Monday, November 5, 2012

My Children

Today I feel like sharing to you guys my beloved children, yeah children coz that's how I consider them haha,
This post was inspired by "Fing-Fing" Sk's son if you visit Sk's blog you'll know what I mean.
Well they were not really kids they were actually my stuffed toys.
Let's start with my oldest, his name is Mike I got him from m father twelve years ago.
He's always jealous, sweet, and he loves dressing up.
Honestly I love him the most haha.
Next in line is this kid, He looks like his daddy so I named him after me.
Melvin jr. likes to play pretend. Sometimes he pretend he was a tiger and sometimes a panda
Now here's Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper together with their son Paprika. 
This key chain means a lot to me, since we call each other salt and pepper
 I bought two of this and I gave the other one to my girl Friend,
This is Tabs from the root word Taba(fat) do I need to explain why? haha
but don't tell him I called him taba he doesn't want that
he sees himself sexy.
Now here Mint my girlfriend gave it to me she said she found it in her closet and since Im a panda
lover she gave it to me, and by the way he is blind.
poor thing
Here's Mush-mush, he was also from my girl friend.He has skin disease and he was sickly so thats why he has that hat and scarf. 
This Rilakkuma the first time I bought it I wasn't aware that this kind of toys is quite known.
So maybe thats why he's kinda bossy haha he acts and dress up like a prince  
Lastly here's Jj, He's always full of energy he like to hug me and he's quite vain just like his
dad he even hates to step on the floor.
Well if you may notice they were a bit dirty already so today they were having a bath.
Jj and Tabs were quite clean and its dangerous for Mush-Mush  so they were exempted. 
They all hates to take a bath maybe because..
... it's painful to see them hanging but daddy said it's for their own good haha.
thats all for now happy blogging every one

Happy birthday to Bino


  1. LOL!!! SK has one, you have so many!

  2. Hahaha ang cute :) Cute nila habang nakasampay :)

    Si Melvin Jr nga ang pinaka cute :)

  3. Hahaha! Astig! Dami na pala.... orig ung last pictures hehehe it's for their own good naman hehehe

  4. bwahahaha, dapat upside down mo sila sinampay (i'm bad, heheheh)

    Cute yung nagpapalit ng costume na si melvin jr.

  5. You love pandas and bears as well? Oh my goodness, Rilakkuma!!!!! ♥

    Re: Yea sure, I'll tell you when I have free time then I can teach you. ^^ Thank you btw. :3

  6. wow, so you have so many daughters and sons huh?? ok, you win, hahahaha!!

    1. they are indeed very cute, and my favorite is Melvin Jr.. hahaha!! and he has got so many nice costumes too, hmmmm, surely like daddy like son~~ :D

    2. BTW, so many of them.. are you going to have them featured every weekend like me also?? haha, then you will have lots of post for them to take turns as the major lead right?? :)

    3. oh, the last two photos are nice!! you are bathing them and drying them.. how clean and fragrant.. ooopsss, i never bathe fing-fing at all before!! ugghs, he must be stinky!! :D

    4. have a great week ahead and happy blogging Melvin.. :)

  7. Gusto ko si Melvin jr. & Tabs.
    hahahaha. :D

  8. Ang cute naman ng mga anak mo! lalo na si taba! Pa kurot nga sa pisngi! hehe!

  9. Waah, they're so cute! Love that rilakkuma king hehe ^_~ and pandas.. and all of them actually XD

  10. wow, cool collection of those toys. Maybe I should take our mine and show too. Haha they had a good bath and being hung at the clothes line..

  11. Thanks for the cheering comment!! :) This post is really funny. XD I treat my stuff toys as my babies as well. The seasonings family is really cute! They're from Blues Clues right? I miss that show! :3

    And btw, maybe I can help you now regarding with the skin.

  12. gusto ko si mushmush, hehe. Very cute post.

  13. grabeh. nakakatuwa naman silang lahat mecoy. ipa ampon mo na sila ds december.

  14. omg~ how adorable are they~


  15. I like tabs! Adorable! hahaha! Maybe because we have something in common. Hahaha! Talagang pinaliguan ah. I hope you used Johnson & Johnson soap para hindi masakit sa mata. Hehehe!

  16. ok ang mga collections ah.. cute : )
    nagshower pa sila... and have them hanged (for their own good haha)

  17. Re: I think so too. I look stupid being lied and played with all the time.

  18. Ang dami mong panda. Ipaampon mo yung iba kay Foong.

  19. Look at your collection, oops, your children~ You are really love panda, you have many panda sons and daughters.

  20. i never though mahilig ka pala sa mga ganyang you seem like a big boy already...hihihihi kidding! nung bata pa ako i love small stuff toys and the like...:) buti na man naligo na sila...hihi


  21. ang sweet na daddy naman pareng Mecoy!

  22. my gosh, ur the first guy ive seen na may ganyang collection! hahaha i so love it!!

  23. fave ko c tabs he he. meron ako kamuka.nya..

  24. marami rin akong anak! hahaha madumi lang iba kaya di q magwang ishare hehe

  25. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)