Saturday, November 24, 2012


Well I was planning to do a long series of post but there are thing still has to be done before I could proceed on this haha for now I'll just do a random post.

First surprise of  week which I'am so thankful about was the accreditation I got from Erwin Aguila of the author of 
the short story that I illustrated which I posted just recently . He liked what I did and even came up with some sort of thank you post click here to see his post. 
Well it just feels great for your work to be appreciated. Thanks Erwin.

Next in line was for me being as the Top commentator on Sk's weekly chart I know some of you knows how hard I tried to get into the top list actually last week was already an overwhelming experience for me, I mean being on the third spot was something to cherish and I tried my very best to stay on that position but then I was surprised that I was this week's top commentator though I know it was just a rare opportunity I still feel great about it. Thanks sk

Well I still don't have any copy of "Lorien Legacies: Power of Six" :/
reading is postponed at this moment haha.

I feel like to share some videos for you guys I hope you like it.

 CCTV or Closed Circuit television, I know you all know what is this, it was meant to capture crimes, for security and for monitoring various areas or even traffic. There had been a lot of disturbing videos caught by the said device but then, not all of it was something to be upset about. This first video that I would share proves that there still something positive for us to see



I know most of you might have felt sick of the "Amalayer" trend its been quite an issue which just annoyed me I mean there are lot of better things to talk about than this but for a point I have though what was the truth behind this. Here are the videos of  interviews of both side. who do you think was telling the truth

This last videos had made made my day well if you still remember this anime songs you would probably laugh out loud.

Thats all for now have a great week end everyone:P 


  1. I really love the video of the positive things the cctv caught. Nakakaiyak sya :) Naiyak din ako sa kakatawa sa video ng Ghost Fighter na yan! May Dragon ball din pala hahaha :)

  2. hahaha..XD DragonBallZ Theme (Taglish) Ghost Fighter Theme Song (Taglish) PANALO!! lol!

  3. your blog it's very interesting
    i'm your new gfc follower
    would you like to follow each other

  4. Congrats sa mga achievements mo! Galing! Saludo talaga ako sa artwork na ginawa mo! Ayos din yang mga videos mo! Katuwa!

  5. pati si Amalayer nandito rin hehehe

    Congtrats sa pagiging top commentators sa Sk's weekly chart ^^

    Panalo nga ang Ghost Fighter Theme Song hehehe

  6. congrats
    Ghost fighter song is good

  7. Congratz for being cited in Erwin's page. You deserve it Mecoy. And also for being the top one weekly commentator.

    I like the first video because it portrays positivism. It reminds us that despite the crazy things that are happening in our world, in between those, there are still people, things, and situations that would leave us wearing a big smile. That there are still many great people out there just waiting to be singled-out even if they would prefer not to.

    You just completely turn me around by this post. I'm feeling a bit melancholic due to some things I have encountered yesterday but when I read your post and saw the first video, it suddenly halted that sad feeling I got. Once again, I felt inspired. Thanks man!

    By the way, I didn't open the other videos as I know I have my share of opinions already and let's leave it at that.

  8. I loled at the scuba guys in the elevator

  9. Oh ! You are top commentator on SK's blog? So hardworking? Haha!

  10. I have no time to play the top commentator game haha!

  11. LOL at the CCTV video! Hope I am never captured on the CCTV doing funny things!

  12. Happy blogging and have a nice weekend! : )

  13. wow looks like you have got a few achievements recently in the blogosphere huh?? isn't that great and motivating for you to strive all the way to the thrones?? hehe..

  14. yeah the pictures you drew for that book is really nice, and I really think you deserve all the credits!! I am sure he will get you to work on the next sequel later if any.. :)

  15. all the hard work pays off for sure!! congratulations on being the brand new weekly champion!! you have beat all your competitive rivals, that's certainly not an easy job..

  16. your next mission is to stay top three in the monthly chart to get a prize!! I would be happy to send them all the way to the Philippines!! hahahaha..

    1. besides leaving comments you can always reply to comments from other readers, that will give you more chance to put more comments and ultimately increase your chance of winning, just like what others do, hehe.. TIPS!!! :p

  17. nice videos and thanks for sharing them here.. wishing you a happy and enjoyable weekend, happy blogging and bloghopping too!! :)

  18. first time ko atang bumisita sa blog mo... hehehe
    You have so many reasons to be thankful and congratulations again...
    Yes something positive... GV lang lagi.


  19. Nakakainspire yung CCTV video. Lol sa DragonBallZ Theme (Taglish) Ghost Fighter Theme Song (Taglish).FTW :) Congrats sa mga naachieve mo. Keep it up :)

  20. Congratulations on being the top commenter in SK blog :)

    1. hey keep up the spamming..only a few more days to month end. can be come the top commenter of the month :)

    2. it's really good to have wrk being recognised. Feel an accomplishment right?

    3. Thanks for spamming my blog too, MeCoy

  21. Mabuhay! Congratz for being weekly #1 in SK's blog. Love the video on CCTV which showed the candid captures of people without their knowledge. tQ

  22. Ang cute cute talaga nung CCTV video forever. :) Have a great week ahead!

  23. Ganda nung CCTV now ko lang nalaman meaning ng CCTV..hahahaha,, diosko
    hahahah ang kukulit ng mga anime videos..haha

  24. Congrats! Congrats!!! Things looking good for you, eh? Have a great week ahead...

  25. Awesome entry as always :) I love the CCTV footages that capture nice things! Such a fresh idea!


  26. Congratulations on your recent achievements Mecoy! ASTIG mo! ^◡^
    Yes, me too - AMA-SICK of Amalayer! tsk!


  27. Congrats for being featured and being the top commentator. c: I somehow in favor of Paula.

    I don't want to make it obvious to my crush.

  28. mecoy, thanx sa share. nagpost na tuloy ako ky amalayer sa isa kong blog. kahit ano mangyari me reason talaga si God at naging ganun sa kanya

  29. Dip[ako naka todo ng reaction kay Amalayer--kasi i feel for her.She will not be agitated like that kung di sya na provoke.Ang kasalanan lang nya,masyadong high pitch ang boses nya.masakit sa tenga.hahaha

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