Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank You Kojie.san|men and Nuffnang

I'm sorry I just have to pause my "busy me" series for this. It's been a while since I started receiving various items, Freebies, prizes and some cool special movie screenings from my blogging and for me, it is quite flattering. Remember my vanity post which is also my entry for the "Taken 2" special movie screening contest by Nuffnang and Kojie.san|men? here's the link if you want to check it out. Fortunately I manage to get into the first 60 list of entries so I won two movie tickets for that I'm pretty happy enough but, surprisingly I was also included in the top 20 best entries which granted me a special invitation at Kojie.san|men' club launch at 7th high club the fort. Wait for the rest of my Busy me series for further details regarding this events all I can say for now is, it had been really really great so watch out for that alright?

For now I would want to extend my deepest gratitude for Nuffnang Philippines and of course  to Kojie.san|men's club for the spectacular events that they held and for the giveaways I've got from them which is the coolest thing I've got from my blogging. More than the wonderful action packed movie we watched its the Kojie.san|men's product makes this experience even more memorable as I've told you before I'm kinda vain so this amazing products suits me. I got plenty of it that for a sudden I felt like "what am I a retailer or something?" hahaha

Before I only use one kind of spray for my body and at most point I felt bored with it. I also switched brands time to time just to feel different and confident but the brands turned kinda monotonous so switching  doesn't even make sense anymore. But now that I've got this four variety of deospray from Kojie.san|men it wont be as boring as before. individually each smells pretty awesome and quite different from one another it's indeed way better than my previous brand. This items makes me more confident and it is sure to suit me at my different moods.

This soap I've got from they was also cool, It smells good I have used it already and its pretty good It made me felt light and clean. This lotion I've got yesterday from them I tried using it after taking a bath it wasn't sticky like my previous brand which just runs out( perfect timing is it? lol).

For all the men out there I personally recommend this set of products its quality is indeed a guarantee. Go on own your self any of their products and Preserve Mankind hoho.

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