Monday, July 29, 2013

Ask Me Anything

Well, i'm still busy to do some of the post I had in mind, I'm still on my job training process and still it was just as enjoyable as it was before.
hmm since the plan I have for the blog post I'll be having soon (which was actually a series) requires more time it is not possible for me to start it as early as now, and so, I'm thinking of ways to fill out my page, I mean I don't want to be out for too long.
As for now, I won't be talking about any topic but instead I want you guys to throw any kind of question you want me to answer, yeah lets make this page a little bit more interactive.
This is how it goes ask me Everything, it could be personal, advice, or what, just don't ask me some mathematical, scientific or any academic question okay?. I'll answer it so long as I can on my next post, so do as you please.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Work/EQ/ Bday

What's up guys, what can you say about the ending of my TWISTED series, I must admit, the series supposed to be longer, but then I think I can't manage to further prolong the series, but at least, I think I manage to twist the ending on a way which seems to be surprising enough right?.

Anyway, I would just like to share to you guys some recent happenings in my life, I know most of my Filipino blogger friends have read about this on my tagalog blog but I'll share it anyway.

After years of being a burden to my family and after years of being a ghost in the society I am now, currently employed!. I'm employed at call center and I was hired two weeks ago actually, I'm still on the training process, but so far so good.
 Even though I feel the least on our batch, as for me being the only high school level in the class and in addition to that I have no call center experience at all, I think I manage to somehow cope up with the entire class. This training makes me feels like I'm schooling again, which was really great! and my trainer and co-trainees were so fun to be with which makes our work even more enjoyable.

As you know I have a bit issue when it comes to my confidence right?, and one of my goal on applying in such job was actually to improve it, and I'm happy to say that little by little I'm learning to trust my self more.

God has been so great to me this month, and now I'm sure that God has his way of giving blessing, and he has this certain timing which will really amaze you.

By the way, since I have a job now and it takes most of my time, I might be missing on some of your post, but I promise, I'll try my best to be at your post at each and every time possible okay?

Hmm another thing I would like to share to you guys is about my controls of my feelings. I must admit, I can't really control my feelings. Sadness, fear, doubts, disappointments and most especially temper I just can't control it to the point that it took control over me. It clearly shows that I have a very poor EQ, and I don't know what to do to fix this.

July is my birth month and in few days time I'll be celebrating my birthday, wanna try guessing when? no cheating don't check it on my facebook.
 Last year, I had my worst birthday ever and it showed in my bday pos back then, as for this year I don't know what to expect, I'll be at work in the morning till noon and some of my co-trainees knew about it, I'm quite excited, coz' this year I'll receive personal greetings from other people aside my gf and family members lol.

I guess that's all for now, I just feel like to update my page,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Twisted Finale

Familiar greetings, familiar scent a familiar place indeed. It feels good to be back in the place you used to live in, that was what Christian had in mind “It’s been four  years, I have waited too long to see her again”  Christian told himself. From the airport Christian went straight to Anna’s house.
“Mrs. Bella? Is Annie there?”
“Christian? Is that you? ”
“Yes its certainly is me mam?”
“oh god it’s been years, how your mom?”
“she’s doing great, better than our first year there, she had a hard time accepting my father’s death”
“oh that’s actually the last thing we've heard from you”
“well, it’s just that we've struggled a lot since then, anyway is any there?”
“Ohh I’m sorry she’s not here, perhaps she’s at her coffee shop, I’ll give you the address”
Christian went on the said coffee shop and there she saw Anna. She seems a little bit matured yet as pretty as she was four years ago.

Christian greeted Anna who was very surprised to see him and Anna run toward him and hugged him tightly.
“I missed you Ichan, why did you leave without saying goodbye”
“Well, I’m puzzled that time but now, I know what I really want that’s why I came back”
“Come on let’s go inside I’ll make you a coffee”
Anna and Christian just stared at each other, Anna even cried because she missed Christian so much.
“So what happened that day? What happened to you and Troy?”
“Well actually, I didn’t go to meet him, I decided not to”
“Huh, but why? I thought you did”
“I went back on our hideout I waited for you to come back, but you never did, so I knew, that you were with… Trish”
“But I’m also was there!, inside how come you never saw me?”
“The door was locked so I thought nobody is there, wait, why were you there in the first place?, Aren’t you suppose to meet with Trish?”
“Well, perhaps we had the same reason why went back there”
“Really, I’m so glad to hear that, actually you’re the reason why I came back, because since then up until now I still love you,” Christian hold Anna’s hand “We can..” he was shocked to see a wedding ring on Anna’s finger .
“You’re married? But with whom?”
“Honey!, I’m leaving!” a very familiar voice coming upstairs
“Christian? What brought you here dude?”
“We.. well, vacation”
“I’m gonna be late for work I’ll catch up with you later! nice to see you again dude, you got a lot of explanation to do but for the mean time take care of my wife”
Troy kissed Anna, and leave.
“B-but since when?”
“Were married for 2 years now, but we have been a couple a years after you left”
 “I see, well I think leaving back then was the most foolish decision I’ve ever made”
“Yes, but I guess it’s my fault too, if only I had the courage to stop you from leaving, perhaps we ended up together instead of us”
“You love him?”
“the only person I love left me four years ago”
“ButI’m here now we can still try this out”
“Our feelings may never changed but our situations did”
Christina started crying and Anna held his hand and say…
“There’s something I have to tell you”
 “Mommy, mommy! I’m home” a young kid run towards Anna
“Baby, how are you my prince?
“You have a kid?”
“ahm.. yeah “
“Hey there buddy, what’s your name” Christian asked the kid while wiping his tears
“I’m Ichan” the kid said
“Ichan?? That’s my name too” Christian look at Anna who was already crying “how old are you?”
“ four”

-In love there are people that are perfect together but aren't meant to be-

Finally, the last part thanks for all of you who really read my series. Anyway, I'm still very busy this past few days so if I were missing in your post, i'll catch up with you guys as soon as I got this all cleared.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Twisted (Part 9)

Anna tried calling Trish, but her phone was always unreachable, she even tried going on Trish’s house but the maid told her that Trish wasn’t there. Such instances gave Anna a confirmation that Trish is mad at her. Anna locked herself in her room and cry all day, until she received a text message from Christian, asking her to go to their hide out which she did immediately.
Anna saw Christian lying on the bed, he seems exhausted and drunk.
“Ichan? What’s wrong? Why are drunk”
“It was a perfect moment Annie, I thought it was it, the right time, so I took the risk, hahaha and this is what I got”
“That asshole punched you? Fuck him! Wait let me get a first aid kit first and we’ll avenge you”
But before Anna get a chance to stand Christian grab her hand, pulled and hugged her.
“Please don’t leave me, just stay for while, even just for a while”
Few minutes passed and Anna felt kinda awkward on that situation.
“Are you as lesbian now?” Anna told Christian just to break that awkward moment.
“Silly! I’m still as gorgeous as you darling”
Christian let go of Anna and they both laugh sarcastically.

“Ooh Annie let’s drink!”
“But you’re drunk Ichan maybe you should go home”
“No, Im not drunk! Come on Annie, I know you’re good at this!’
“Well, if you insist”
“A toast, for the broken hearted gays!”
“ hell yeah!”
They just enjoyed the night, drinking and laughing. They were both drunk and they were doing crazy things. Anna drew a mustache one her face while Christian used a blanket as dress. They turned on the music and dance, just like how prom dances are, but Christian does the female part and Anna for the male. They were just dancing as if they were in a party until Anna stepped on Christian’s blanket dress, which caused them to fall on the bed. Anna was on Christian’s top. At first they were laughing but as they stare on each other’s eyes, a certain intense feeling started to rule over their body. A few moments sooner Anna kissed Christian.

“Ichan!, hey buddy get up!”
“Anna? What happened?”
“What do you mean what happened, were late for school, that happened”
“I mean, last night”
“Last night? Hahaha, well, you fell a sleep, you said you were tough but then you ended up sleeping like a baby, haha you’re even moaning as of you’re having a some sort of wet dream hahaha”
A minute later both of there phones received a message. Anna’s from Trish and Christian’s was from Troy. Both messages saying that Trish and Troy was willing give a shot on them, accepting their confessions and asking to meet them.
“So what now?” Anna asked Christian
“Well it’s a mission accomplished I guess”
“So that means you’re going?”
“Yeah, I think so, I wanna know what he has to say, Why you?”
“Same goes here”
They went home first to prepare themselves . They met again at the bus station which grants them a chance to say goodbye as they were going on different direction
“Best of luck Ichan”
“You too Annie”
“Thanks a lot for everything; I’m really happy that we had the chance to be this close again”
“Yeah I am as well as happy”

They rode their buses but then, they were having a strange feeling, as if every step was to heavy to do, that something is pulling them back on that house or more likely back with each other.

Yeah I know, the story us getting boring and fast phased haha anyway don't worry the nest issue would be the conclusion, for the mean time, good bye folks, I'm quite busy this past few days and will also be on the succeeding days wish me luck:P

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My A-Z

A- Attached or single?
Attached and stressed.

B- Best friend
I lost him years ago, and I think nobody will ever replace him for that title.

C- Cake or pie
Cake, I don't know perhaps because it was sweeter? haha

D- Day of choice
Sunday, Church day, I love attending mass every Sunday and I'm proud to say that for this year I haven't skipped even once

E- Essential item
Internet and camera, well no explanation is needed right?

F- Favorite color
 RED, bloody red! hmm I like it for no particular reason.

G- Gummibears or worms
Gummibears, I just love bears I would even dub them before eating hahaha!

H- Hometown
Cavite City

I- Favorite indulgence
Chocolates! guilty pleasure

J- January or July
July it's my birth month, so prepare your gift okay?

K- Kids
Well I have a lot! haha my precious stuffed toys

L- Life isn't complete without
God, family, friends and internet! and camera haha

M- Marriage date

N- Number of brothers and sisters
Well I have three siblings. An older brother which happens to be a blogger too and a younger sister and a brother

O- Orange or apples
Apples because it's red haha, just make sure it wasn't poisonous okay?

P- Phobias
A world without camera hahaha, can't think of anything aside to that.

Q- Quotes
Yesterday is a history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
but Today, is a gift,
that's why it's called present!
-from Kungfu Panda movie

R- Reason to smile
My family

S- Season of choice
Winter, haha I never experienced it tho haha

T- Tags 5 people
Jay, Madz, Joanne, Lala, Jeison, can you guess the common denominator among these bloggers?

U- Unknown facts about me
hmm, I can easily be depressed. Simple rejection or failure makes me feel extremely sad

W- Worst habit

X- Xray or ultra sound
Ultrasound, I had too much xray recently haha

Y- Your favorite food
Spaghetti, then, now and foreveeeeeeeer!

Z- Zodiac sign
Leo, Strong, competitive, loyal and passionate.

This is my response to ate Joy's tag post:P

Well, it's been a while since my last post, it just that I am sooo busy and there's still more to come! haha but I'm quite excited and happy about it:)