Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My very first (part 3)

This third part is basically a movie review. As you know me, my friend and my cousin Blue went on a special screening of Resident Evil Retribution. I was a Fan of the film series though I never played its game (which is where the movie is based) I was quite familiar with the characters and villains. I watched "Resident Evil Apocalypse" few of the "Extinction" and the whole "After life" I never get to watch the first one sadly:(.
I fell in loved with Alice the main character. She is actually just an addition to the movie and not from the game.Of course you'll see a lot of zombies on this movie duh? haha. They manage to included on the previous installment of the movies the playable characters from the game version like the ever famous Claire and Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, Albert Wesker and many more but in this new installment the brought back Jill and Carlos together with three other characters from the games which are Ada Wong(played by li bingbing), Barry Burton(Kevin Durand) and probably the most played Leon s. Kennedy(Johann Urb). As far as the similarity from the game and how its been portrayed I guess its great especially Ada's.

Zombies evolved as the movie series growing at first they were just walking dead attacking when heard a noise but now they were really scary. They had included on this movie series some of the famous villains on the game like Nemesis, Tyrant, zombie animals, lickers Albert Wesker, The Red Queen, Executioner Majini, Zombie with chain saw and guns which are great factors of the game. Alice as expected has great fighting scenes. I was expecting more from Leon but that will be on his re appearance to the next installment.

As always movie was great but ended with a teaser like clip for the next installment which is I guess will be the Conclusion of the whole film series. Overall I loved the movie  though I questioned some scenes but that doesn't matter anymore. That's it thanks for reading everyone God Bless you all

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Very First (part 2)

Pardon me for elongated this post so much haha so as the title said this is the second part of this post series.
As you know recently I been at Nuffnang's and PLDT myDSL's  special film screening here's my first post just in case you missed it. Well the event was generally amazing as said on my first post now I want to add some other details about it. As I told you before It's our first time going at Resorts World we really don't know how to get there we were just instructed by some friends and relatives we were commuting by the way haha poor us.
Since were not familiar on the way to Resorts world and since were a bit far from it we traveled way ahead of the event's schedule maybe about 3 to 4 hours. We made it to the venue quite early we are even earlier than those who were setting up there booth. But I guess being early is a good thing coz we get to look around. Here are some of our pictures while waiting for the event to start.
Me and Darren
Cinema lobby
On the registration I saw some of nuffnang's officer/ admin(I don't know what they are called)
also this pretty and very gorgeous model of PLDT which is very very lovely and nice she was approaching us, we even had photo's together(pls don't mind the quality we excited much so its a bit shaky haha).
nuffnang's staffs on registration booth
the sexy model

Below are the few freebies I got from PLDT few but meaningful for me Its the first I had remember?.
I must admit I'm still Overwhelmed with that event (I'm just a poor newbie here haha). I was hoping to experience more like this on my blogging so help me God. Anyways this a'int the last part there'll be another one don't worry nest will be just a movie review lol.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban as new judges of American idol

Okay I would have to pause "My Very First series" for this I know that some of you are not fan of this but please give this to me ayt? haha
Well here's the link of my previous post regarding American Idol new Judges
First, Rumors spread like a virus lately that Randy Jackson is stepping down from being a judge to be a mentor that was disappointing but at least he never intend to turn his back on AI but fortunately Randy is back for another season not as a mentor but still a judge he will be joining the ultimate diva Mariah Carey on the panel.
Second I was hoping Nicki would be the one I think she will be a nice addition to the panel I mean she's perfect for idol marketing because she's adore by many potential viewers. Fortunately American Idol  team official announced that the rapper singer Nicki Minaj is one of the new judge for the upcoming season but this announcement have an extra surprise.
Well I was expecting to see three judges on 2013 AI judges panel but surprisingly the said show announced that Keith Urban who is freshly from Australian franchise of "The Voice" is also joining the panel.
American Idol season 12 really has a lot of new and exciting twist to offer and it makes me more excited about it. Thats all for now till then  folks :p

Saturday, September 15, 2012

“Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men”

I'AM VAIN, I admit it and I just can't help but to be conscious on how I look.
First I was so fussy about my hair I cut it all by myself just to prevent it from destruction hahaha , but seriously may hair is very a huge factor for me in fact there are times that I was trimming it every other day(now can you imagine how fussy I am with my hair right?). I also dye it every now and then blonde to brown, brown to red what ever I feel like.
I was also vain with skin I regularly taking a bath 3 times a day first upon waking up second is during afternoon and lastly before sleeping. But this depends on the hotness of the wheather whenever I'm sweating too much I am sure to take a bath. I also use whitening lotion. Though my complexion is kinda fair already. I can easily turn tan that's why I never go out on day time (like a vampire isn't )
My hands is also a huge concern finger nails from hand to toes must always be clean and proper.
If the Issue is what I'll wear I make sure of it that my clothes fits me well. Actually before going out I was constantly changing clothes until I was satisfied haha

Well being vain isn't something I should be ashamed of even I'am a male that doesn't mean I couldn't be vain.
After all manhood isn't about how a guy look or how he act, its about having the courage to be real to their selves and in front of the others.
Most especially manhood is not about how many girlfriends he had or has, its more than the size of his organ and the muscles on his body its all about respect. 
I believe that a man resisted having sex with a girl is more manly, because Having the strength of beating the call of flesh is simply loving truly.
ok ok this post is not that personal its for a contest at another nuffnang special movie screening of taken 2 sponsored by Kojie.san Men's club. Honestly I wasn't excited about the movie that much maybe because I'm more excited on knowing products of Kojie.san Mens' club. As I told you in this post I am vain so I'm so curious about it. To know more about Kojie.san Men's club visit and like their Facebook fan page Thats all for now have a great week end everyone

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My very first(part 1)

Hey there it's been quite a while since my last post I been a bit busy this past few days all I get to do was visit and comment on your blogs hoho. Anyways remember my post about Derek's new Anna? well it's actually for a chance to be on a special screening of Resident Evil Retribution by Nuffnang sponsored by PLDT my DSL at Resorts World manila. Its was for the first thirty bloggers who submitted a blog entry luckily, I was one of those.

[My friend Darren]

                                                                               [me :P]
                                                        [ Cousin blue and Mirasol]

I won two tickets for the said film screening so I brought my friend Darren with me I was also with my cousin Blue of Bluedreamer's paradise and Mirasol her sister also my cousin ofcourse I know some of you know this guy he's quite known even at Nuffnang surprisingly. I was really excited and overwhelmed about this event coz it's the first thing I've got with my blogging so please give this to me haha. 


Anyways the film screening were superb, its given that Resident Evil Retribution is a great great movie I'm an avid fan of the film series but what makes it more special was the venue itself. Resorts world was a pretty cool place it my first time being there I felt that I was surrounded with richest people haha.

We claimed our tickets and went to our respective seats and at first I was like "WHOOOOOA is that our seats" haha can you imagine how amaze I was? haha anyways back on the seats it was really really comfy it is by pair and basically a reclining chair so we watched that movie like a royalty hahaha . Aside from the movie and the venue we also had unlimited popcorn and soda served by butlers who would come at you just by simply pressing a buzzer(cool chair was great but the butlers were killing it!haha).Since its Unlimited at first Darren and I planned to make the most out of it but in the end we just had two set haha. I also get to have some few freebies.
Overall the experience were great and unforgettable tough I wished I have met some other bloggers that were in the event. I want to thank Nuffnang for hosting such amazing event. I guess that all for now have a great day every one

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weirdest Dreams

Dreaming I guess can be consider as our daily dose of luxury I mean in it we could be or be with anyone(even with celebs lol ), we can also go far elsewhere, or at least do things unusual. Though we can't control it and it was said in some studies that we forget  90% of it it is still fun dreaming it is more like watching a TV drama you'll hate and love its episodes. It was also said we tend to dream forbidden things or things that we desire and even blind can dream too.Maybe you were wondering why I came up with this right? have you ever dreamed of something that doesn't make sense at all? well as I woke up this morning I was thinking of the dream I had last night and until now I don't know why I dreamed of that.
First I would have to introduce you all with this scary creature which is a myth here in the Philippines it was called the "Manananggal". Manananggal is a part of Filipino folklore it was a person most likely a woman who can grew wings(like bats) and divide her body into twos. She separates her upper body from her waist and fly on roofs of their victim's house. It was also said that this hideous creature's victims are more likely pregnant women coz they love to eat babies on their womb. Manananggal will make a hole on the roof and slips through its long thread like tongue(which it uses to sucks out the baby out of a mother's womb) while the victim was asleep. To help you visualize it  here's a photo I found online.
Well back on out topic maybe you thought i had a nightmare with this creature right but actually It turned out a funny dreamed wanna know why coz instead of dreaming it as like how it was on the picture above i dreamed of it in a weird kind of way. She is still a half bodied woman and with wings the only difference is she has a booster like in rockets and missile haha van you imagine? She was also doing a superman pose haha. some studies said that some great invention were first conceived during sleep so maybe its a calling? haha just kidding

Monday, September 3, 2012

True Friend

True friends

A true friend is not just the one that will wipe
your tears whenever you are crying,
But the one that will let you to unleashed
all your tears and will always be there
to comfort you.

A true friend is not just the one that will protect
you on the things you are afraid of.
But the one that will encourage and
help you to overcome it.

A true friend is not just the one that compliments
the good things in you.
But the one that can tell you frankly 
the bad things that you have 
and yet accept you for just
who you are.

A true friend is not  the one that always just gives
a helping hand when you're down.
But the one that will want you to
grow by your own.

there a lot of people we met along the way some just pass by, some stay for a while
but some stay forever those people are who we
call our true friends...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Anna Banana

have you ever had a puppy love? haha I bet we all did.Speaking of puppy love you know Derek? this cute kid from PLDT My DSL commercial?, the one singing the "Anna Banana song" on YouTube for his crush Anna.Actually the actual and full video gone Viral online honestly I find he's song catchy haha.

The commercial was really cute its about how Derek's mother secretly helped him reached a hundred views on YouTube and But now PLDT My DSL came up with a sequel of the said commercial.

At first I thought Anna would like Derek's video for her I guess that's the best way to end their story but I'm surprise that Anna turned out an attitude b***h haha check this full version of the video she made  for Derek.

Poor Derek, what happened to him was really heart breaking this Anna doesn't know how to appreciate a guy's effort I'm not surprise that her video gathered too many dislike she obviously doesn't deserve Derek.My advice to Derek don't let that girl break you, move on there's still a lot of fishes in the ocean, find someone else who knows how to appreciate.Well the Good thing is his family came to the rescue, thank god,but you can help him too.You can help him find his new Anna or better if it would be you.You or tell your friends to do and post a video entry on "why you or they should be Derek's new Anna" .
Winners would get a chance to be a part of PLDT my DSL new commercial(probably the third part) and also take home an Ultrabook by Samsung for free for more details go at luck:p
Have a great day everyone