Monday, September 3, 2012

True Friend

True friends

A true friend is not just the one that will wipe
your tears whenever you are crying,
But the one that will let you to unleashed
all your tears and will always be there
to comfort you.

A true friend is not just the one that will protect
you on the things you are afraid of.
But the one that will encourage and
help you to overcome it.

A true friend is not just the one that compliments
the good things in you.
But the one that can tell you frankly 
the bad things that you have 
and yet accept you for just
who you are.

A true friend is not  the one that always just gives
a helping hand when you're down.
But the one that will want you to
grow by your own.

there a lot of people we met along the way some just pass by, some stay for a while
but some stay forever those people are who we
call our true friends...


  1. Replies
    1. as you grow older you will know there are many types of True friend too

    2. True friend may not be the peron who is always by your side but can be the person who will give you a helping hand when you need it

    3. There are some friends that we dont have to contact everyday but 10 years or 20 years down the road, they are still your frind

  2. That's right! True friends are hard to find but once you do, don't let them go.
    Great poem Mecoy! ^◡^

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    Thanks! ^◡^

  3. and i have heard one quote that is very nice.. it says "friends are like fallen leaves found everywhere, true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare"..

    1. that actually spelled out how we should appreciate our true friends.. because they are special to us..

    2. i like the poem you have posted, so meaningful and inspiring.. did you write it yourself??

    3. and true friends are always there with you no matter up or down, happy or sad, rich or poor, healthy or sick.. :)

    4. have a great week ahead and happy blogging to you Melvin.. did i get your name right?? :)

  4. nice poem!and super agree. people come and go in our lives, but only those who are your true friends will stay.

  5. true friend
    very well written

  6. i like the 4th stnza.... i feel it..

  7. sa totoo lang, and tunay na kaibigan ang pinakamahirap hanapin. ang sabi ko nga, parang nobya lang din ang tunay na kaibigan, di hinahanap kusang dumadating, possibleng mag-away o magtalo, pero sa bandang huli. di mo din naman matitiis.

  8. honestly di ko alam kung sino ang mga tunay sa pekeng kaibigan :D

  9. mahirap sila mahanap, honestly :)

  10. true friend eh . . . it is sad some people who close to me but it is acting weird sometimes zzz

  11. mahirap nga hanapin ang mga totoong kaibigan.
    for me, true friends will stick with no matter what.

  12. Nice poem! But it's not easy to find really true friends.

  13. namiss ko bigla ang mga friends ko.Although mas fragile yung definition ko dati ng "friendship"----thinking about it, parang love,masarap masaktan sa pagkakaibigan.hahaha