Saturday, May 25, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick

It's a bird.. it's a plane.. no it's Superman!, There's no doubt the Man of steel is all set to invade Philippine cinemas this coming June! Well who doesn't wanna see one of the most famous and most sucessful and iconic super hero that had ever been?.

The unmatchable strength, flight, speed and laser vision who would go against you if you had such power? and not to mention a hunky body and the looks that could make girls head over hills, yeah being superman includes the looks, Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh, Tom Welling with this guys well I'm pretty much sure of that.

If only I could be him, the Superman, or just to have his powers even just just for A WEEK! I'm sure I could do tons of things.
I think the first thing I would do is to fly from a country after another, haha yeah, of course, no visa, no passport and plane tickets needed for that haha, And it can be done in no time too.
Hmm how about the strength what could I possibly do with such power? As if there's villains or aliens would appear and invade the earth, well I guess I could use it to build or fix something, hmm how about the "leaning tower or Pisa"? hahaha or our church here which was under renovations for years now.
I could even go help in space exploration through Superman's power, well I saw some outer space scenes at superman movies and cartoons, so I guess that's possible
Hmm there's indeed a lot of things that you can do having such abilities but one thing is for sure, at time like this, that's most everyone were at their knees begging for something to hold on, being a Superman, the least yet the best thing you can do is be an inspiration to others, a source of hope and icon of courage. But I guess you don't need to be Superman for that, it would naturally comes out from a heart filled with love and that what makes us Super.

Nuffnang and Shick is having a special screening of probably one of the most awaited and most anticipated movie of the year, Man of Steel which you can also win just by joining their promo, just click the picture below and find out how you can be a part of this special screening which will be held on Shagri-la Cineplex!

By the way, I personally use Shick, and since I never feel like growing mustache, because as you can see in the picture above, how mustache makes me looks kinda old. I always use Shick razor and never even once it disappointed me, no scratch no itch just the refreshing and clean feeling of neatness haha or just as what their slogan says, Schick. Free Your Skin.

 Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

FIRST B(log) DAY (part 7)

Okay this would be the last part of this blogversary series, and for this post I wanted to thank you all for everything,.. for the gifts, for every comments and for the friendship we started through this platform. If it wasn't for you, perhaps I'm already gone half way through.

I am really thankful of having this blog, because at time like this, when it seems that there's nothing right going on in my life, I knew that through this, I did something with a bit of a sense, that for once I did something valuable which I could somehow be proud of. Here, there's no rejections and even though I did a lot of mistakes and even if I wasn't the best I can confidently say that in blogging, I do belong.

And as in return, I'll try my very best to still be at each and every post, or in other words to stay as Mr. most frequent for as long as I can. I don't know until when or what awaits for me here or if could I ever be better, but one thing is for sure, I love doing this and this blog will go on. So please, I beg for your understanding at every post that I will be having.

Again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FIRST B(log) DAY (Part 6)

 What to Expect?

Twisted Ending

yeah, I was struggling to finish this story, not because I'm out of idea or something, but because I'm being too lazy to do it hahaha. Hmm I think there were still 4 - 5 parts left before the finale.

BlogShift 2013

I was planning to try out some otehr genres of blogging or might redo some categories I did. Don't worry I'll try to make better than th previous one

Genius Blogger

I did this awards last year but up until now, I haven't yet thought of how i'll use it hahaha perhaps i could think of something this year

More sensible post?

I was thinking of great topics to post I hope I could prove something this year

hmmm I think that's all for now, I hate too much planning for always leads to disapointments haha.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

FIRST B(log) DAY (Part 5)

Okay, some blogger told me that, among my posts, my posts regading the gifts that I have won and received was the thing he remembers the most, well I can't blame him cause my ither posts were nonsense and I received a lot too. For this post, i'll be sharing some gifts from nuffnang and other bloggers I have collected so far.

I wasn't so sure about the details and if the sequence was right, but then here you have it.
1. My very first nuffnang prize, it was for "Resident Evil Retribution" movie screening  sponsored by PLDT
2. Another nuffnang prize, sponsored by kojie san| men, i think it was 10 body spray, 5 soap and a lotion.
3. The first gift from a blogger, it was from Wenn.aAcute keychain from lego land, and a traditional chinese calendar, I got it through my spamming.
4. It was a gift from SK, it was for winning his december commentator chart and for winning a category on his annual list.
5. Another gift from Wenn, two cute action figures from universal studios.
6. A christmas card for me and my brother blue from SK again
7. An wonderful art work from J.Lo, no not Jennifer, Jessica haha.
8. A book, can opener and a ref. magnet from Jay. It was my prize for winning his birthday contest and it comes with some chocolates too.
9. A gift from a gorgerous blogger, Balut. It was a cute panda hat and stuff toys who was eventually named Po kungpa. Dhe really know what I like the most isnt she?

10. Another Nuffnang gift, a usb, magnet and a shirt. I got it fron the movie screening sponsored by Nokia.
11. A postcard from Archieviner whom I failed to see ion person sigh:/.
12. Another gift from Sk, for his first quater comment chart( I won't be called typhoon mecoy for nothing haha)
13. A magnet from Greece and a Gel pen from dubai which I got from the generousWenn again.
14. A souveneir from vietnam foong pc gave me, the biggest package I've got I think haha

I'm not sure if I forgot something but this was all that I have on my stuffs, but then if I do please forgive me:)
And Thank you all for these gifts! I'm surely is flattered, it seems like some trophies to me(since i never had any haha) again, thank you all.

Well it's quite funny that recently our packages was being hold by the post office or we have to pay first to have it haha well perhaps they have notice this sudden packages we were receiving, we were actually joking there might be some NBI will be intorogating us soon hahaha

Sunday, May 12, 2013

FIRST B(log) DAY (Part 4)


For this month I had a lot more prizes and gifts, (i'll be posting it on a separate post so watch out for that). My blogshift ended early this month too and I had my first tagalog post that happens to be my entry at bagsik panitik which was eventually ranked 8th.


Okay this was a very special month for me, my first ever blogger meet up happened within this month. I met four of my most favorite bloggers, it was such a fun and memorable happening indeed. I also had some personal post back then and still have received some gifts haha.


This is another memorable part of my blogging one of the peek actually. I started, my first ever series within this month which was still on going up until now, there's still 4- 5 parts still I guess. I also get to do one of my dream, which was to be a part of a photoshoot( thanks to AXL for that).I also attended our group's outreach program at Bahay ni Maria. It had been a successful and meaningful even in fact I could still feel the joy in my heart up until now. I also have met almost all of the bloggers friends I had encountered within a year of blogging.


Just the previous month huh, well what was this month has, hmm, I think it was a poetic month for me, I had two poems shared within this month one is for my mom and the other is for a blogger contest which turned to be the best poem I have ever written! I also had some of my most sensible post, (I think) within this month. Other than that, nothing much is special within this month too.

Okay this isn't yet the end okay?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FIRST B(log) DAY (part 3)


hmm, this month was kinda special, it is when I first joined a nuffnang movie screening contest and luckily, I won(well it was first 30 bloggers so can't be too proud about that haha). Anyway prize is still a prize and, it, being my first makes it even more special. By the way, it was for Resident  Evil Retributionwhich was held on resorts world cozy cinema  hoho.Other than this, nothing really happened for this month.


Okay as they say one will never be enough right? so for this month I won another movie screening from nuffnang, which was for the movie, Taken2 sponsored by Kojiesan men. But this time aside winning movie tickets which was given to the first 60 bloggers I also was included on the 20 best entry which grant me a chance to attend  Kojiesan men product launch. Also, within this month I attended Cosplay Mania 13. Other than thise most of my post back then were more of personal post and this crazy pic you see above wad actually me in my halloween blogsake post haha.

For this month, my posts were consist of personal updates and opinions. I was confirmed, I finish a book for the first time(Lorien Legacies iam no.4), attended birthday parties and had celebrated all saint day. Also this is when I introduce my babies too and also I did a big book which was actually a story made by a blogger who eventually pleased by it.


Good thing world didn't end back then cause if it had, I wouldn't be here celebrating this blogaversary. December, well for this month I had my BLOGSHIFT series, which brought me a lot of fun! For those who didn't know this, you can just visit the link  provided here. It is also the first time I have received a gift from a blogger(WENN) and some ecards too. If you want to see the al the header  used ever since you can visit my december archieves.

PS. This series is gonna be kinda long so please be patient haha.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


MAY 2012

Well as I've told you on my previous post,  I started blogging, May of last year, and since, my first post was a day before the month ended, I only had one post back then and my very first topic was about the powers you wish to have. Well with that picture above I bet you know my choices


Of course this is when I celebrated my first month here and it is also when I get to receive my first tag award. I also had my self introductory post there. Over all I had 12 post then, which were mostly personal opinions regarding some sort of matters


Surprisingly, I had the most number of post for this month, I had 14 in total. hmm nothing much is special in particular on my post. I had my birthday post back then(so if you wish to know when is my birthday you can just access my july archive). I also had this post about london olympics, celebrity lookalikes, marvel  upcoming movies and a lot of American idol updates haha you can check the funny memes I did for that.


On this month I had post wit the most number of pageviews actually it defines almost the rest of entire pageviews, It was my "Nicki Minaj on American idol season12" post which has 25971 total pageviews. Also, I had some of my favorite post which were my list of favorite youtubers an animes. I also shared my crazy lip sync videos here haha.

Okay that's all for now folks! GOD BLESS us all.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Okay, I'm quite uncertain if it is right to post the first part of my "blogversary" series of posts, but then I guess it should be within the month of May since the first post I had was posted on May 30th last year so technically May is my blog's birth month right?.
Surprisingly it's been a year since I started this blog of nonsenseness haha, I apologize for a year of grammatical, typographical and for the author's errors! haha I know I did a lot of mistakes perhaps that's why I never really back read my post ahaha.

For this first part of the said series I wanted to share to you some tag awards and ecards I have received so far. Just to warn you my memory is quite poor so if ever I missed any, I'm sorry :)

The first tag  Award I got is from a gorgeous blogger, which turned out to be one of the closest to my heart,
Miss BALUT of Balut Manila gave me this "Versatile blogger award" which requires me to post 7 random things about me and if you want to know some disgusting facts about me you can see my post for this, here.

I think I received this again several times I just can't remember who it was from, well, aside to this recently tagged award with the same title but different logo from Aian.

Okay now the second was this "Liebster Award" I got twice from Xoxo Grah and Archieviner, This as around october. I also got this award several times after this, well blogosphere sure is a small world after all right?

Next in line was this "All I want for Christmas" chain.Unfortunately none of this wishes is yet achieved haha.

I also got this "S.M.P. Super Mr. Popular" from my idol, Pao Senpai! this was last december.

Lastly this Perfect Pitch Award I got from Rix Though I didn't post it here, I have it done on my second blog.

Okay I guess that's all for now, I'm a bit lazy to do a post actually but then I gotta have one haha.