Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Idol+ outreach + photo shoot + Ako si mecoy = random

Honestly, I'm not quite in the mood to post, but something tells me that I must haha,
for today I feel like to do a random post, I hope you guys don't mind.

.....American Idol 12
hmm have you been watching American Idol season 12 lately? if you do I bet you know that they were already down to the top 9 right?. A lot of changes has been made for the entire competition this year, for the first time they had this Las Vegas week and it was also the first time that they only had 10 finalist. And on my opinion the panel is really great, it was better than the previous ones which offers synonimous commentaries and boring conversations.
Well regarding the finalist I must say girls are on the top for these past few rounds and I'm wishing the show would have a girl winner this time, I'm so sick of the WGWG curse the show had for the past seasons.
I'm rooting for Candice Glover, her vocals were astonishing, but then Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller did pretty good too right?

Anyway just a little trivia about Candice, she and Jessica Sanchez as well as Deandre  were on the same  group in Hollywood week back in season 11 but unfortunately got eliminated.
Their theme for this week would be Lennon-McCartney song book and Jessica Sanchez will be their guest.

I'm asking some of my relatives if they has something to donate for these project, unfortunately I still got nothing, urgh there's gonna be something that I can do to help! I'm still quite uncertain about my attendance on it, tho I really wanted to.
You can still donate some extra bucks for the outreach,check my previous post for the details. Any amount will be a huge help.

.....Photo Shoot
I wanted to thank AXL again for inviting me to join their photo shoot last week? or is it last last week? haha. Here are some of my shots taken by mr. Troy Espiritu.

Well as you all know I'm a CAM WHORE and of course I enjoyed it a lot, and im looking forward for more haha

.....Ako Si MEcoy
For my filipino Blogger Circle I have already posted the first two chapters of my novel, Twisted(in tagalog) on my new blog and I might post the third part ahead there.


  1. Isang beses ko lang napanood AI. No time at hindi ko naabutan. Down to Top 9 na pala...

    Your presence will be a great help sa PBO 2nd gathering!

    Nice photos!

  2. I love watching American Idol!! And even though I had rservations about Nicki Minaj as judge, I now find her quite enjoyable. She's quite funny and some of her comments were really good, although of course I will side with my idol Mariah all the way hahaha!!

  3. Yes, the judges this year are definitely better than the Steve Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson last year! Nicki made it more interesting, Mariah gave great valuable advice to contestants and Keith is a breath of fresh air haha!

  4. Yes I am also so sick of the WGWG curse plaguing Idol! Please let it be a female winner this time!! : D

  5. Candice has such powerful vocals!! I did not remember her in the last season with Jessica Sanchez! How come she was eliminated? She's really good this season!

  6. Wow! Looking at your photo shoots, I think you can be a model already! Haha! Did you pose yourself or were you taught how to pose? LOL!

  7. How come Bluedreamer not joining you in your enthusiasm in camwhoring? LOL!

  8. OK waiting for your next chapter of Twisted. Faster post it up! Not trying to give you any stress but still, hurry up! haha!! Happy blogging and have a great day! : )

  9. I rather follow 'The Voice' as
    talentshow :P I think Idols is
    abit oldfashion...
    And nice photoshoots! Very
    professional made c:


  10. kitakits tayo sa 30th ha...asahan namin yan... cute ng mga pics... i am more excited sa The Voice (Philippines) kesa AI12

  11. cam whore talaga oh! oi pumunta ka ng outreach!

  12. I haven't seen American Idol in years

  13. You indeed look good! You can be a model!

  14. hmmm, i don't follow American Idol
    may go youtube to watch some clip occasionally
    but my knowledge about the idols is actually very limited

  15. well, who are those idols that i am familiar with??
    kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, david cook..
    hmmm, only that few~~ :D

  16. oh yeah, nice photo shoot!!
    and i am sure you were very happy being shot right??
    you can become a model in the future :)

  17. i like the first photo the most
    so model and so professional, hahaha
    no wonder you make that your FB cover photo :)

  18. have a great day and happy blogging
    may god bless you and take good care.. :)

  19. nakanaks sa photoshoot. mowdel. :p

    merong Kristy Lee Cook from the previous winners. Lahat ng mga previous winners, makikita sa name ni Kristy Lee. David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, Scotty... napulot sa forums...

  20. hmmmm nice photo u got? XD pretty different from what I thought maybe this is the recent you? XD

    and congrats for the novel writing! keep it up hehe

  21. Not an American Idol fan here. Great shots, keep them coming!

  22. siksik sa random, pati sa pagiging cam whore! ha ha ha

  23. ganda ng kuha mo sa picture.... galing hehehe

  24. - On American Idol - I had been hooked last year with the group of Jessica Sanchez - of course bec. a half-pinay was present. And yes, I can vividly remember Candice Glover under Jessica and Deandre's group but unfortunately she was cut during the TOP 48 in Las Vegas - too bad she didn't make it last year knowing how good she was then. But, there are always second chances. Look now how she's rockin' the Season 12 idol stage, though she's got few competition but definitely I'm rooting for her. FYI - I had a complete copy of Season 11 in my lappy.

    On PBO's Outreach - Your mere presence, I'm sure, will be a joy to them. So make yourself available on that date. Please arrange your schedule to support our fellow PBOers!

    Good thing that you're being a cam whore is now being noticed hehehe! Like what I have told you before you've got the potential to be a print ad model. Good luck. Hope you go places Mecs!

    I haven't read your novel yet. I'll find time later on but for now I got a lot to attend to. Keep blogging pareng Mecs!

  25. Ano yung American Idol? (Haha...hindi nanonood).

    Naks, pwede ka na mag-model sa isang brand ng t-shirt. :-)

  26. not really into the show. Guess STP would love it

  27. Lume-level up ka na talaga Mecoy! May photoshoot ka na! ^◡^


  28. niiiice photos :)
    thank you so much, my dear! wish you a nice weekend :)
    xoxo from Munich

  29. ayun oh na post din hahaha.. glad you enjoy... see you on the second photoshhot? hahaha...

  30. Wow!!!! You're soooo handsome! Can be a professional model!

  31. American Idol...I like Paul Jolley but he's out already this week. I think Candice is good though, Amber's ok...and I liked Angela when she sang her original song - don't quite like her since...

  32. 1. Hindi ako masyadong interesado sa AI :P
    2. Enjoy the outreach!
    3. Pangarap ko rin magkaphotoshoot nun at gumawa ng portfolio ko. Haha. Pero hindi ako camwhore :P

  33. woot woot... lakas maka artista ang mga pics natin ah...
    ako din pangarap ko din yan...

  34. never watched AI, well, i dont watch anything kasi im more focusing on the internet, kasi sa news, sa net na lang.. :P

    love the first pic! hot! :D

    from Myxilog with love <3

  35. not a fan anymore nung malamang ndi nkapasok ung tatlong pinoy... pero nanunuod din ako pg may time.

    kaw na model modelan!

  36. Awesome pic.

    No I am not watching AI this year.

  37. di ako aware sa mga kanagapan sa idol...

    galing ng photo-shoot ah! very nice! pwede kang model! thumbs up! keep it up!

  38. hahaha you are so cute in your photo shooT! You should def watch 'Stoker' -- it was a very great cinematographic experience. and yes... pandas are awesome


  39. mecs mas ayus tong pose mo dito kasi kitang-kita yung mukha mo... great job...

  40. goodlooking mecoy ;-) at ayoko ky jessica ;-(

  41. sorry, di ako nanunood ng AI this season eh >.<

    gudluck sa second outreach nyo ng PBO :))

    and... adik ka talaga sa pictorial parekoy hahaha :D

  42. Hi mecoy...just dropping by to say Hi.

  43. Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  44. I only watch American Idol on youtube... di ako masyado nagiging updated unlike nung season 11 :(. Pero I'm rooting for Angie Miller!

    Wow Meccoy!! You look good!!! Model na model ang PEG! haha

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