Sunday, August 18, 2013

Love Love Love

Love, one of the simplest word yet has the most complicated meaning. It can be define depending on our own perceptions. Even science can't really explain how this works.
Well I know for a fact that February is far at reach and valentines is not even close a bit, but for today the topic I would like to discuss for this post is about such thing or as a movie and a song said "this crazy little thing we called love". I came up with this idea as I was observing people around me, and the discussions we had with regards to this.

First let me ask you this popular question people intend to ask,
Who would you choose, a person whom you love but doesn't love you back, or that person who loves you whom you can't fully love. Or in simpler term, would you rather love than to be loved or to be loved than to love.

If you answered first one, I could say that you are one of those people who believes in a fairytale kind of love. Or those people who sacrifices a lot to get hold on the feelings you and your partner has. You can be a masochist lover or a sacrificial partner.
On the other way around, If you choose the second option you are a wise lover. And you've learned that loving yourself before others is essential to maintain yourself as is. You were the kind of lover who has pride and wise enough to know when to hold on and to let go.

On these scenarios, we can't say that the other was not right, because in love there's no such thing as wrong, every kind of love affair is worth the risk and worth fighting for and it will always depends on those who were involved.

Moving on, another famous line when it comes to such topic is, "love is blind", for me, I never really believe in such saying. If love is blind how would you be able to find someone in the first place haha, but seriously, we are wise enough to see what those people we love has, but it's just that we intend to look on what they has and not what is lacking on them, in fact even a tiny piece of goodness in oneself can be enough reason for him/her to be loved. Again love is not blind, it actually makes you see the good in others.

In connection to this, there are some lovers whom was being hurt but cannot do anything but to stay,if the love was built among two people even though one lost it the other might not, and in this scenario there will be two option, it's either took the courage to walk away or wait for the time when your heart felt so tired coz that will be the only time when you'll be able to let go.

As for the long term lovers( like me and my gf), I know there would come a time when the magic is isn't there anymore, that it was not fun as it was before. Keep in mind that when that magic is gone, it doesn't necessarily means the love was gone as well. In this case one must initiate to do something to burst what the both of you still has, and also the other one must respond and do his/her part too, coz love won't work if there's only one person fighting for it to last.

Well, If I were to list down the things that were essential for love here would be the items I think both parties must posses:
First thing is acceptance, accept the fact that his/her world doesn't revolves around you, accept the fact that he/she has to say on how the relationship must pursue and most importantly accept each difference you has. Adjust for the difference and cherish the similarities that how it must work.

Trust, it is also something both of you must have for each other, however trust doesn't comes alone it must come with loyalty as well. Trust and loyalty must never be apart. Never waste trust he/she has for you and appreciate loyalty through trust.

Sacrifice, well love never end in a happily ever after, love is a working process, and it must take a step higher and higher as you go along. It must never be stuck on a state which will make the love you have unworthy, and for you to be able to make your love grows both of you must sacrifice.

Love is too broad to ponder that's why it was never meant for us to Analise but to be felt, cherished and shared.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Okay since it's my day off, I would be answering the questions you asked me on my last post. It's funny because some questions were really challenging for me, but let's see what can I come up with. And since, some of the question were in vernacular this post would be a taglish post okay? and by the way i'll be answering it all impromptu while im writing this post haha so please bear with me

Senyor Iskwater: how's your sex life? kelan 'yung huli?
Mecoy: Wala olats tayo lately, last? i couldn't even remember when pero siguro earlier this year.

Bino: how did you find your first job?
Mecoy: Well, it is quite challenging but yet very fullfilling, I mean I'm enjoying it so far.

Adam:If 1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = y, 
then x = ?
Mecoy:1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = y... equation 1
(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = y) *1/2
1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = 1/2y...equation2
1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = y
0/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = 1/2y
--------------------------------------… --
1/2x = 1/2 y
so x=y (i googled it haha)

Foongpc: How many hours you sleep in a day?
Mecoy: before I started working I'm sleeping 10 hours a day but now, I'm sleeping roughly 5hours a day (can you imagine how hard for me to adjust my sleeping habit? haha)

Foongpc:What is your favorite food?
Mecoy: I eat a lot lately, but then nothing beats spaghetti in my top list of most favorite food haha

Foongpc:Do you argue with your siblings?
Mecoy: yes of course, I often have arguments with them, it's because of my short temper. 

MAr Unplog:Kung may outreach ulit ang PBO, sasama ka ba?
Mecoy: hanggat kaya, sasama ako sir mar! saya nyo kaya kasama

Mar Unplog:Bakit mo nasabi na hawig ko si JLC? hahaha
Mecoy: iisa naman kasi talaga hulmahan nyo ee, pwede ka na nga sumideline as impersonator ee

Balut: Kelan tayo kakain ng fishbol?
Mecoy: sa eyebol ng pbo balut ahaha

Fiel-kun:Bakit mo nalilimutan ang mga bagay na kailangan mong maalala at naaalala mo ang mga bagay na gusto mong nang kalimutan?
Mecoy: kasi mas yung mga alaalang gusto mo kalimutan ee may bigat na dala kaya kahit gano mo subukang kalimutan ay di mo talaga magagawa, pero sa mga bagay na kailangan mong maalala pero nakakalimutan mo pa, ee ibang usapan na,sabi nga ni kuya kim "magmemo plus gold ka na"

Fiel-kun:Alin ba talaga ang tunay, Royal true orange o Minute maid with real pulp?
Mecoy: sa tingin ko ang tunay ee yung minute maid,  ung royal naman ee yung totoo. hahaha

Fiel-kun:Kung tunay kang treasure ng iyong mga magulang, kailan ka nila ibabaon?
Mecoy: pag naibaon ka na daw nila parekoy hahaha piz!

Fiel-kun:Kung ikaw ay wanted at may reward na 1 million... pag sumuko ka ba makukuha mo yung pera?
Mecoy: Baka indi, kokontratahin na lang kita basta 50/50 tayo walang onsehan aahh!

Fiel-kun:Bakit ang beer meron sa lata, eh ang alak wala?
Mecoy: pag nasa lata kasi ung alak, di masarap kasi ang masarap lang na nasa lata ee ung mga alcohol na pinapalamig sa ref ee ung mga alak(yan ee kung ung mga brandy type yun tinutukoy mo) ee pang room temp lang haha seryoso??? 

Mr.Nightcrawler:Bakit masarap kumain pag libre?
Mecoy:kasi busog na tyan mo, di pa nagutom wallet mo

Rix:what type of blog you enjoy reading?
Mecoy:R-18 blogs haha but aside to that I enjoyed reading post from humor blogs.

Ric: para sa isang High School graduate hindi ba mahirap mag-adjust sa isang Call Center job?
Mecoy:di naman mahirap, may mga time nga lang di ako makarelate sa usapang professional haha, nakaoverwhelm  din na kahit pano nakakasabay ako sa kanila

Mr. Lonely: when do you want to find a girl to be in relationship with?
Mecoy: hmm I am in a relationship right now so i guess i don't really need to find any other soon, perhaps next month I will haha just kidding

Jonathan:How do you find time to read and answer hundreds of blogs?
Mecoy: I actually don't know, in fact i thought everyone does it too. Maybe it's because in daily basis, I enjoy listening to what other people has to say (chismoso in other word) which I think I also manage to apply here in blogosphere

Khantatora:ano ang kulay ng pag-ibig.
Iguhit ang kasagutan sa 1/4 sheet na padpaper at iscan at ipost sa blog.
Mecoy: haha pasensya ka na naubusan ako ng 1/4 at wala kong classmate na naaarboran haha pero sa tingin ko rainbow like yung kulay nya hahaha kasi magulo pero makulay haha gulo ng sagot ko diba?

J.Lo.: Bakit ang seksi mo??
Mecoy: eto ang pinaka magandang tanong na nakita ko hahaha! anyway di ako sexy para na nga kong 3 months preggy, wow ngryhme ung sagot ko aa

J.Lo.:Bakit ang sipag mo din magpicture ng self mo?
Mecoy:haha ewan ko kasi siguro kasi wa kong msyadong pics nung bata ako kaya nabawi naun(lusot na ba?)

Kulapitot: Kung may mangyayari sayo sa katulad mong kasarisn bakit ako? 
Mecoy: mejo magulo ung tanong mo pareng josh ahh, mangyayari samen ng same sex ko?at sayo? oks lang yun, pero dipende pa din yun sa kung ano tinutukoy mo sa "mangyayari" na yan haha sumesafe answer diba?

Ate Joy: What is your passion and dreams mecoy?
Mecoy: Lately, bloggin has been my passion, and as for my dreams, all I want to have is a stable life together with my family and my family to be hehe. I don't want to dream big cause I know for a fact that god's will is far better than those.

Real College Student of Atlanta: how is the job and life going?
Mecoy: hmm there's too much to digest but then I enjoy every bits of it which makes my life way better.

Zai: what is your favorite piece of clothing mecoy? at share ka naman ng pic wearing it :)
Mecoy:wala pa Zai, kasi ung mga clothes ko ee mostly bigay lang sakin haha, pag nakapag shopping na ko ng ilan popost ko haha

Suatuapui: What job are you training for?
Mecoy: I'm training to be a travel agent

Ishmael Fischer Ahab:What is your favorite place in Cavite? 
Mecoy: hmm well, I'm thorn between freedom park in kawit and kadiwa park in dasma,
haha I don't know much places here so that's all i have in mind as of the moment.

Umi: One thing that irritates you the most?
Mecoy: Empty doubts, haha i mean when your girlfriend accuse you of cheating out of nothing

Lola Finn:Your worst nightmare??
Mecoy: I had this nightmare before on which there was a zombie apocalypse  happened and my family was one of the infected ones and I had to kill them all within that dream.It's scary and sad at the same time.

Bananaz:you know what Bananaz is thinking?
Mecoy: perhaps they were thinking of a way to eliminate all minions hahaha

Thanks for all who participated on this, I appreciate it all:)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ask Me Anything

Well, i'm still busy to do some of the post I had in mind, I'm still on my job training process and still it was just as enjoyable as it was before.
hmm since the plan I have for the blog post I'll be having soon (which was actually a series) requires more time it is not possible for me to start it as early as now, and so, I'm thinking of ways to fill out my page, I mean I don't want to be out for too long.
As for now, I won't be talking about any topic but instead I want you guys to throw any kind of question you want me to answer, yeah lets make this page a little bit more interactive.
This is how it goes ask me Everything, it could be personal, advice, or what, just don't ask me some mathematical, scientific or any academic question okay?. I'll answer it so long as I can on my next post, so do as you please.