Monday, December 31, 2012

MEcoy 2012 meets MEcoy 2013 part 2

My blog's faces

My blessings (awards prizes and ecards)
•Versatile blogger award I 'vegot from Balut, my very first blogger award
• Freebies I got from PLDT and nuffnang movie screening contest
•Freebies I got from Kojie.san|men's club and nuffnang movie screening contest
•Liebster Award I've got from Archieviner and Xoxo Grah 
•SMP award I've got from Pao kun
•Spammer's prize from Wenn

From JonDmur

Thank you all fro this , this are the things that keeps me going.

 What to expect from here?
Well basically, more of Mecoy non sense and crazy thoughts,
The blog shift series conclusion will be moved next year haha

Happy new year everyone! may you all have a great year a head. I enjoyed my year because of each and one of you and for that I thank you all.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mecoy2012 meets Mecoy2013

2012 had been a hell of a roller coaster ride for me,I had too many ups and downs. Some reconciliation happened, mistakes I regret, celebrations that i'll forever cherish, and a whole lot more! well, basically that is what life is all about,  merely a cycle of reality, bad or good? it depends on your perspective.

I started this blog may of this year and since then I just can't help but go on. Its just amusing how a single thing leads you to another. I met some pretty good friends, some has gone some stays. 
Now here are some few highlights that my blog had this year, Try to guess why they where included here if you want to,

But more than this, it is you, the reason why this nonsense trying hard guy is still here blogging about anything haha. I just want to thank each and every one of you for a wonderful year we have shared.
Hopefully this end will be the beginning of another chapter of our friendship.

My goal next year would be the following, it's gonna be tough so help me god
•helthier and hunky body
•more blogging memories

Good bye 2012, you may frighten us with the end of the world but we are just bound to go on. thanks for being such a blessed phase in my life may you take all the hatreds, pain and failure as you leave. 
And welcome 2013 just please be good and more generous than 2012 ok?

This probably wont be my last post for 2012 but I just feel like to do a year end post today. 
have a blessed new year everyone wish you all the best:)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas ^-^

Well I tried doing a video greeting for you guys but it turned out like this:/
The audio and the quality sucks you can't even hear what the hell I'am saying hahaha.
But anyways just in case you can't understand here is my message.

" Hey guys it's me MECOY,
I made up this video just to greet you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year
and I also wanted to thank you all for your support  in my blog,
I must say it's been overwhelming and flattering as well.
Well thank you for.. listening 'reading' my nonsense thoughts..
and.. yeah thank you
and my apologies coz you would be definitely definitely seeing me
next year, more of my nonsense thoughts.
so yep thank you
have a great day
happy blogging 
god bless you"

It's a pain for me watching this, coz thats the last time I had to enjoy my long hair because later that night I just had a bad hair cut huhuhu

Well supposedly. this post was for yesterday but I was pissed off with the video error haha
Merry Christmas love yah all:)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random : A Break Before the end

Well, Perhaps you're surprise to see that my post for today wasn't a part of my BLOG SHIFT series huh,
I just can't help but to share some random things happened this past few days and since my Blog shifting is about to end i'll just take a rest.

I've been completing all the Dawn masses/ Misa de Gallo/ Simbang gabi and I'm enjoying waking up 3 in the morning worshiping god, Well, I'm not doing this for any wish list I just want to be a step closer to god.
There are lots of thing I have been learning throughout the mass, and our priest here were just the best.

Its been a busy day, me and my cousin went shopping for gifts hahaha, and its been really tiring, but still happy. If you don't know it's been almost three months since the last time I went out so I was surprised with a lot of changes along our way,and yes I finally saw Christmas haha.

Earlier this week, I have receive a gift from a very good blogger friend, well it was actually a prize from spamming hahaha. This was the first gift I have receive from a blogger and it was from a Malaysian, so basically this gift traveled thousand of miles to get here. I felt so appreciated having this well actually I somehow felt like an outcast here in the blogosphere lately, but thanks to my Malaysian friends and some Filipino bloggers as well who made me feel better.
Well as you can see, I don't have the perfect grammar, perhaps some of you might find me trying hard to run an English blog, I came to a point that I was thinking of using Tagalog instead but I just can't let go of my friend from somewhere else,

(A lovely Keychain from Lego land and a traditional Malaysian calendar)
I would love to thank Wenn for this items, You how I loved this right?

Yesterday, I got some free time so I have decided to edit my blog's appearance,

It's almost Christmas but yet no gifts were sent for me yet haha
if you want to make a poor nonsense guy this Christmas just contact me okay?
that's all for now:3
Next post will be another part of my Blog Shift series

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BlogShift: Movies

Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 

This is basically my sixth part of my BlogShift series and probably on of the last :).
Today's theme is Movie Blog, I don't feel like to review a single film so I came up with an Idea of listing the top ten movies with the following categories:

Highest-grossing films:

  1. Avatar $2,782,275,172
  2. Titanic $2,185,372,302
  3. The Avengers $1,511,757,910
  4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 $1,328,111,219
  5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon $1,123,746,996
  6. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King $1,119,929,521
  7. The Dark Knight Rises $1,081,041,287
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $1,066,179,725
  9. Toy Story 3 $1,063,171,911
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides $1,043,871,802

Reference: Wikipedia

Yahoo's BEST  movies of all time:

  1. Gone With the Wind
  2. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
  3. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
  4. Jaws
  5. The Sound of Music
  6. The Ten Commandments
  7. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
  8. Doctor Zhivago
  9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  10. Titanic
Reference: Yahoo

Yahoo's WORST movies of all time:
  1. Showgirls
  2. Battlefield Earth
  3. Waterworld
  4. Road House
  5. Red Dawn
  6. Plan 9 From Outer Space
  7. Rocky 5
  8. Airborne
  9. The Golden Child 
  10. Any Police Academy (especially Police Academy 2 & 3)
Reference: Yahoo

Now this are movie first came into my mind and this are in no particular order
Some of my most LOVED movies:
  • Toy Story series
  • Forest Gump
  • The Avengers
  • Avatar
  • Titanic
  • 2012
  • Heart and Souls
  • Misery
  • Click
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Some of my most HATED movies:
  • The Last Air Bender
  • Dragon Ball Evolution
  • Diary if the Dead
  • Disaster Movie
  • I Know Who Killed Me
  • Paranormal Activity (all of it)
  • Drive Angry
  • Never Say Never
  • Green Lantern
  • Shawn of Dead
I would like to thank 'LJ of Orange Wit' for sending me a file of "Lorien Legacies: Power of Six" and "The Lost Files". Though I haven't got a time to read I really do Appreciate what you did :)

Also Thanks to Wenn of Experience in advance for the gift she sent me for being one of her top commentator for the  month of November:)

Thanks as well to Jay of About Jay's Journey, for choosing my birthday picture greetings entry as the first placer on his Birthday contest.

Lastly to Rix of  Kwentong Baliw ng isang Rixophrenic and Pao kun of To infinity and beyond pangkalawakan, for tagging me with a Versatile Blogger award,
but unfortunately I already have posted the same award back then.
Here the link by the way 

Well I guess that's all for now folks
till next time:3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

BlogShift: Music

Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 

This is now the fifth part of my blog shift series, Have you ever wonder how long this series would this be?
haha well, I honestly don't know either haha anyways as you can see our category for today was MUSIC, at first I was planning to post a video of myself singing, but then, I realize that would ruin my blog entirely haha.
Just recently 55th annual Grammy Award's  list of nominees were released and today that's what I feel like to share.

The 55th GRAMMY awards will be held on February 10, 2013, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT and will be hosted for the second time by LL Cool J.
Here are the four Major award categories and its nominees

  • "Lonely Boy" – The Black Keys
  • "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" – Kelly Clarkson
  • "We Are Young" – Fun featuring Janelle Monae
  • "Somebody That I Used to Know" – Gotye featuring Kimbra
  • "Thinkin Bout You" – Frank Ocean
  • "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" – Taylor Swift

  • El Camino – The Black Keys
  • Some Nights – Fun
  • Babel – Mumford & Sons
  • Channel Orange – Frank Ocean
  • Blunderbuss – Jack White
  • "The A Team"
  • "Adorn"
  • "Call Me Maybe"
  • "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
  • "We Are Young"
  • Alabama Shakes
  • Fun
  • Hunter Hayes
  • The Lumineers
  • Frank Ocean

Here are some other Award categories that you might wanna to know
Best Pop Solo Performance

  • Set Fire To The Rain [live] - Adele
  • Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson
  • Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Wide Awake - Katy Perry
  • Where Have You Been - Rihanna 

Best Rock Performance
  • Hold On - Alabama Shakes
  • Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
  • Charlie Brown - Coldplay
  • I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
  • We Take Care Of Our Own - Bruce Springsteen

Best R&B Performance

  • Thank You - Estelle
  • Gonna Be Alright (f.t.b.) - Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Ledisi
  • I Want You - Luke James
  • Adorn - Miguel
  • Climax - Usher

Best Rap Performance

  • Hyfr (Hell Ya ... Right) - Drake Featuring Lil' Wayne
  • "Ni**as... In Paris" - Jay-z & Kanye West
  • Daughters - Nas
  • Mercy - Kanye West featuring Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz
  • I Do - Young Jeezy featuring Jay-z & André 3000

Best Country Solo Performance

  • Home - Dierks Bentley
  • Springsteen - Eric Church
  • Cost Of Livin' - Ronnie Dunn
  • Wanted - Hunter Hayes
  • Over - Blake Shelton
  • Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
The Who


Well I've seen this award quite often o my Filipino blogger circle at first I was sad that nobidy want to tag me haha but then Pao Kun of "To infinity and beyond Pangkalawakan" tagged me haha. so here it goes

-Answer the same questions I answered above below.
-Choose your Super MR. Popular and Super MISS Popular who you want to give this award. (Maximum of 15 people)
-Copy the questions above below or you may create a new question you want to ask them.
-Don't forget to send me the link of your post so I can see it, too.

1. Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Whose local/foreign celebrity would you want to play you?

If local : Alden Richards(he's a good actor) if Foreign: Tobey Maguire or Shia Labeouf they were funny, admirable and great actors haha.

2. You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you?

hmm HADES from hercules maybe? or captain hook?

3. Aside from family, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?

well nothing to big to consider as accomplishment as of now

4. In your own views, what's the spirit of Christmas?

Well the time of giving, love and the time to remind us that once our Savior was born among us.

Im passing this tag to the bloggers on my top commentator list on my side bar.

 That's all for now folks till next time:P

Sunday, December 9, 2012

BlogShift: Sports

Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 

First before we proceed to our category for this post I would love to share this logo I made for my blog shift special series. I was hired by a relative which happens to be a teacher to do the layout of their yearly school news paper and as I was doing a logo for it( their previous issue doesn't have) I decided do mine as well and that's what I've came up with.
(news paper logo)

My previous category doesn't went quite well haha. Supposedly, music category was really on my mind but then, since a huge event happened earlier I have decided to try sports blogging instead. It's all over the news now I bet most of my followers were disappointed by it. I bet you know what am I talking about, It's the Paquiao-Marquez fight.

This was actually the 4th fight they had, and just by we could see the action packed rivalry going on with this two excellent boxer. At first it was a draw, second and the third was a decision in favor of Paquiao, these three fights were quite close and controversial. Paquiao may have win twice over Marquez but he never overpowered the Mexican boxer perhaps that's why Marquez were so eager to fight with Paquiao an I think he just git what he always wanted not just beating Paquiao but knocking him out on the sixth round.


Well the result may not be pleasing for me, for us, for the Philippines it's heart breaking to see our hero fall but Marquez wan undeniably amazing he was just really into it what he did was indeed commendable.What great on this fight was, Though it was quite short it was indeed exciting and was not boring unlike the previous fights Pacquiao had and perhaps it give this series an end but though I saw an article saying that Bob Arum was open for the 5th fight lol.

But overall, Paquiao proves how he can be an icon of unity for the Filipino people, It was just amazing how Filipinos gather up together to support someone who can be considered a true hero and for me that's all that matters. He may lose a million times but Filipinos will still see him as a winner that's for sure.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

BlogShift: Gaming

Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 

Okay we are now on my third blog shift posts I hope you have enjoyed my recent literature and fashion genre themed post :P.
This tine I will be trying the genre of GAMING, yeah I know it was something most of you might find unlikable haha.
I've been quite a gamer over the years I started playing online and lan games after my high school years in which MMORPG( Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) was such a huge hit. The first games I tried playing were FLYFF( FLY For Fun) which is a great 3D RPG game and DOTA (Defense Of The Ancient) an interactive kind of  game. But just last year I tried a new game which seems to be like FLYFF but more on the complex way and today this is what I feel like to review and share.

This game was entitled DRAGON NEST, a 3D MMORPG develop by Eyedentity that were franchised by Shanda and Cherry credits for the south east Asian gamers.

Dragon Nest is not like any other MMORPG because It uses a non-targeting combat system which means full control of your character's movements. This game requires teaming up and travelling into dungeon your your character to progress and also the fact that the entire game has a story to tell which each character will have to deal with throughout the gaming process. A girl named Rose was kidnapped by Velskud a evil warrior who desires for the power of the ancients which only Rose can activate. You would have to talk at various NPC( Non-Player Characters) and enter several dungeons to be able to progress in your quest to save rose. There are movie like clips that will be showed in the entire quest progress which will vary defending of your choice of characters such as the following:

Gender: Female
Description: She is an innate archer and a novice scout who was sent to go through more training in the world. Although she stays away from her hometown, she sticks to her own cultures. Actually, she loves peace, but to fight against destructive dragons, she chooses to step forward and be a prominent female warrior.
Archers excel at using bows and attacking from afar in the back. Relying on fast movement and diverse long-range attacks, they can keep enemies away from them. (It is recommended to newbies)
Features: A long-range class with high attack, high dodge and low defense
Their basic attack is a single arrow or a double arrow using crossbow and they can attack while moving.
Have diversionary and long-range powerful attack skills
Have melee skills based on legs
Have various dodge skills, but are weak in defense and stamina
Primary Weapon(s): Shortbow, Longbow, Crossbow
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Quiver
Job Advancement:
Archer -(lvl15)Acrobat-(lvl45)Wind Walker/ Tempest
            -(lvl15)Bow master-(lvl 45)Artillery/Sniper

Gender: Male
Description: Born in a village, he lives a mercenary life based on his excellent abilities and a weapon in hand. He is a frank and righteous man, never knowing how to cover up his feelings. Due to a confiding nature, he gets hurt sometimes, but he can recover and stand up again quickly. He is a true indomitable hero.
Bearing strong melee attacks, warriors always stand in front of teammates and beat back their enemies with powerful strength and abundant energy. (It is recommended to newbies)
Feature:A melee class with tall stature
Their basic attacks are based on various weapons and skill combinations and combo attacks can be launched.
Have stronger attack but weaker defense compared with Clerics
Can initiate fast attacks to change positions
Some weapons and skills can be used to attack enemies in a certain range (half long-range)
Primary Weapon(s): Greatsword, Axe, Hammer
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Gauntlets
Job Advancement:
Warrior-(lvl15) Mercenary- (lvl 45)Destroyer/ Barbarian
            - (lvl15)Sword Master -(lvl 45)Gladiator/ Moon Lord

Gender: Female
Description: She is a talented girl with outstanding magic ability in Magic Organization. Though she left her parents from childhood, she is hopeful about the future and somewhat too confident. She inclines to depend on whoever recognizes her ability, but her pungent words often make her misunderstood. In fact, she is also kind, gentle and lovely.
Sorceresses can use mighty magic to attack multiple targets at the same time but they have weak defense. As long as they are besieged by enemies, they are likely to fall in danger. (It is recommended to senior players.)

Feature:A long-range magical attack class
They have a shorter range but a wider attack area than archers
Have various assistant magic spells and AOE skills.
They have targeted attacks and can choose different assistant magic and AOE skills in accordance with different monsters.
The unique class with AOE skills
Primary Weapon(s): Staff
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Grimoire, Orb, Puppet
Job Advancement:
Sorceress-(lvl15) Elemental Lord- (lvl45)Elestra/ Seleana
               -(lvl15) Force User- (lvl45)Smasher/ Majesty

Gender: Male
Description: He comes from an aristocratic family and becomes a cleric upon the advice of his family. Due to his noble status, he never uses bad language or does impolite actions, but he is often misunderstood by others. Because of his proud nature, he cannot bear being laughed by the opponent. Generally speaking, he pays little attention to most things, but he will rise against religious organizations sometimes. In terms of doing good deeds and helping the weak, he never loses to others.
Clerics have high defense and healing magic to cure teammates. They have a variety of assistant skills to protect teammates and deal with various situations. (It is recommended to veterans)

Feature:A melee magic attack class
Have a high probability to stun enemies by combo attacks.
Use a shield to attack and have a chance to block the enemies’ attack.
The unique class with healing ability, but with weak dodging ability
Have melee attacks and long-range magical attack
Primary Weapon(s): Mace, Flail, Wand
Auxiliary Weapon(s): Shield

Job Advancement:
Cleric-(lvl15) Paladin- (lvl45)Crusader/ Guardian
               -(lvl15) Priest- (lvl45)Inquistor /Saint

Gender: Female
Description:"Girl genius, quackum enthusiast, time traveler—these are all perfect ways to describe the Academic (also know as the Academic). She comes from 50 years in the future, a time when the heroes are all gone and Vestinel’s evil influence has corrupted the land. After her time machine crashes near Mana Ridge, she’s left stranded in the present with nothing to rely on but her wits and Alfredo, her giant robot butler. Now she’ll stop at nothing to save the Prophet and set right what once went wrong."
The crash turned her body to one that is of a 12-year-old's, but it is hinted during The Lie Detector Quest that her true age is 23 years old. She has the capability of creating two different minions the slimes and ducks.

Features: Academics use a variety of attacks that hit a wide area from mid- to long-range
Academic are flexible heroes with skills to deal damage, heal, and defend their allies
Their low Strength and Vitality are offset by strong Agility and Intellect
Primary Weapon(s): Cannon, Bubble Blaster

Auxiliary Weapon(s): Powerglove

Job Advancement:
Academic-(lvl15) Alchemist- (lvl45)Adept/ Physician
               -(lvl15) Engineer - (lvl45)Shooting Star/ Gear Master

I play this game together with my friend Darren( I hope you can still remember him), My character was a sorceress and I named her FOUKONA While Darren's was an archer named ELPRUP.
Both of foukona and ElpruP were on the current maximum level which is 50, foukona advanced into smasher

job while ElpruP advance into Artillery job.
I must admit I'm no good at this game haha my hands were a bit slow haha anyways you can download this game at Cherry credit's official web site click here to view.

Well that's it for now:) stay tuned for the next category of my Blog shift special series.

Refference: and


Monday, December 3, 2012

BlogShift: Fashion

Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 


Okay were on the second part of my special series, and our category for today was fashion.
I been following a lot of fashion blogs and I guess 50% of my commentator was on this field, I must say I'm a fan of such blogs.
I can't say I'am fashionable, honestly I actually know nothing about fashion. I don't wear branded clothes cause I find it expensive and on my status now it wasn't ideal, most of my clothes were bargain it's either bought on bargain stores of been given to me. But I think I have my style I know what would I want to wear though it wasn't unique it somehow shows me which is I think the essence of dressing up.
now with out further ado I not so proudly present to you MECOY MAG available only at library lol. This are the usual clothes I wear when I'm out and I made it the magazine way just for a little bit fun. All you'll see is me well literally haha.

I have broke every bones posing and catching this shots with an Ipod camera haha
I love taking pictures of my self so I enjoyed doing this post haha.
Well I admit I'm not capable of running such blog, I mean I have few clothes to show and I just don't have the right camera for it so perhaps I should venture into other blogging category haha.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

BlogShift: Literature Blog

Well As I told you on one of my recent post I was planning to run a special series of post and now I feel like starting it, but before anything else let me do a brief introduction for the said series.
Objectives: To explore all genres or categories of blogging.

As you know my blog offers random topic which makes it more like a personal blog but then I wonder what of I shift into other blog categories, that's when I came up with this idea and I hope you guys like it:). 

Notes and Tulips
written by Melvin "Mecoy" Coyne

It was the typical December, Monday morning, the sunlight was flashing from the window and the wind was whispering with a cold chilling breeze. Bobby woke up and groped to the other side of the bed reaching for his wife Maya, but she's not there. Bobby rose from bed to check for his wife, he went straight to the kitchen to see if she's there, but he saw a sticky note on the coffee rack which was on the center table instead and from there he knew his wife is gone. He read the note and smile "Not too much sugar dear, just two teaspoon alright? be honest :) and ohh grab a snack on the fridge too". After having his breakfast he took a bath then after he glimpse at the mirror on the small shelf above the sink and opened it and saw another note behind the shelf's door "Shave!" which he follows after brushing his teeth. On his closet and saw another note "Please don't mess up your closet dear, socks on the left undies on the right okay babe :p love you : p" His wife was a bit fussy about it. 
He picked up his brown briefcase and his keys on the key hanger behind the door and there he saw another note saying, "Don't forget to lock the doors" after doing it so, he went to the garage and press the car clicker *beep beep* .On his car he flipped the visor mirror to look at himself as he always does and there he saw another note "Drive safely" at first he thought his wife was over doing it but then he smiled and say to himself that his wife just knew him so well. He drove all the way to his office.
Bobby was a lawyer on average law firm where he worked for almost four years now.On his desk he,
opened his journal and check for his schedule for that particular date, the note he wrote was overwritten with the word " Cancelled" and on the bottom of the page another words was written by a familiar hand writing "Don't you dare forget this day babe, I know you're forgetful but there's no excuse for this one huh?". Good thing his wife wrote it because he almost forgot, he stared at the picture of Maya on his desk for a while and smile "you okay, dude?" his boss, Mr. Henry said while placing a folder on his desk, "Yes sir" Bobby replied.
He went out of the work early and drove straight to the flower shop and bought a beautiful bouquet of  tulips "Maya will surely love that Bobby, that's her favorite that always has been " Mrs. Robinson, the old florists told Bobby  "Thanks Mrs. Robinson she sure will" . 
He drive again for another 30 minutes and reached his destination he went out of the car and walk through a field of green and well trimmed grass towards a rectangular white marble, a grave stone. Bobby place the bouquet on one side and seat at the other "Happy anniversary babes, I love you thanks for always taking care of me, it had been almost two years and I still miss you on every second of the day" Tears were running down his face while he place his head between his arms that rest on his knees.
Cancer took Maya, and Bobby witnessed how she fought such illness tough they knew it was too late. Maya put all the sticky notes all over the house so she could somehow  still take care of Bobby even she's gone. Maya told Bobby never to remove all those notes, not until he found somebody that will do it instead of her.
And up to now Bobby can't move on he can't bare to look at other women cause he knew Maya will be hurt for it.
The End :3 

Though I'm not good at this, I had fun writing this story but It took me two hours to finish this which wasn't ideal for my schedule and I don't have a perfect grammar too so I guess Literature blog isn't my type lol.
Stay tuned for the next part of this series and wait for the next category I'll be featuring.

That all for now have a great week end every one:)