window, it was elevated and he could clearly see the people going in. At first there were these two girls who entered the room while chatting and then after them was a nerdie guy with thick eye glasses. After a while a pretty girl came in, she was waving and smiling over the two previous girls, she was Trish, short shagged hair, sexy body and the fame of being the campus's high school cheerleader, nobody doesn't know her name. And then there was Anna, on her sweatshirt, faded jeans and her pony tailed hair. She seemed to be stunned at Trish beauty for a moment, in fact she didn't even noticed the presence of Christian within the room. Anna sat on the seat after Trish, she's trying not to stare at Trish but yet her smile as she talks with her friend was irritable for Anna.
The room was almost full all the seats were occupied aside the seat next to Christian, The professor were already there too, fixing her things on the table. Then there was this guy running through the corridor who enters the room while catching his breath. He was Troy, the varsity player, he was tall and hunky, a well known campus heartthrob, he and Trish studied high school at St. Jude Thaddeus university the same school as they were now.Troy went straight to the vacant seat next to Christian.
Christian is fixing his hair and staring at a compact mirror but then, Troy speak up.
"Am I that late? did I miss anything?" Troy asked Christian.
"Ooh.. n..not really" he was stuttering because of the stare Troy is giving him.
Troy smiled and said, "Gheeeh, I thought I'd be in trouble at my first day haha".
Christian smiles and blushed.
 "Have you been drinking? you're face seems reddish"
But then, before Christian was able to response, the professor started the class.
After an hour the class ended, Trish stood up from her seat and accidentally dropped her phone which went to Anna's direction, Anna picked it up and gave it to her.
"Thanks, miss?" Trish said
"Anna, my name is Anna, Trish right?"
"Yeah how did you?"
"Well, who wouldn't have known the name of the campus sweet heart?"
"Silly! what's your next class?"
"Humanities, why?"
"Great!, same as mine, lets go".
Trish grabbed Anna's hand and they went out the room. Meanwhile Christian picked up his things and walk towards the door, but then he felt a tap on his shoulder.
"Hey dude, what's you're name?"
"Christian, why?"
"Im Troy, how tall are you?"
"hmm 5'11" I guess?"
"hmmm do you play basketball?"
"Yes, I'm a point guard back in high school, and why were you asking all this? "
"Our team needs new recruits would you like to try out tomorrow afternoon?"
"hmm I'll try".
Troy shakes Christian's hand and said, "See you there dude". And from that instant Christian felt something. Before Troy went out of the room he look back at Christian and said, "And.. oh please try not to drink before the try out okay?".
It's five in the afternoon and Anna and Christian was heading home, they rode the same bus, they saw and ignored each other, they were still so happy about what happened that they don't want it to be ruined by one another.


I realized that some of the scripts I had in mind were not applicable in English, so I have decided to retold this story in tagalog which will be on my new blog. This new Blog I did was merely the tagalog version of my blog,(not the same posts) so if you're sick of my English you can try to visit it sometimes( As of now I haven't post anything yet tho)
Ako si Mecoy

by the way I would like to thank Axl for the wonderful experience we had last march 8, looking forward to see our photos haha.
and also I wanted to give this picture greeting to Balut for her upcoming birthday haha


  1. Well written, can't wait for part 3 c: xx

  2. good to write as it really activates your mind..becoming more imaginative and creative..

    1. so I'm sending you something..should reach you in less than 10 days, I hope.

  3. Happy Birthday to Balut!!! =]

  4. Nice chapter! Can't wait for the twist that eventually may not happen very soon so make it fast MEcoy. Update update lang! hahaha

  5. oh my... nakakabitin... next entry na agad... hindi talaga ako maka-relate sa pagka-twisted ng gender... hahaha

  6. Happy birthday to Axl... Have fun, guys!

  7. Huwaw, nagkakaroon nako ng idea sa story mo na ito parekoy.

    Christian - Troy
    Anna - Trish

    Pero Christian and Anna would end up together although we know na they are a member of LGBT :)

    Ganda ng new layout ah. Personalized na talaga. galing!

    Heypee beerday din kay Miss Balut!

  8. haha moooore!! hihi naeexcite tuloy ako sa magiging twist neto-

  9. oooh, new month new template for your blog huh!! it's cool.. i love the background, it's so artistic..

    1. but may i give a little comment?? you should shift your background image a little to the right, so that the text falls exactly between the black patch.. now part of the text falls on the white background and it's kind of invisible.. :)

    2. oooh, so instead of Christian and Anna.. we now have Anna and Trish as well as Christian and Troy?? haha, nice plot of the story..

    3. looking forward to Part 3.. but seems it takes you longer to write another part?? was like a week since Part 1?? :)

  10. have a great day and may god bless you.. take good care and happy blogging milton.. :)

  11. Di ko talaga gets anung manyayari sa dalawang to..
    Maganda panget kung may picture.. nyaha..for more added imagination.

  12. Hahaha.
    May crush na si Christian. XD

  13. I really like your new layout!! Really cool!!! :) Thank you so much for your lovely comments <3
    xoxo from Munich

  14. Hirap basahin ng sinulat mo dahil sa background. Yung white font humahalo sa white background sa right half.

    Tuloy-tuloy na ang kakasulat mo ng love story ah. Eherm. Baka may pinaghuhugutan ah.

  15. iniimagine ko kung pano sila mgkakakilala... :)

  16. Reminds me of university days, excited for the much awaited twist.

  17. Replies
    1. my comments :

      -After a while a pretty girl came in, she was waving and smiling over the two previous girls, she was Trish, short shagged hair, sexy body and the fame of being the campus's high school cheerleader, nobody doesn't know her name.

      - a rather long sentence. would be good to break into two parts as easier for readers to understand. Description too long readers may loose attention.

    2. -"Thanks, miss?" Trish said

      - sound kind of formal for that enviroment. Doesn;t really project image of a cheer leader. make it it less formal like " are..??" or are?"

    3. Hmmm how about one blog to introduce you local food? You have many international readers, you know

  18. part 3 soon? happy birthday miss balut. got to read the first part again, medyo nakalimutan ko.

  19. Oh so here's Part 2! How many parts will there be? : )

  20. Interesting story. Well, at least it made me read from the beginning all the way to the end! Haha!

  21. I wonder how twisted will the story get later on? Can't wait for Part 3! : )

  22. Happy blogging! And have a nice day! : )

  23. ganda naman ng pic greet ni Ms. B ^^

    like ko ang story... at na curious ako sa tagalog version niya...

    Mukhang may mabubuong feelings sa dalawang guy hehehe

  24. Uy, may bagong mga characters na...their situation is getting wild, i mean complicated... interesting! pwede ito sa teleserye... will see the next chapter

  25. napasyal ako sa isa mong blog doon sa may mga picture nila erich para sa tauhan.. hahaha nainternalize kong bigla ...

  26. hmmm I think you did translation from Tagalog to English? :O or reverse way? XD

  27. at binalikan ko talaga to para sa pagbabasa ng part 3! :)

  28. eto yung part na namiss ko. exciting na talaga yung story.iniisip kong kamukha sya ni xian lim.