Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy Me: Kojie.San Men's Club Product launch and Movie Screening

Well back to my Busy Me series, actually this post is supposed to be two posts but I have decided to cut it and make it as one haha my readers might get bored because prolonging such post with the same event hahaha. Still this is in connection with my Kojie.san|men experience, as you all know I won tickets for special movie screening of Taken 2 and also an invitation at Kojie.san|men's product launch which has been my greatest blogging experience so far.

Ok lets start with the product launch but let me warn you first, because there'll be limited,blurry and crappy pictures haha  just don't have any good camera by now, poor me:/. Product launch was held last October 3 at Seventh High club, The fort. The venue is quite far from where I live in so I leave the house 3 hours ahead of time I was also allowed to bring one person with me so I brought my dear friend Darren(some of you might remember him)

We meet up at a mall in Bacoor and headed to the venue it takes almost one hour to get to Bacoor traffic sucks but it get worst as we get closer to the venue haha in the end, we made it to the 7th high club 1 hour late shocks!.

Because we're late we missed Nicholiala's( Famous radio jock) hosting and I guess the introduction of the product. But still we had fun watching Jobert Austria, Long Mehija and most especially the hilarious Alex Calleja (few great comedians).

Great Foods and Cocktails were served at the event, too bad I don't really drink.There's a lot of fun contest that night one of it is this crazy mechanical bull ride haha host was first to try it, they ride the bull with this gorgeous and sexy models haha. A Nuffnanger won the said contest I think his name was Marvin cheers to him.

 Later that night things get wilder because of this sizzling hot girl group, Mocha girls. We, the boys were drooling over their gorgeous body while singing and dancing sexy hahaha.

They also hosted some silly green game where they gave a copy of playboy magazine (how I wish I got one haha) also I guest the biggest prize on that night which is an I pad whoooa haha.
Overall the event was cool too bad I didn't get a chance of knowing some other blogger there. Me and Darren both get a bag full of Kojie.san|men products.

Now proceeding to the next event, which is the movie screening. It was held lst October 5 at Edsa Shangri-la, Manila. The movie was "Taken 2"( I read a lot of good feedback for this movie so im expecting a lot). I was also allowed to bring one person here and since I had Darren at the product launch I asked my cousin Bluedreamer(you might know him too) to go with me.

 Before the movie started there is host at the front calling for some volunteers for their little game when no one's responding they started calling names from the list of attendees and surprisingly they called mine and I was like "What the F!" hahaha.
The host started asking a simple question "Lalake ka ba?" (are you a male?) I was worried cause I can't think of a good answer maybe because I'm nervous haha but when the mike was on me I answered "Mas Lalake kaysa sa kanila" ( more manly than them) What? then the crowd laugh so I guess I answered it right haha.

 Each of the blogger that joined was given a bag of  Kojie.san|men products. Plus at the registration area me and blue were also given one bag of products each( now you know why I have plenty haha). We enjoyed the movie so much it was just great. I thank god for all this blessings

Ok I guess this post was too ling already have a great day everyone happy blogging.


  1. That looks like a nice party, great fun...and gee! You won some prizes too. Lucky you... Congrats!

  2. nice one! suggestion lang. pwede mo'ng lakihan yung mga photos para proportional sya sa layout mo

  3. awwww, no wonder you have been so busy lately.. events after events, and what's more, those seem like huge events to me!!

    1. oh, i thot both of the events were held on the same night?? hahaha.. cannot be, the bloggers will be too exhausted with two in a row right?? :D

    2. you don't really drink?? hmm, but must at least try those cocktails since they are on Nuffnang!! seldom we can have free booze right?? haha~~

    3. how nice.. you are given free show and also freebies but a whole range of normal size products to use!! how lucky, i have to fork out money for mine~~ :(

    4. have a great week ahead and happy blogging.. and hope more events for you to come.. :)

  4. ikaw na swerte. haha parang kilala ko yang si bluedreamer anyway..miss ko na seventh high. hihihi ako naman isama mo next time hehehe

  5. "mas lalaki pa sa kanila "


  6. Drooling talaga ha. Oh wait...may dala ka naman sigurong panyo nun. :-P

  7. beautiful photos
    if you want to make a youtube video using photos just let me know
    i will do it

  8. sobrang busy muna .. kulang na lang maging eventilogist ka na hahahah .. penge ng mga giveaways!

  9. Nice new header for your blog! Thumbs up!
    Looks like you had a great time...Ayos may produkto pa.
    I want to see Taken 2. I've watched the first Taken, I wonder what happened after that..hehe..

  10. Ikaw na rin MEcoy! grabeh uber attend ka na ha ha ha

    at ako na rin talaga! heto pa ang isang mainit init na (3rd) award na naman! pinapakita ko lang dahil sa recent comment mo sa Balut. LOL


  11. wow ha! in demand ka sobra. anyway, ano bah talaga sagot dong sa question? hehehee sagutin mo nalang dito. yes or no lang ;-)

    just me,

  12. hmm, how to get this kind of opportunity a?

  13. you really love nuffnang. haha. I havent won anything with them. lols

  14. Congrats ulit Mecoy! Ikaw na ang NuffNang endorser! ヅ

  15. Your blog gives us new idea for product launch & film premiere.

  16. very nice...masarap talaga pag libre...hehehe i'm gonna be watching taken later this weekend...:)


  17. huhuhuhuh! not baaaaaaaaaaaad got Taken 2 movie screening XD

    Malaysia here dun have for me :( need to self purchase and watch it this weekend . . . maybe not LOL