Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My A-Z

A- Attached or single?
Attached and stressed.

B- Best friend
I lost him years ago, and I think nobody will ever replace him for that title.

C- Cake or pie
Cake, I don't know perhaps because it was sweeter? haha

D- Day of choice
Sunday, Church day, I love attending mass every Sunday and I'm proud to say that for this year I haven't skipped even once

E- Essential item
Internet and camera, well no explanation is needed right?

F- Favorite color
 RED, bloody red! hmm I like it for no particular reason.

G- Gummibears or worms
Gummibears, I just love bears I would even dub them before eating hahaha!

H- Hometown
Cavite City

I- Favorite indulgence
Chocolates! guilty pleasure

J- January or July
July it's my birth month, so prepare your gift okay?

K- Kids
Well I have a lot! haha my precious stuffed toys

L- Life isn't complete without
God, family, friends and internet! and camera haha

M- Marriage date

N- Number of brothers and sisters
Well I have three siblings. An older brother which happens to be a blogger too and a younger sister and a brother

O- Orange or apples
Apples because it's red haha, just make sure it wasn't poisonous okay?

P- Phobias
A world without camera hahaha, can't think of anything aside to that.

Q- Quotes
Yesterday is a history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
but Today, is a gift,
that's why it's called present!
-from Kungfu Panda movie

R- Reason to smile
My family

S- Season of choice
Winter, haha I never experienced it tho haha

T- Tags 5 people
Jay, Madz, Joanne, Lala, Jeison, can you guess the common denominator among these bloggers?

U- Unknown facts about me
hmm, I can easily be depressed. Simple rejection or failure makes me feel extremely sad

W- Worst habit

X- Xray or ultra sound
Ultrasound, I had too much xray recently haha

Y- Your favorite food
Spaghetti, then, now and foreveeeeeeeer!

Z- Zodiac sign
Leo, Strong, competitive, loyal and passionate.

This is my response to ate Joy's tag post:P

Well, it's been a while since my last post, it just that I am sooo busy and there's still more to come! haha but I'm quite excited and happy about it:)


  1. an apple a day is seven apples a week hehehe

    usung uso to ah!

  2. hahaha, interesting A-Z about yourself..
    let us kind of understand you better.. :)

  3. Ako din winter. Kasi mas gusto ko yung mga damit na pang-winter saka ayoko pinagpapawisan dahil sa init ng panahon kagaya sa summer.

  4. C- Cake or pie??
    Cake and pie.. anything pastries and bakeries for me!! hahaha!!

    D- Day of choice
    Holiday of course!! :D

    F- Favorite color
    Hmmmm, I will say BLUE~~ :p

  5. G- Gummibears or worms
    Gummibears if they are as huge as that in the photo!! :D

    H- Hometown
    I am from Kuala Lumpur~~

    J- January or July
    January, because there are more holidays.. :D

  6. O- Orange or apples
    How about bananas?? :p

    R- Reason to smile
    Happy!!! :)

    S- Season of choice
    Summer!! Always feeling more energetic..

  7. hope you will be more free to blog soon..
    have a great day and happy blogging still..
    take good care of yourself and god bless you..

  8. Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness.
    Bryant H. McGill

    Proud ako dun parecoy no skip for Sabbath day! apir..

    Sa E parang sagot eh kailangan pa bang imemorize yan hahaha

    haha parehas tayong chocolates!!

  9. Sabi ko kay fiel, may one thing in common kami, ikaw din pala, pangalawang anak ka rin pala. Saludo ako for not skipping mass and making your family as the reason to smile. Siya, chocolates lang pala ang gusto mo. Meet tayo, will give you some.

    1. Wuy ang dami pala nating second child hehe. apir!

  10. Huwaw, ang galing naman ng mga kasagutan mo dito parekoy. Saludo naman ako sayo at never ka pang nakaka miss ng mass every sunday. Ako eto, sobrang guilty na dahil ang tagal tagal ko na din hindi nakakapagsimba. Pero may personal reasons naman ako eh at alam ni God yun :)

    Camwhoring that's best describe you :D

  11. "Attached and stressed" ha ha ha

    "Camwhoring" = #alamna ;)

  12. ano ang common denominator nung lima?

  13. Haha very nice A-Z tag c: Ah chocolate! I'm craving
    that so much right now.... Xx

  14. I like E ie internet and camera. I use both a lot during my free time.
    I love chocolate too!

  15. Interesting A to Z of Mecoy! Adance Happy Bday Sir MeCoy!

    Ano nga ba common denominator nung lima? Second the motion kay Senyor hahaha

  16. uso ang a-z post ah.... hahhaha.

    gagawa na nga din me...

  17. ahahaha natawa ako sa attached and stressed.

  18. eh ano nga bang common denominator nila? haha

    eh kung stressed sa attached, pwede bang luwagan? hahaha...

    hurrayyy sa spakeki!

  19. You are attached???? Awwwwwwwwww!!!! So many hearts broken, I'm sure, when they read that.

  20. attached and stressed? Huh? gotta work out your problems nicely.

  21. This's interesting, I like it!!! =]

  22. Wow! Buti nagkaroon ka time Mecoy. Saludo me sa yo. Church every sunday. You are just so sweet as your answers:)

  23. Happy birthday month!! I am a pie person, but I like the chocolates! And I would have a hard time without my camera. Good for you going to church every Sunday!!

  24. Another blogger na magkapatid .. Astig nmn .. Mecoy good job from a to z ... Advance hapi bday

  25. Oi di naman ganun kasamang habit ang camwhoring LOL kung may mapapakita naman. Kung wala, doon nagiging bad habit haha

  26. Attached and Stressed?! LOL! Then better be Single! : D

  27. You like cake because it's sweeter? Sweet tooth!!

  28. Spaghetti is your fav food? But it's not really sweet! Hahaha!!

  29. Long time I have not done such tags. And I don't plan on doing them again! LOL! Have a great day! : )

  30. Ako naman gusto ko ng Autumn kahit wala naman ganun dito hahaha...

  31. Naks thanks MECOY sa pag tag

  32. thanks for sharing this info!! you should be attached and happy though :))

  33. Hahaha natapos ko gong sa pag ti tenk u mo ky mommy joy ha. Pero yung attached at stressed talaga yung gusto kong komentan.

    If ur not hppy leave!

  34. Oh 26 A-Z the good, bad & ugly of MEcoy

  35. interesting! :)

    So ano yung common denominator?

  36. Finally I got the chance to visit your blog! Hooray!

    Attached and stressed? Hindi ba dapat attached and happy even if stressed. Kung puro stress lang yung dala ng iyong relationship ay pag-isipan mo kung dapat mo pang ipagpatuloy yan.

    Gummy bears!!!! Naalala ko tuloy yung movie na "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

    Ultrasound? Buntis ka ba? :-P

  37. I feel like doing this meme hahahahaa

  38. sabay tayo ng birthday. so quits sa gift parekoy? hahah