Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random : A Break Before the end

Well, Perhaps you're surprise to see that my post for today wasn't a part of my BLOG SHIFT series huh,
I just can't help but to share some random things happened this past few days and since my Blog shifting is about to end i'll just take a rest.

I've been completing all the Dawn masses/ Misa de Gallo/ Simbang gabi and I'm enjoying waking up 3 in the morning worshiping god, Well, I'm not doing this for any wish list I just want to be a step closer to god.
There are lots of thing I have been learning throughout the mass, and our priest here were just the best.

Its been a busy day, me and my cousin went shopping for gifts hahaha, and its been really tiring, but still happy. If you don't know it's been almost three months since the last time I went out so I was surprised with a lot of changes along our way,and yes I finally saw Christmas haha.

Earlier this week, I have receive a gift from a very good blogger friend, well it was actually a prize from spamming hahaha. This was the first gift I have receive from a blogger and it was from a Malaysian, so basically this gift traveled thousand of miles to get here. I felt so appreciated having this well actually I somehow felt like an outcast here in the blogosphere lately, but thanks to my Malaysian friends and some Filipino bloggers as well who made me feel better.
Well as you can see, I don't have the perfect grammar, perhaps some of you might find me trying hard to run an English blog, I came to a point that I was thinking of using Tagalog instead but I just can't let go of my friend from somewhere else,

(A lovely Keychain from Lego land and a traditional Malaysian calendar)
I would love to thank Wenn for this items, You how I loved this right?

Yesterday, I got some free time so I have decided to edit my blog's appearance,

It's almost Christmas but yet no gifts were sent for me yet haha
if you want to make a poor nonsense guy this Christmas just contact me okay?
that's all for now:3
Next post will be another part of my Blog Shift series


  1. oh?? why is your BlogShift coming to an end soon?? there will be no more BlogShift next year?? or your BlogShift will actually be part of your blog in the coming year?? haha~~

  2. you are welcome! I love the legoman key chain too but I had to give it to you. Make sure you keep it safely..

  3. i was busy hunting for christmas gifts today.. just walk all corners of the shopping mall trying to find something nice and within budget.. and i guess i've already compared and decided, so will just go again tomorrow to grab the gifts.. yes, searching for gifts is indeed something tough, haha!!

  4. oh, you are waking up at 3am every morning for prayers?? errr, so do you continue to sleep after that?? wow, 3am is such an amazing hour to me, i am definitely soundly asleep at this hour, haha!! lazy me~~ :p

  5. well, i have no problem understanding your posts at all, i don't find problems with your English at all too.. but if you are going to blog in tagalog then i will have deep problem understanding, hahaha!! perhaps you want to write in two languages like i do?? hehehe, but obviously that will be taking more of your time.. geez~~

  6. i would say wenn is really a very generous person.. she sends her winners big prizes every month, and so far i must say i love this lego keychain the most.. mine is the king and i really love it so much!! guess she predicts our tastes quite well huh?? haha~~

  7. yeah yeah yeah, and i think you have a very good circle of malaysian blogger friends huh?? and we always welcome you to spam our blog, haha!! like what i am doing to yours too~~ :p

  8. you have a great day and take the best care of yourself.. may god bless you.. and if you have no post till christmas, i'll wish you merry christmas and happy new year in advance.. :)

  9. I am also not that good with my grammar, but as long as I can understand what I am talking about then it's fine! :) It doesn't matter as long as you're trying! ;) Thanks for visiting my blog again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! <3


  10. Don't worry my English is not
    great either :P I enjoy reading
    your post still!

    I hope you had fun shopping
    gifts for Christmas! That's
    really sweet to receive a gift
    from a blogger c:


  11. Have fun this holiday season Mecoy! It's good that you're dedicating enough time and efforts to step closer to God.

    Sa panahon ngayon kapag pasko, it's all about good times, parties, exchanging of gifts. Sa trabaho pa namin gusto lagi yung mga may tatak at mamahalain. Para namang malalaki ang sweldo namin. Ewan!

    Hindi biro talaga ang blogging di ba? Hindi lang din siya nakakapagod, nakaka frustrate din minsan. But as the year ends kita ko naman na talaga dibdiban ang blogging mo. Don't worry about the grammar. Kahit din naman ako, I make a lot of mistakes. But as new breed of writers, we really need to be very careful of our grammar and be responsible with what we write and say, and be an example. We have to realize that as bloggers, we're not simply sharing something, but we're also educating fellow bloggers and readers as well.

    Ngayon pa na may fans ka na talaga. You really need to develop a certain style, language, and mastery of grammar. Pero blogging it's an art. It is progressively developed. Kaya exert more effort to be better. Wala naman masama di ba?

    Kung madami din akong pera siguro mapadalhan din kita ng freebies. Tapos i-promote mo blog ko. hahaha! Gawin ba namang advertiser!

    Anyway happy holidays!

  12. Your blog is amazing. I am always smiling while reading your post.

  13. saya naman.

    trip ko yang keychain... :D

    Buti pa you may time makapagsimbang gabi. lols. pang madaling araw kasi shift ko kaya kenatbe. :D

  14. Wow effort for Simbang Gabi!
    I'm trying to complete the novena each year so I know kung anong klaseng effort yan MEcoy. Wala rin akong particular wish but I just do it for faith :)

    Don't worry about the grammar for now, you will learn a lot along the blogging way. Halos lahat naman ng blogger may flaws. All I can say is that enjoy ako basahin ang blog mo. Meron kasing blog na perfect nga ang grammar wala namang kabuhay-buhay basahin lol!

    At bago na naman look ng blog mo at...naunahan ako ng Malaysian na si Wenn? ha ha

  15. Nice! Early Christmas Gift from a blogger!

  16. Hah!!! I thought it's Chinese New Year already! LOL!!! A Blessed Christmas to you and all your loved ones, MeCoy, and all good wishes for the new year, 2013. Cheers!

  17. I dig your keychain! I have a similar one but it is a Lego Batman keychain :P

  18. merry christmas mecoy! God bless :)

  19. Christmas gift from blogger! very nice :) Btw i like ur new blog design. Mas gusto ko to.

    Happy holiday parecoy :) *short for pareng mecoy. hehe

  20. Merry Christmas Mecoy.

    sana makatanggap din ako ng gift from malaysia. lolz

    makakasalubong din kita dito sa C.C, one of these days. :p

  21. wow 3AM! :)) Aga aga nun! Galing mo! ^^

    Go lang mag tagalog, tapos may translation kada line! HAHAH Dyuk! :)) Pengeng calendar, yung "March". HAHAH!

  22. Have a merry, merry christmas! :D more gifts to come? :P

  23. Merry Merry Christmas Mecoy! Ganda ng new design ng blog mo... lalo na ang header!


    Ganda naman ng nareceived mo ^_^

  24. I have received a gift from a friend living in Japan last year and I absolutely know the feeling of being appreciated by the people that live overseas. c: I like your new layout! C:

  25. Blogshift is soon ending? Oh no! Hehehe Anyway, you might be up for something else better, don't you?

    It's awesome to know your becoming closer to Him. I am sure He is delighted by your gesture. Continue the good work.

  26. Pareng MEcoy, bagong pintura ang bahay natin ah. Ganda ng header natin. Teka, sa bi sa comments eh mawawala na ang blog shift theme mo? Ok lang kahit hindi perpekto ang grammar.

    Ang hirap siguro gamitin ng kalendaryo na iyan kasi pababa ang basa niya. Nasanay ako na fro left to right ang basa ko. :D Enjoy your gifts and Merry Christmas parekoy

  27. I really like your blog! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too.
    I'm your new follower, would you follow me back??

  28. Don't worry about the English. For as long as nauunawaan, ok lang. At least, nakaka-connect din sa mga foreign friends : )
    Nice! matatapos na niya ang simbang gabi! Congrats!
    Ganda din ng key chain... with matching malaysian calendar! collectors item yan!!

  29. ako din... isang umaga na lang makukumpleto ko na... yay!

    Merry Christmas Mecoy!

    thanks for visiting always. my nephews and my neices are my joy. tubo ng happiness for my mom and my siblings... enjoying every minute of my stay in the Philippines.


  30. Ang sipag mong magpalit ng design sa blog :)

  31. Congratz! No worries Bananaz's grammer also eat over mountain *Chinese saying for lousy*. So far your English seems OK no problemo

  32. Oh I see. 1k shipping fee diba? I think sulit na yun kung kukunin niyo yung 2 vouchers sakin plus yung free firmoo glasses on every new customer.

  33. merry christmas!
    myself also haven go to legoland before~

  34. Ooo, congrats for emerging as one of the top spammer in wenn's blog. I foresee you would grab the monthly king title from SK's, too :)

    1. Isn't it a blessing that we make friends through blogging?

    2. You've been a very supportive blogger and reader.

    3. Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays, MEcoy!

  35. Merry Christmas to you and your family MEcoy! Ang cute ng Lego keychain :))

  36. Happy xmas
    congrats for Gift
    and your new blog template is looking good

  37. merry christmas :) nice layout. gusto ko yung font hehe